A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 2

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 2

Chapter 002 Pregnancy 

After the divorce, Elizabeth couldn’t stay at Samuel’s private villa anymore.

This was a wedding gift from Tomas to her and Samuel three years ago.

Everything she had belonged to the Yorks. Elizabeth had even forgotten her maiden name was Jones over these years.

She had to explain things to Tomas. It was what she had promised Samuel.

Elizabeth applied light makeup, covering the birthmark on her left cheek with blush and highlighter, making it look realistic.

She didn’t want to cause any trouble at this time, especially when she was about to leave.

Elizabeth was not sure why her birthmark had vanished out of the blue, but now she had a face that could bring down nations.

Would Samuel like her a bit more when he saw her face?

“Look at this. It’s the headline news this morning.”

“Wow! Mr. York is so handsome.”

“Miss Dodson is also very beautiful.”

“Only a diva like Miss Dodson can match Mr. York”

“Indeed, they are a match made in heaven.”

“Why on earth would Old Mr. York want his handsome grandson to marry an ugly woman like Elizabeth? Haven’t all these years of upbringing been enough?”

“Who knows.”

“Poor Elizabeth, she’s been married to Mr. York for three years, and he’s never touched her.”

“With her looks, it’s already a big deal that Mr. York could tolerate Elizabeth for three years.”

“Now that Miss Dodson is back, Elizabeth better get ready to hit the road!”

When Elizabeth descended the stairs, she overheard the maids gossiping. She quickly moved to the stairway entrance, pulled out her phone, and opened the New York Post. The headline leaped out at her.

“Entertainment mogul Samuel proposes to rising starlet Celia Dodson.”

There was even an intimate picture of them. Samuel’s usually cold face softened in the picture. He didn’t like this kind of publicity but he cooperated without a word of complaint for the woman he loved.

Elizabeth scoffed inwardly. What a perfect couple, indeed! Just a despicable man and a shameless woman!

So Celia was back. No wonder Samuel was so eager to divorce Elizabeth. She should really give up on Samuel.

Elizabeth had tried for twenty years but couldn’t warm his heart. Was it worth hoping for?

He had made a great effort, even tolerating sleeping with Elizabeth, just to make her vacate Mrs. York’s position for Celia.

“Mrs. York?” The maid, Maria, found Elizabeth hiding at the stairway entrance.

Elizabeth put away her phone, used her hair to cover her left face, and nodded as she used to.

Maria glanced at Elizabeth and asked, “Mrs. York, are you making breakfast or going to school?”

“No need. I’m going to York Old Manor.” Elizabeth walked out of the villa with heavy steps.

Maria snorted, “Does she really think she’s the lady of this house?”

“Does she even look good enough for Mr. York?”

Standing outside the villa, Elizabeth pursed her lips, and her hands clenched into fists at her sides.

For years she had been less than a maid in the Yorks’ house. They called her Mrs. York to her face but often ridiculed her behind her back

No, they dared to insult her to her face.

She was fed up with this humiliation. If it weren’t for Tomas, she would not have stayed with the Yorks this long.

She had already signed the divorce papers, so it was time to keep her promise. She had to explain things to Tomas.

Just as she stepped out of the mansion’s courtyard, a black SUV suddenly pulled up in front of Elizabeth. A well-dressed man stepped out.

“Hello, Miss Jones. I am Mr. York’s attorney. This is your divorce settlement from Mr. York.”


Elizabeth was taken aback. Her hands trembled as she accepted the document, but she didn’t read its content,

“Don’t you want to check the terms, Miss Jones?”

Elizabeth kept her head lowered. She had never raised her head while growing up with the Yorks. She understood that Samuel was giving her these documents to mark a clear boundary between her and the Yorks.

“I’ve signed it. I am grateful to the Yorks for their care over the years.”

“Mr. York fears you may have nowhere to go after leaving the Yorks. So, Miss Jones, please take this. The money in here is enough for you to live on for the rest of your life. Mr. York’s condition is that you do not bother him or the Yorks again.” The lawyer paused, his eyes full of sympathy. “Also, Mr. York says it’s time you separate yourself from the Yorks.”

Indeed, Samuel wanted to cut ties with her completely, even forsaking the bond they shared growing up together.

That very morning they had been so intimate, but now Samuel was not only forcing her to divorce him but also cutting off her last retreat, leaving her without a place to go.

“Mr. York is giving you a month to sort things out and move out of the Yorks.”

“I won’t bother him, rest assured. And I’ll move out of the Yorks as he wishes.” Elizabeth’s voice was hoarse, as her heart had already shattered. “Grandpa Tomas asked me for breakfast, so I should go.”

Elizabeth used Tomas as an excuse. Her gaze appeared calm, but no one knew how much pain she was in when she spoke these


The lawyer had no choice but to call Samuel. Samuel tapped on the table, and his gloomy eyes were full of complex emotions.

How would Elizabeth survive without the Yorks? Or was she just playing hard to get?

For more than a month, Elizabeth did not see Samuel, but she had heard plenty of rumors about him and Celia. They were

apparently getting serious.

Tonight, the Yorks were hosting a family banquet. Elizabeth arrived early at the York Old Manor, fearing Samuel couldn’t avoid

Tomas’ chatter.

In truth, she was still looking forward to seeing Samuel.

Beep beep beep.

The shrill sound of a horn made Elizabeth move aside as a car whisked by. She caught a glimpse of a familiar number plate.

It was Samuel’s car.

A smile tugged at the corner of Elizabeth’s mouth as she quickened her pace toward the car. The car door opened, and Samuel

got out first. He was wearing a dark coat, looking dashing with his strong profile and commanding presence.

Just as Elizabeth was about to call out, a lovely figure suddenly appeared, and Elizabeth’s heart plunged.

“Sam, this is my first time at the Yorks, will your family like me?” A sweet voice sounded, just like the person herself.

This was Samuel’s rumored girlfriend, Celia. They were getting married.

Samuel, contrary to his usual indifference, gently patted Celia’s back. “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Elizabeth had known Samuel for twenty years and never seen him so tender with anyone. She felt like a joke as she stood in the cold, watching the couple walk into the York Old Manor.

A strong wave of nausea hit Elizabeth. Without pausing, she turned around and ran out of the York Old Manor.


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