A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 8

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 8

Chapter 008 True Colors 

The younger generation of the York family was astounded to hear Elizabeth’s agreement.

Why did Elizabeth have the nerve to sit next to Tomas? Wasn’t she afraid they would be angry after the party ended?

“Grandpa.” Samuel, accompanied by Celia, stepped forward. “Your table is already full of the Yorks. Elizabeth just got back and needs to greet the elders. If you want to catch up with her, you can do so after the banquet.”

Samuel wasn’t usually one to meddle, especially in such harmless trifles, but if Elizabeth was comfortable, he was uncomfortable. He was intentionally making things difficult for Elizabeth! Samuel brought Celia to tell Tomas, the four-year term was soon to be up, and Celia was the prospective granddaughter-in-law of Tomas!

Tomas wanted to protect Elizabeth.

As soon as Samuel spoke, the other elders of the York family chimed in, “Yeah, Dad, there are still so many guests here, you need to greet them.”

“Dad, you can catch up with Elizabeth after the banquet ends, she won’t leave as soon as she gets back.”

Facing the pressure of the younger generation, Tomas gave an unhappy cold snort. Today was his eightieth birthday. Was he not allowed to catch up with his favorite younger generation? He was about to speak up for Elizabeth when the silent Elizabeth smiled, “Grandpa, you should go back to your seat and rest. I will come to see you later.”

“Liz, 1..”

Elizabeth patted Tomas’s hand lightly, and through her sunglasses, she gave Tomas a reassuring look.

Tomas didn’t understand. Elizabeth was just too kind and had been bullied by these people before!

If he didn’t protect her, she would be taken advantage of again.

“Grandpa, why don’t you go sit with Dad and Uncle Jack?” Elizabeth suggested, turning back into the humble and sensible girl.

When Celia, who was standing beside Samuel, saw Tomas protecting Elizabeth so much, a touch of malice flashed in her beautiful eyes.

She had been brought to Tomas by Samuel for so long, and Tomas hadn’t even looked at her once. Instead, his focus was all on Elizabeth, this ugly woman!

Elizabeth didn’t miss the malicious look in Celia’s eyes. Celia was really good at acting. No wonder she became the best actress in just four years! It seemed she was playing herself.

Elizabeth was all too aware of her current situation.

Before she could figure out what to do, Celia took the initiative to be nice to Elizabeth. “Hello, Liz.”

Through her dark sunglasses, Elizabeth clearly saw the calculation in Celia’s eyes.

“Celia, please don’t call me Liz. We’re not that close!” Elizabeth stepped back, and her expression was cold and distant.

Elizabeth used to be naive, thinking Celia was a good person, always speaking for her and Samuel. It wasn’t until the day of their divorce that she realized all of this was just Celia’s scheme!

Celia looked at Elizabeth pitifully. Her beautiful eyes seemed to be about to shed tears, which was heart-wrenching.

“Sam, I…” Celia called Samuel’s name in a coquettish manner, making everyone feel bad for her.

Samuel instantly became angry. “Elizabeth, don’t push your luck!”

Elizabeth didn’t show the slightest fear. Samuel was still in the habit of protecting Celia. Couldn’t he see that Celia was deliberately provoking Elizabeth?

However, Elizabeth didn’t expect Samuel to help her.

Everyone present was gloating over Elizabeth, whom they thought was asking for trouble!

“Samuel, I was never close with your lover in the first place. Four years ago, the moment we divorced, you proposed to Celia right away. So, today she calls me Liz, and I’m supposed to thank her for that?” Elizabeth’s voice held a mix of sarcasm, indifference, and provocation. “I wonder if Miss Dodson has comfortably taken Mrs. York’s place over these four years. After all, you tried so hard for me to give up this position. Otherwise, why would Samuel propose to you immediately after our


Elizabeth’s words embarrassed Celia. With so many people present, Celia got mad for being slandered by the unattractive Elizabeth. Wasn’t this suggesting to everyone that Celia was the reason for Elizabeth’s and Samuel’s divorce? Anyone with com….on sense would conclude that Celia was the homewrecker!


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