After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 1

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Let’s get divorced
In a gasp of breath, the dense vapor covered the glass.
A thin layer of mist rose in Natalie’s eyes, and her slender white fingers unconsciously grabbed Julian’s tight back that fluctuated with his breath.
After the ambiguous atmosphere lasted for a long time, there was finally the sound of footsteps from
Gazing at the slightly drunk man in front of her, Natalie panted and turned her head away from the tip of Julian’s sweating nose. His breath hit her delicate collarbone, causing the beauty under him to tremble…
“Grandpa has left…” Staring at the man, Natalie reminded him to stop acting in a gentle tone.
Julian seemed to have heard nothing.
He was in a trance stared at the woman in front of him with a layer of mist in his eyes, which was hard to distinguish.
The man said in a low and magnetic voice with a little h oar se, like sandpaper went through the sand by the
He reached out his hand tar dily and touched the face of Natalie.
Natalie didn’t wear any makeup, but her lips were particularly red. Her nose was snub with a certain arch. Perhaps she was tainted with lust, so that the round tip of her nose was a little red.
His breath and voice leaned in together.
Natalie heard that “Niki”.
It was another woman’s name.
She stared at Julian whose eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Stared at the familiar handsome face, she got close to him as if she was charmed, then she h o ok ed his neck and kissed him.
She didn’t care.
She looked at Julian’s eyes that were as deep as dark well with her obsessed eyes. The man in her memory
came to her mind all of a sudden.
When she came to her senses and saw Julian’s face that was close at hand, she felt a little sick.
Before she could push the man away.
The mist in Julian’s eyes suddenly disappeared, leaving only limpidity.
He pushed her away all of a sudden.
to the ground.
Feeling that he was a little out of control, Julian wanted to help Natalie. As he stretched out his hand
halfway, he recalled the scene just now. Then his expression became gloomy and withdrew his hand and turned to tidy up his wrinkled shirt that was not yet removed.
The action of Julian didn’t affect Natalie. After she steadied herself, her eyes were still warm and there was
no anger in them.
“Julian, are you not feeling well?” Despite that the man pushed her away in a rude manner, Natalie still cared about the man’s health out of consciousness.
She could tolerate everything that Julian had done to her, no matter good or bad. No matter how much he had done, Natalie had always been calm and never been angry; No matter what he had done, she would always forgive him. That was why everyone knew that Natalie loved Julian so much.
But everyone knew that Natalie was just a substitute.
Everyone deemed Natalie as a joke and thought that she was willing to be a substitute because she loved Julian so much, but she still couldn’t get the true love from the man. The man still loved his so-called
unrequited love.
Everyone felt pity that Natalie was kept in the dark and didn’t know that she was just a substitute in the eyes
of the man.
A woman who was full of expectation for love had already given up her self-esteem and been laughed at.
“Natalie, let’s get divorced.”
After tidying up his clothes, Julian uttered these words all of a sudden.
“Niki is back. There shouldn’t be anything between us anymore.”
Julian continued.
Natalie didn’t respond.
Julian didn’t have time to look at the expression on Natalie’s face. She must be unwilling, and she would even
pester him. What he needed to do now was to find a way to make their divorce went smooth.
He had made a promise to Niki that he must do it as a man.
He felt that his tone was too tough, which was a little cruel to an orphan girl like Natalie. Natalie was always alone, and now she finally had a home. If he asked for a divorce all of a sudden, it would definitely hurt her a
Besides, Natalie had loved him for so many years, so she wouldn’t agree to divorce without a hitch.
If he wanted to divorce, he should soften his attitude a little.
His voice became gentle in a flash with a little warmth. Then he said in a low voice.
“As a compensation, I will give you a check. Write as much as you want. I don’t know how much money would
be alright to make up for you. Just write as much as…”
This would be a great temptation for a normal person, and Natalie wouldn’t refuse…
“I didn’t ask you to work after you married into the Graham family. If you want to work, you can choose any company at any position belonged to the Graham family…”
If she wanted to work hard in her career, the Graham family could also give it to her, as long as she could agree to get a divorce!
Since Natalie married into the Graham family, she had always been a gentle and virtuous wife. He knew that
she had done a good job.
She had the disposition of a lady, her mind was also clear and thorough. She was gentle but not publicized, and she always behaved calmly and steadily. Every time at the banquet, when she stood with other women, others would be tacky.
Everything was done well. She had done so much and endured so much. Even though he didn’t treat her well,
she still loved him.
But after all, she was not Niki. Niki was going to return home, and it was time for Natalie to leave…
He knew that Natalie would cry and turn the request down, she would also try her best to persuade him to stay. She would be really sad, but he didn’t love her….
“I can satisfy you whatever you want, no matter what… You…” Julian stared at Natalie with a gentle and confident expression.
However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by a gentle and firm sentence.
“Fine.” She said.


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