A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 6

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 6

Chapter 006 Surprise Guest 

Two servers took a glance at the invitation card and saw it was from Elizabeth. Their faces instantly changed in disdain. She was wearing sunglasses, head bowed, looking as submissive as she did four years ago.

One of them sneered, “Go through the back door. Don’t block the VIP entrance!”

Back then, Elizabeth would’ve obeyed without a word.

But she had learned in those four years that nice people always got pushed around!

The servers thought Elizabeth would obediently comply just like she used to..

“Do you want me to call my grandpa to personally escort me in?”

Her cold voice carried no emotion. The servers thought they had misheard.

Unmoved, Elizabeth began to dial a number on her phone that she had pulled from her coat pocket. Seeing her seriousness, the two servers quickly stepped aside.

Elizabeth squinted behind her dark sunglasses, a mocking smile playing on her lips.

Just two feeble wannabes!

Entering the banquet hall with a gift box, Elizabeth’s eyes landed on Samuel, the man surrounded by a crowd. She hadn’t seen him clearly in the underground garage earlier. But now, under the bright light, his finely chiseled features seemed to be bathed

in gold. His every move exuded a mature charm, exceptionally dazzling and captivating.

He appeared more charismatic than he did four years ago.

By Samuel’s side was Celia, their hands intimately intertwined, each holding a glass of wine and beaming with happiness.

Four years had passed, and it seemed like Lady Luck favored Celia. Celia was as charming as ever.

At that moment, Samuel, who was mingling among the crowd, suddenly looked up, his piercing gaze finding Elizabeth. Elizabeth was startled and quickly looked away, turning her body to hide.


Elizabeth was always under the radar. Samuel had his belle to entertain him. Elizabeth hoped he wouldn’t bother with her. She

didn’t want any trouble, especially now.

If it weren’t for Tomas feeling unwell lately and his upcoming 80th birthday, Elizabeth would have preferred to return a couple of years later.

Elizabeth carefully navigated through the shadows. Everyone’s attention was on Samuel and Celia. No one would notice


“Daisy, did you hear about it? That ugly woman, Elizabeth, is back today,” Lillian York, Samuel’s cousin, said.

Daisy York, sipping her wine, exclaimed in disgust, “Really? Why would she come back after leaving? She just can’t let go of our York family’s assets.”

“That ugly woman is so off-putting.”

Daisy rested her chin on her hand. “Speaking of this, Samuel must be the most troubled. Even though he divorced Elizabeth,

they share a dirty past. That’s a stain on his life. Seeing Elizabeth must disgust him.”

“Now that the ugly woman is back, things will get awkward for Celia.”

“Poor Celia. She has been publicly involved with Samuel for four years, yet she’s still just a girlfriend. She really is weak.”

The gossip continued.

Elizabeth chuckled in cold indifference. Elizabeth was not ugly, and as for Celia being weak? These two York ladies must be out

of their minds!

Elizabeth only wanted to wish Tomas a happy birthday in a low-key way, but these people wouldn’t let her.

The more she avoided something, the more it seemed to happen. The lively banquet hall was suddenly filled with a high-

pitched scream.


“Do you see that? Isn’t that Elizabeth?”

“The one with the sunglasses!”

Many eople exclaimed.

As soon as Elizabeth’s name was heard, everyone started looking for Elizabeth, their expressions as excited as if they’d

discovered a new world.

Elizabeth, the shameless, ugly woman, was really back?

Did she come now as a clown to liven up the party?

This was just too funny!

Elizabeth froze. She had nowhere to hide as eyes from all directions turned to look at her.

Being in the spotlight like this really didn’t feel good!

Naturally, Samuel also saw Elizabeth standing in the dim light. She was the same as four years ago, liking to hide her face behind her hair. Today, she even wore sunglasses that conveniently covered the birthmark on her left cheek.

Elizabeth completely ignored Samuel’s warning as if it was a breeze passing by her ear!


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