After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 100

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Being kicked out

“You used to blame me for not helping the Graham family when they were in danger, but for leaving. Now, isn’t Natalie’s approach the same as mine back then…? “Nikl looked seriously at Linda.

A pair of autumn eyes carried emotions and seemed very aggrieved.

Linda choked on her words, although she didn’t want to believe Niki’s words in her heart. She wanted to speak or defend Natalie, but she couldn’t defend her.

Indeed, Natalie personally said that she couldn’t do it.

She lowered her head, unsure of what to say.

At this moment, Julian’s expression remained unchanged, as he had already predicted Natalie’s answer.

He knew she might refuse.

After all, when he invited her to eat at The Sunny Restaurant and used her participation in Grandpa Graham. ‘s banquet as a bargaining chip in exchange for the authorization letter, Natalie chose to refuse

It was also possible to choose to refuse this time.

But what he didn’t expect was that she wouldn’t even have a word of defense?

Actually, when Julian just said that sentence, he still had some expectations in his heart. Because although Natalie didn’t seem at all interested in the chips he proposed at the time, she still came to the banquet in the


The reason why Natalie chose to refuse at that time was likely because even though she did not receive the banquet Invitation letter, she was able to come to the banquet, so she would refuse so decisively.

But in the current situation, she was mistaken.

Natalie seemed completely indifferent.

Julian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he remembered what Niki had just said. Also, after all, she already had Philip, how could she think about taking care of his family?

His hand tightly gripped the wine glass, as if it could be crushed in a second.

“Natalie, you really don’t want to help the Graham family. You want to watch the Graham family fall into trouble and repeat the mistakes of the past?” said Grandpa Graham.

He didn’t expect Natalie to refuse, and when she said she couldn’t do it, he felt extremely disappointed.

But decades of experience dominating the business world had taught him that he cannot reveal his emotions. After all, Natalie was the only hope for the Graham family to obtain the authorization letter, and he must maintain a friendly appearance.

“I can’t do it.” Natalie lifted her eyelids and repeated her words.

Words spoken were like water poured out, they cannot be retrieved.

She wouldn’t change her mind either.

“Auntie, look at her, she’s still stubborn! “Niki felt annoyed when she saw Natalie’s cold and indifferent


She couldn’t help but make a sound, her accusations were loudly


Why pretended to be arrogant!

It’s just a dirty trick of seducing men to have the initiative now.

Natalie gave Niki a cold glance.

She’s really stupid and noisy.

spoken, and her eyes were also openly

“My relationship with Philip is just an ordinary friend. I can’t say a word to ask Philip to give the authorization letter to the Graham family.”

“Then say a few more words! “Niki disdained, as she had to defeat Natalie’s authority today.

Natalie rolled her eyes in her heart, and her tone was not kind. “Miss Linch really doesn’t have a back ache when she’s standing and talking.” she said.

“How can you say that standing and talking doesn’t hurt my back? You can just blow more for this kind of thing.” Niki sneered.

However, later on, Niki deliberately lowered her voice, and only Grandpa Graham and Julian sitting on both

sides of Niki could hear.

Julian’s face turned green.

Grandpa Graham noticed the expression on Julian’s face when he heard this sentence, and his eyes explored.

Did Natalie really have a shady relationship with Philip?

In fact, he didn’t believe what Niki had just said. He was very clear that the relationship between Niki and Natalie was definitely not compatible.

Niki must had hated Natalie very much, so the slanderous words spoken by Niki about Natalie needed to be


But Julian’s face gave him a bad premonition.

If everything Niki said was fake, why did Julian have such an expression?

Niki wanted to say more, but was interrupted by Linda’s voice.


Natalie turned her head and her indifferent expression softened instantly as she looked at Linda.

She was not completely without hesitation in her heart, and there was no one present that made her care,

except for Linda..

“Are you really unwilling to help the Graham family? “Linda had many complex emotions in her eyes, but mos of them were expectations.

She hoped to hear from Natalie’s mouth, “I am willing to help the Graham family obtain the authorization


So she could tell herself that Natalie was not that kind of person.

Natalie was very afraid of Linda’s gaze at the moment.

She didn’t know why. Was she afraid of Linda’s disappointment? Or was she afraid that Linda’s mental state would become worse as a result?

Natalie couldn’t explain clearly.

She pursed her lips and simmered for a long time without speaking.

A voice broke Natalie’s hesitation and surging emotions.

“Auntie, Niki thought that when I met Philip, my first thought was to help the Graham family obtain the authorization letter. But Niki didn’t realize that all of this was a misunderstanding, and my full hopes were all


Niki spoke in awe.

Her voice was very clear on the suppressed dining table at this moment.

Her voice was originally delicate and soft, but nobody knew if it was due to the atmosphere or her deliberate actions. At this moment, Niki’s words made people feel a hint of sadness.

Natalie raised her eyebrows.

“I originally thought that since I could work for the family, I would try my best to make up for my mistakes

back then.”

“Unexpectedly, it was all a misunderstanding. Do you know what I felt in my heart when I knew that Philip

didn’t know me?”

Linda didn’t answer.

Niki could only speak on her own with a stiff face.

“There is nothing I can do… and endless regret… why doesn’t Niki know Philip? Why can’t Niki help the Graham family with something?”

“Why did Natalie know Philip?” Niki lowered her eyelashes and said,” If possible, how I wish it were me.”

The more Grandpa Graham listened to this, the more his face darkened.

Niki raised her head, as if with endless jealousy in her eyes, “So, Natalie, do you know?”

Natalie looked at her at the sound, her eyes cold. “Know what?”

That she performed well? Natalie sneered.

She didn’t know what Niki was up to now.

Niki spoke, “Nothing.”

Don’t say it.” said a majestic voice.

Niki had just brewed her emotions, and what she wanted to say had just reached a high point and she was


It’s Grandpa Graham ‘s voice, “Natalie, you’re not willing to do it anyway, are you?”

Grandpa Graham’s voice was not as soft as it had just been, but it sounded cold upon closer inspection.

Without waiting for Natalie to answer, he continued, “Your relationship with Glory Group’s CEO Philip. Do have anything to defend?”


“We are just ordinary friends. “Natalie said in a flat tone, but only she knew she was already a bit impatient.

She didn’t know why Grandpa Graham ‘s tone suddenly became so cold, but she didn’t want to know either.

She had said this sentence countless times today. If she continued to ask, she would have no patience at all.

Upon hearing her answer, Grandpa Graham ‘s emotions deepened in his eyes.

Natalie had only this sentence, without any substantive evidence..

It seemed that all of this was clearly predetermined.

“Someone, drive Miss Spears out!”

“The Graham family doesn’t welcome her!”

Grandpa Graham ‘s tone carried the oppression and reluctance of superiors.


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