A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 9

A Love That Came Back to Life By Ruby Thompson Chapter 9

Chapter 009 Been over Samuel for a Long Time 

Samuel was seized with the impulse to strangle Elizabeth in front of everyone. The murderous intent in his eyes Elizabeth step back.

“Elizabeth, you’re asking for trouble!”


It seemed that Elizabeth had become more daring in the four years they had not seen each other, daring to insult Celia so publicly!

Elizabeth had experienced Samuel’s fury before. She was almost tortured to death by him that night four years ago.

Celia, tearfully, spoke up. “Elizabeth, karma is watching. How could you say such things? Sam and I were meant to be together. If it wasn’t for you intervening, we wouldn’t have had to wait until now. Besides, when you were with Sam, I was always abroad. Did I not give you a chance?”

Tsk tsk.

What a performance.

Elizabeth could hardly resist applauding Celia!

The crowd’s view of Elizabeth became even more contemptuous, and they started to gossip.

“She’s shameless! She’s the third wheel, yet she puts all the blame on Celia!”

“What is Celia’s standing and what is this ugly woman?”

“With her hideous appearance, it’s a wonder Samuel could even eat in her presence.”

The gossip continued.

Faced with these biting comments, Elizabeth remained extremely indifferent, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses shining with


Elizabeth said inwardly, “Celia, it’s been four years. Is this the only trick you know?”

Tomas couldn’t stand to see Elizabeth being bullied. He and Samuel had agreed on a period of four years, yet Samuel couldn’t wait for the remaining two months?

“Dad, let the younger generation handle their own affairs.”

“Yeah, Dad, Elizabeth is an adult. You have to let her learn her own lessons.”

Tomas’ sons tried their best to persuade him, and besides, Elizabeth wasn’t losing to Celia.

Tomas snorted in displeasure.

However, he was quite pleased. After four years, Elizabeth seemed more cheerful and intelligent than before.

The audience’s mockery only fueled the arrogance of the Yorks and Celia.

However, it was Celia who spoke for Elizabeth at this moment. “Today is Grandpa’s 80th birthday. Liz, I know you’re angry, and I understand your pain. You’ve come back after a long time. Regardless of how much you hate me, could you avoid causing a scene today?”

Celia’s words were direct. As soon as Elizabeth came back, she caused a scene at Tomas’ party, turning the birthday celebration


upside down.

Hearing Cella’s words, everyone’s dislike for Elizabeth intensified, including Samuel’s.

“Come on, Liz, let’s drink this cup of wine as a sign of reconciliation. Let’s put the past behind us. Today, I promise in front of everyone that I will respect you like my elder sister in the future. After all, you were also raised by the Yorks.”

Elizabeth scolded inwardly, “Ugh!

“Who needs your respect?”

Elizabeth didn’t need this kind of respect.

Besides, why should Celia say such things? Celia was the one who intruded on Elizabeth’s relationship with Samuel. Still, Celia was acting so arrogantly despite being a homewrecker!

And these people, just because Celia was beautiful and was a superstar, bullied Elizabeth at will!

Celia purposefully brought up Tomas to pressure Elizabeth into submission.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Elizabeth and Celia, and all of them were full of praise for Celia.

“Celia is so kind, always thinking of others.”

“Look at Elizabeth. What a disgrace to all women!”

“I don’t understand why such a woman would have the nerve to come back. If it were me, I would have killed myself.”

The gossip continued.

The idle chatter was like sharp knives piercing Elizabeth’s ears. Why should she be the one to suffer, simply because she was less attractive and had been involved with their idol, Samuel?

Elizabeth was over Samuel long ago.

Celia’s mouth curled up in a smirk. As Elizabeth tried to take the glass of wine from her hand, it was unclear who pushed Celia. The scene immediately descended into chaos.



The former voice was Samuel’s, filled with urgency and concern.

The latter was Elizabeth’s. The sudden commotion caused not only the wine in Elizabeth’s hand to spill onto herself and Celia but also her sunglasses to fall off her face.


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