A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 10

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 10

Chapter 010 True Appearance Revealed

Before Elizabeth could regain her bearings in the chaos, she was shoved again. Samuel’s push was forceful and Elizabeth, wearing high heels, was unable to keep her balance and fell to the ground.

All eyes in the room were on Celia, with a spiteful suspicion that Elizabeth had intentionally spilled her drink on Celia.

Due to Samuel’s swift action in pushing Elizabeth away, Celia fell into his arms and escaped without any harm.

“Oh my! Celia, are you okay?”

“Celia, are you alright?”

“Celia, quick, here’s a towel to clean up.”

Everyone wanted to help Celia.

Everyone was concerned about Celia, completely forgetting about Elizabeth, who had also been soaked in the drink.

Nestled in Samuel’s arms, Celia looked down and spoke softly. “I’m fine. Thank you all for your concern.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? Your hair is a bit wet.” Samuel frowned, and his expression was stern.

“I’m fine.” Celia glanced at Elizabeth on the ground. “It’s not Liz’s fault. I was careless.”

Only Tomas saw Elizabeth fall to the ground. Ignoring his sons’ protests, he wanted to rush to Elizabeth and help her up, but his efforts were slowed by his anxiety.

Elizabeth disregarded the pain from her fall. She was on the ground, frantically looking for her lost sunglasses.

Celia knew better than anyone else about Elizabeth’s appearance. Few people in Los Angeles knew what Elizabeth looked like, and the rumors about her were terribly damaging. Today was the perfect opportunity for Celia to embarrass Elizabeth in public, letting everyone know that Elizabeth was the real “ugly girl.”

Rumors could be lethal in these days, and this tactic was akin to an invisible killer!

Someone had intentionally pushed Elizabeth, probably premeditated.

Right now,

Elizabeth was just trying to figure out what happened. Her biggest concern was that she couldn’t find her sunglasses. All she could see around her were various expensive high heels!

Once Celia reminded everyone of Elizabeth, they finally remembered Elizabeth.

Just then, Elizabeth spotted her sunglasses, within reach. She was about to grab them when she heard a crunch and saw her sunglasses under someone’s foot.

Following the line of sight upwards, Elizabeth saw Celia’s smug face.

Celia had intentionally crushed the sunglasses.

Elizabeth’s hand tightened into a fist on the ground. Ignoring everything else, she was about to get up and teach Celia a lesson when Celia crouched down and apologized, “I’m so sorry, Liz. I didn’t mean to.”

After apologizing, Celia extended her hand to help Elizabeth up, eager to expose Elizabeth’s true appearance to the crowd.

However, when Elizabeth finally got up, Celia looked as if she had seen a ghost.

By the time Celia figured out what to do, it was too late. Everyone present had seen Elizabeth’s face, and they were all stunned.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment. Everyone stared at Elizabeth in disbelief.

Was this really the infamous “ugly girl” Elizabeth?

Elizabeth had an excessively gorgeous face. Her hair, dampened by the spilled drink, clung to her delicate face. Her eyebrows were like artwork, her lips naturally red, her skin fair and rosy. Especially her eyes, sparkling with intelligence. She was a vision of grace and elegance!

Elizabeth was too beautiful!

“Elizabeth, is this really you?” someone asked in disbelief.

“Is she really Elizabeth?”

Because of her stunning appearance, many people doubted that this was Elizabeth.

Even Samuel, who was present, saw Elizabeth’s true face. Her face was not only pretty, but it had a kind of bewitching beauty.

Samuel found himself staring intently at Elizabeth’s face for several seconds. This was the first time he had ever looked at her for such a length of time, and he had to admit that he was stunned by her beauty from the first glance.

The expression in Samuel’s eyes was beyond shocked. He had watched Elizabeth grow up since they were children. Granted, he had never really paid her much attention, but he knew about the birthmark on her left cheek that marred her overall


But after four years of not seeing Elizabeth, how had the birthmark on her face disappeared? Samuel remembered Tomas once telling him that Elizabeth couldn’t have surgery to remove the birthmark, as it could potentially harm her life.


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