After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 10

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Achieve two things at one stroke! 

With the support of Julian, Niki raised her voice. “As far as I know, Natalie hasn’t been working for the past. three years. She has been staying in the Graham family all the time. It’s impossible for her to get so much money from work…”

“She is even an orphan. It’s impossible that she can get support from families.”

“Then where did she get so much money?” Niki looked at Natalie Every time she eliminated a possible option, she was surer about that the money was stolen from the Graham family by Natalie.

Natalie just listened to Niki’s analysis with a smile.

She would like to see what kind of label this woman could put on her.

Julian looked cold and said nothing.

Niki continued, “She has always been in charge of the money of the Graham family. You must trust her very

much, right?”

Julian nodded. He had trusted Natalie very much in the past three years. She had been in charge of the Graham family and she was a qualified wife.

She took good care of his mother and grandfather, so he didn’t need to worry much about them.

After getting the answer Niki wanted, she turned to look at Natalie. Her eyes were full of mockery and contempt. She said word by word, “You must have embezzled a lot of the Graham family’ property over the

past three years, right?”

Julian’s face darkened in an instant.

He really didn’t care about the income and expenditure accounts of the Graham family.

He trusted Natalie very much, so he had never asked about these financial issues.

Oh, it turned out that Niki was going to say that she was a bad woman who would steal the Graham family”


Natalie thought it was funny. After all, she doesn’t have much else, just tons of money.

Well, Niki might look bad in the end, since she made a judgement so recklessly.

“You really let Julian down. After all, brother Julian trusted you so much.” Niki continued in a sweet voice, holding Julian’s wrist.

Julian frowned, and his cold face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost.

Hearing this, Natalie sneered, “The Graham family’ money was not much. If I did steal the money, you can easily tell.”

“Not much? It’s very bold for you to say that.” Niki said in a sweet voice. Obviously, she meant something else.

If she was afraid that Natalie would do something to her.

“So, it seems like you can easily secure the conviction of me stealing the money with no evidence.” Natalie sneered.

“Then where did you get your money?” asked Julian, who had been silent all the time. His tone was full of doubts. He protected Niki behind him and comfort her with his actions.

“Why would I tell you? Who do you think you are? Don’t you know how much income you company has?” said Natalie with a mocking look.

He just believed everything Niki said? Was he brainless?

Obviously, Julian was irritated by Natalie’s attitude. “Natalie, I gave you full authority of the accounts of the Graham family because I trusted you. But that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want and covet the property of the Graham family.”

“So, I took care of your family and you are trying to blame me for that?”

“I hate ill-behaved persons the most!” said Julian, ignoring Natalie’s retort. He approached Natalie step by step, and his face was as cold as ice.

“An ill-behaved woman like you will never win my heart.” Julian reminded Natalie in a more serious tone,

Natalie smiled gently. “You’d better check the accounts of the Graham family first, and then you can talk your nonsense. Wrongly accusing a good person is also a bad behavior.”

“Or are you suggesting that a woman like Niki who wrongs a good person without evidence can win your


“Niki is slinging mud at me. Is she also an ill-behaved woman?”

Natalie raised her eyes and looked at Julian fearlessly with a mocking expression.

When Julian heard the sarcastic words of Natalie and thought of her behaviors that were completely different from her usual obedience and personality, he became very angry. He grabbed Natalie’s slender wrist

and barked questions at her.

“Natalie, if you have stolen the property, you should admit your mistake and return it to the Graham family. Otherwise, don’t blame me for making you look bad!”

“Go ahead! If I take one penny from the Graham family, I’ll pay you back in ten times!” said Natalie. She broke free from Julian’s broad palm and trembled a bit.

He was so stu pid that he even believed everything Niki said!

Nikl trotted and pulled Julian over. “Brother Julian, let’s check the accounts. Then we won’t wrongly accuse Natalie.”

She would like to see how an orphan like Natalie could get so much money.

After checking the accounts of the Graham family, she believed Natalie wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant like


Niki thought for a while. She could also take this opportunity to figure out how many properties the Graham family had now. In this way, she could not only vent her anger, but also easily see through the financial resources of the Graham family. She could achieve two things at one stroke!

“Brother Julian, let’s go. After checking the accounts, she can’t resort to sophistry anymore.” Niki comforted Julian gently and couldn’t wait to know the amount of the properties of the Graham family.

Hearing her dissuasion, Julian tried hard to hold back his anger. “After I make a thorough check on the properties of the Graham family in these years, I’ll come back to see how you defend yourself!”

“I hope you can check it properly! Look carefully how much money I have saved for the Graham family these years, and how carefully I manage the expenses of the Graham family!”

The chest of Natalie kept rise and fall, and she was so angry that her breath became a little short. She looked up and saw the doorman driving the car to the gate of Greenlife.

Her good mood was ruined today!

She got into the car, started the engine and drove away.



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