A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 3

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 3

Chapter 003 Goodbye 

No one noticed Elizabeth’s departure. She had always been a nobody in the Yorks’ world, almost invisible.

Why was she feeling nauseous?

This feeling had persisted for more than a few days now. Lately, she had lost her appetite, felt lethargic, and was always on the verge of falling asleep. More importantly, her period was a week late.

Entertaining a certain possibility, Elizabeth ran to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test. She didn’t dare go to the hospital. The Yorks’ influence was per vasive in Los Angeles. If she was indeed pregnant with Samuel’s child, Samuel would likely force her to terminate the pregnancy given his character.

With a heavy heart, Elizabeth purchased the pregnancy test and headed to the nearest public restroom to verify her suspicions.

The test result confirmed what Elizabeth had feared. She was indeed pregnant with Samuel’s child.

Overwhelmed by a mix of joy and sorrow, Elizabeth sank to the floor of the public restroom. The thought of Samuel’s tenderness toward Celia came to mind, and she tossed the pregnancy test into the trash bin.

The more tender he was to Celia, the crueler he would be to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth didn’t have the courage to attend the Yorks’ family banquet today. She could only call Tomas and tell him that the snool had arranged for her to study abroad at the last minute, and she had to leave immediately.

Goodbye, Samuel.

A cold tear trickled down her cheek. Elizabeth looked up at the sky, trying to hold back her tears, but they wouldn’t stop.

She said inwardly, “Elizabeth, you really are pathetic!

“Remember, this is the last time you will cry for Samuel.

“From now on, you will start anew.”

Meanwhile, at the York Old Manor.

Samuel walked in with Celia.

“Sam, I think I saw Elizabeth just now,” said Celia, her voice melodious. Her youthful face broke into a charming smile, revealing two faint dimples.

Mention of Elizabeth’s name instantly changed Samuel’s expression to a colder one. His tone was indifferent. “That’s normal.”

Celia’s smile froze for a moment, then she forced a laugh. “Yes, after all, she is the Yorks’ adopted daughter, your grandfather’s favorite.”

A surge of anger flashed in Samuel’s eyes, but Celia wasn’t scared. This was his hatred for Elizabeth.

He and Elizabeth were divorced now, and soon Celia would be Mrs. York.

The Yorks’ maids appeared, respectfully greeting, “Mr. York, Miss Dodson.”

Celia nodded politely.

“Mr. York, Old Mr. York would like to see you in the study first.”

Samuel glanced at Celia next to him. “Wait for me here.”

“Miss Dodson, please follow me. Madam has been waiting for you.”

“Thank you.”

Celia offered a polite smile, leaving a positive impression.

It was no wonder Samuel liked this Celia. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also so polite to the maids, unlike that wild girl Elizabeth.

As Samuel walked through the backyard corridor, a call from his friend Nelson Edwards came in. Nelson exclaimed, as if he’d discovered a new continent. “Sam, guess who I just saw at the airport?”


“Your wife.”

The use of that address almost made Samuel crush his phone. His voice was icy. “Nelson, mind your words!”

“Cough! I saw Elizabeth. She was alone with her suitcase. It looks like she was about to travel a long distance. I had someone check, and she bought a ticket to France. Sam, are you guys really…’

“Poor thing, poor thing. Elizabeth has been fostered by the Yorks since childhood, never leaving their grand estate. As soon as she became an adult, Grandpa Tomas married her off to you. How is she going to live in France?”

“Why don’t you go with her?”

Nelson could feel Samuel’s fury through the phone, so he wisely shut his mouth.

Samuel hung up the phone. He didn’t want to know anything about Elizabeth. The woman could get as far away from him as possible!

The one-month deadline he had given her had arrived. At least, she had the sense to know that!

In the old-fashioned study, Tomas was reading at his desk Samuel didn’t want to disturb Tomas, so he waited quietly nearby.

After reading the last page, Tomas waved Samuel over. “Sam, come sit.”


In this family, the person Samuel respected the most was Tomas.

“Liz said she’s going abroad for further studies. Have you two had another fight?”

“That’s her own choice.”

Tomas sighed softly. “Sam, you’ll regret it.”


Samuel wanted nothing more than to kill Elizabeth. How could he possibly regret it?

He would never regret it.

He couldn’t believe that Elizabeth had really left. He hoped that this time Elizabeth wouldn’t lie to him, or else she would be dead.

“You always say that I never gave you a choice. This time, I’m giving you one.”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Samuel’s dark eyes.

“Four years.”

“In four years, if you still think you made the right choice, I will no longer interfere.”

Just as Samuel was about to speak, Tomas handed the book he had just finished reading to him. “These words are for you.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover?”

“Sam, I promised Liz I wouldn’t interfere in your affairs, and I won’t in the future. But there’s one thing. You can’t divorce Elizabeth in these four years.”

Samuel’s deep black eyes narrowed.

“Liz is going abroad for further studies. Sam, you can’t possibly not even make it through four years.”

Samuel understood. Tomas was buying time for Elizabeth. Once the four years were up, Samuel could rightfully marry Celia.

This was a good deal!

Samuel sneered, “Grandpa, why bother? It’s only four years. I can wait.”

Not to mention four years, even if it was ten or eighteen years or even a lifetime, Samuel wouldn’t give Elizabeth, the ugly woman, a second glance.

Moreover, her parents were the executioners who had killed his birth mother.


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