A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 7

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 7

Chapter 007 Come at Me! 

Celia clutched Samuel’s hand tighter. Her voice was soft and sweet. “Sam, it really is Elizabeth. When did she come back?”

Celia’s tone carried a hint of fear, as if Elizabeth was some venomous beast.

Years ago, when Samuel insisted on marrying Celia, Tomas had agreed. But Elizabeth interfered, declaring she wouldn’t marry anyone but Samuel. Tomas sided with her, forcing his own grandson to marry Elizabeth.

Samuel gently patted Celia’s hand, comforting her. His dark eyes held a chilling coldness as they landed on Elizabeth. “Don’t worry. Once this party is over, she’ll have to leave!”

“But Sam,” Celia protested, “you grew up with her. She’s like your sister, after all.”

“Celia, you’re too kind. She’s a Jones, not Samuel’s sister!” Daisy interjected, indignant on behalf of Celia. “Look at her, thinking she can hide her ugliness behind those sunglasses!”

Celia raised an eyebrow, unfazed. Everyone was focused on Elizabeth, eager to see the ugly duckling unveiled. Should Celia help Elizabeth?

Celia had known early on that Elizabeth was returning. So, Celia had her agent, Nancy Lewis, keep an eye out and inform her immediately when Elizabeth arrived.

The moment Elizabeth discreetly entered, Celia shifted her attention to her, planning to embarrass her. Nancy had even arranged for people to make a scene when Elizabeth was spotted.

The commotion caught Tomas’ attention, and he saw Elizabeth. Ignoring the surprised expressions around him, he rose from the head of the table to welcome Elizabeth personally.


With a warm call, Elizabeth snapped back to reality, seeing Tomas walking toward her.

Four years had passed, and Tomas had aged significantly.

Elizabeth remembered how Tomas had taken care of her when she lived with the Yorks. The old man had shown her kindness and encouragement. Without him, she wouldn’t have made it this far.

Tears welled in Elizabeth’s eyes. Ignoring the scorn and mockery from those around her, she walked toward Tomas.

Because of Tomas’ favoritism, the other members of the Yorks harbored animosity toward Elizabeth. To the other guests, Elizabeth was a big joke!

“Dad, take it easy.”

“Elizabeth will come by herself. Just wait here.”

Tomas’ sons tried to persuade him, fearing that he might get too excited and fall ill.

Elizabeth was a nuisance!

Tomas paid his sons no mind. He hadn’t seen Elizabeth in four years.

Elizabeth came forward with a gift box. “Grandpa, I wish you a long and healthy life.”

“Good, very good.”

Elizabeth’s greeting was just like Samuel’s!

Tomas happily accepted her gift. It was evident that he treasured Elizabeth. Clasping her hand, he said, “Liz, come sit by me.”

As long as she was by his side, no one would dare to hurt her. He was protecting her!

Tomas’ actions infuriated the other members of the Yorks. Neither Daisy nor Lillian were privileged enough to sit beside Tomas. Why should Elizabeth?

Elizabeth felt the hostility from all around. In the past, she would have retreated, finding an excuse to hide. Always considering others, her kindness had not been understood. Instead, it had fueled their arrogance!

“Okay.” Elizabeth agreed boldly.

She sneered inwardly, “So what if Grandpa spoils and loves me?

“Jealous? Well, come at me!”

Through her dark sunglasses, Elizabeth saw Daisy and Lillian’s dark faces. The two had bullied her in the past, and seeing their frustration now was more than satisfying.


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