A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 5

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 5

Chapter 005 Four Years Have Passed! 

Today marked Tomas’ 80th birthday, and the entire York family had gathered to celebrate.

By 5:00 p.m., guests began to arrive at the York Old Manor.

Tomas was dressed festively today, standing in a red suit that suggested a taste of tradition. Although he was already 80, he still exuded vitality. It was easy to imagine him as a handsome man in his youth.

At his sides were his two most capable sons. One was Samuel’s father, and the other was Samuel’s uncle, Jack York.

With his sons’ introductions and support, Tomas greeted the guests that were coming in. He had long since retired from public life, and it became quite rare to see him. Today, those who were fortunate enough to see Tomas were some of the most influential figures in Los Angeles.

What brought Tomas the most joy today was that Elizabeth would also be returning.


Tomas turned to the voice. Samuel was wearing a tailor-made suit, striding forward with confident steps. His tall and slender figure, handsome features, and particularly his deep and mysterious eyes, made him an enigma.

Samuel was the future of the Yorks, and their pride.

In Los Angeles, just hearing Samuel’s name could send chills down one’s spine.

A smile tugged at Tomas’ lips as he shook off his sons’ support. “Sam, you’re here.”

When the other guests at the banquet heard that Samuel had arrived, all eyes converged on him. Wherever Samuel went, he

was the focus of attention..

“Yes, I just arrived.” Samuel nodded politely. “Grandpa, I wish you a long and healthy life.”

Tomas patted Samuel’s shoulder. “Ha-ha! I should live a long life to witness your happiness. That’s when I’ll be at peace.”

A fierce glint flashed across Samuel’s dark eyes. Thinking about Elizabeth, he smirked.

The four-year deadline was about to arrive!

Samuel had barely exchanged a few words with Tomas when he received a phone call, and he disappeared into the crowd shortly after.

Tomas sighed involuntarily. Was it worth it for a woman like Celia?

Samuel entered with a woman by his side, his girlfriend, Celia. Everyone in Los Angeles thought that Samuel would immediately marry Celia after he divorced Elizabeth four years ago. However, four years had passed, and there was still no progress between the two of them.

When Celia appeared, there was an outpour of admiration.

“So that’s the rising star Celia Dodson.”

“I’ve never seen her so close before. She’s so beautiful, even more beautiful than on TV.”

“Yeah, and her figure is great too. Only a woman like her could match Samuel. I wonder when they will tie the knot.”

“Who knows? But Samuel seems to like her a lot. He often visits her on set.”

“They’re so sweet, it’s almost too much to handle.”

The discussion went on.

The guests at the banquet were excited to see both Samuel and Celia in person.

They had also heard that Samuel’s ex-wife, the Yorks’ adopted daughter Elizabeth, would be attending. They wondered if

there would be any drama.

But there was not much to see with Elizabeth, as she was just plain-looking. Her presence at such a banquet was embarrassing

for the Yorks!

“Celia, I’m a huge fan of yours!”

“Me too, me too! Can I get your autograph after the party?”

“I’m also a big fan, Celia. I watch all your movies and commercials, and I often tweet at you.”

Everyone wanted to capture Celia’s attention.

Facing the enthusiastic crowd, Celia responded with a charming smile. Holding Samuel’s hand gracefully, she said, “Thank you for your support.”

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the banquet hall, Elizabeth handed over the invitation and a gift box to the attendant.


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