After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 101

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Weakness 

Everyone sitting at the luxurious dining table widened their eyes and looked at Grandpa Graham.

Directly drive Natalie out?

Even Niki stared blankly at Grandpa Graham, seemingly stunned and speechless.

Upon hearing his words, Natalie raised her head to look at Grandpa Graham and said, “Are you driving me


Linda was the first to react, and she spoke anxiously, “Dad, what are you doing!”

“Today is your 70th birthday. Isn’t it good for everyone to gather happily for dinner?

Why bother getting angry with the children again.”

“Besides, with so many guests watching, you’ve kicked out the Graham family’s daughter-in-law like this.

If this gets out, what will others think of our Graham family in the future?”

Grandpa Graham snorted coldly, “Do you think it’s embarrassing?”

“Since it’s embarrassing, why did she still go out to h**k up with men? If she has done such a thing, don’t be

afraid of being humiliated!”

Grandpa Graham said excitedly, “Her staying here is a shame to the Graham family. She embarrasses the

Graham family!”

Natalie’s eyelashes trembled lightly and her tone was flat.

“I’ll say it for the last time, I didn’t h**k up with anyone else. Philip and I are just ordinary friends.”

She didn’t understand why everyone would coincidentally believe that she had an affair with Philip.

People would believe this nonsense without any evidence! Niki was really adept at using such vulgar


Natalie looked earnestly at Grandpa Graham, trying to prove her innocence for herself.

Anyone who was unjustly wronged for no reason will not be reconciled. Especially being planted and framed by people they dislike.

But when she looked at Grandpa Graham, she saw that his face, which had just been kind, was now gloomy.

Natalie could even see disgust in his gaze.

Natalie was about to defend herself, but for some reason, she suddenly didn’t want to speak out.

“Ordinary friend?” Niki finally reacted, and her heart was filled with joy. Without her intervention, Natalie

would be kicked out!

“Can you explain where you got the money to buy a luxury house? Where did you get the money to buy luxury? Where did you get the money to buy a diamond ring?”


Niki spoke louder and more clearly, with certainty in her words.

Her language had become increasingly sharp.

This time, even the guests at the nearby table heard the noise and looked towards the main table.

Roger sat beside watching everything with great interest.

Although he couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, he could see the little beauty’s face changed from joy

to awkwardness.

He found it very interesting.

“Since the beginning of today’s banquet, the atmosphere of the Graham family was very strange.”

“I feel it too.” The person next nodded.

“The key is that Mr. Graham has brought a female companion. Isn’t this against Mrs, Graham? Can the

atmosphere be good…?”

Another person joked.

“No, no.” The person who just spoke first suddenly realized the key point, “Is there a first love of Mr. Graham?”

“I forgot if you didn’t say it. Mr. Graham really has a first love!” Said the man in a suit in a gossip tone.

He touched his chin and then his tone softened.

“Two years ago, it was rumored that Mrs. Graham got married because she looks very similar to Mr.

Graham’s first love……”

“But this year, no one has said about it again……

Another person spoke up and said,

“Why do find the female companion brought by Mr. Graham today looks very much like Mrs. Graham?”

Zoey originally didn’t want to talk and didn’t bother to participate in gossip, but upon hearing this, she suddenly raised her eyes.

Almost everyone at the next table looked at Niki in shock.

Was the female companion brought by Mr. Graham today his first love?!

Julian noticed the gaze of the guests at the table next to him, and his eyes, which had no emotion, instantly

turned cold.

His glance liked a sharp blade.

Being glanced like that, the guests instantly turned their head back.

Mr. Graham’s gaze was too frightening.

Zoey mocked in her heart. They only looked at Niki a few times, and he didn’t even allow it… he doted on her

too much.

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She had never seen Mr. Graham maintain a girl like that before. Was Niki really Mr. Graham’s first love?

“Can’t I have money?” Said Natalie with a smile on her face, “I have money to buy these things because I hook.

up with men? ”

“So in your opinion, as long as a woman has money, it’s the man’s money she spends?”

Natalie couldn’t help but curl her lips when she said this.

“No wonder you rely on Graham family all day and don’t do any work, because subconsciously you think it’s normal to spend men’s money.”

“You just think about making some desserts to make men happy, and the more you make men happy, the

more money you have.

Do you think your life is worth living?”

“You!”, Niki was so angry that she became furious.

“I’m not like that, that’s your idea! Don’t smear me!

“What are you waiting for? Throw Miss Spears out.” Niki was afraid that Natalie would say something

unfavorable to her again.

She looked at the bodyguard next to her and shouted loudly.

The bodyguard didn’t pay attention to Niki. They looked at Grandpa Graham as if waiting for his order.

“Grandpa just spoke so clearly. Didn’t you hear him?! What are you waiting for?”

Niki reluctantly suppressed her impatience, and now she only wanted to drive Natalie out.

Grandpa Graham raised his eyes and said, “Get her out of here.” His tone was cold and did not fluctuate at


“Dad! Why did you make things so embarrassing…” Linda was still pleading for Natalie.

“Auntie, please stop.” Natalie took Linda’s hand and said,” I’m fine.”

“Since Grandpa let me go, I’ll go. It’s no big deal. “Natalie’s face was calm.

There were many ways to fight for one’s own innocence, and verbal defense was just one of them, but it was

also the most powerless one.

This was what Natalie just realized. She didn’t plan to say anything more..

She just happened to have exhausted her patience… but she just couldn’t meet Linda’s expectations for


After all, as long as Niki was present, she cannot sit down and have a good meal.

Niki looked at Natalie’s face without any ups and downs, feeling extremely nauseous in her heart.

She disliked Natalie’s indifferent expression the most..

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“Auntie, why do you still persuade her? In the end, only you will be hurt… “Niki said in a tone of sympathy.

“You should say a few words less.” Julian suddenly placed the cup on the table, and his voice was not loud,

but Niki heard it clearly.

The warning was obvious.

Niki closed her mouth in an instant.

The bodyguard stood by Natalie in time and instinctively wanted to pull her up.

Linda was startled.

Natalie frowned and spoke impatiently, “Don’t pull me, I’ll go on my own.”

After finishing speaking, she stood up. For a moment, she stood out among the guests who were all sitting.

People at the banquet hall didn’t understand the situation and looked at Natalie.

Roger seemed to think it wasn’t interesting enough.

He spoke in a timely and loud voice, “What’s the matter? Mrs. Graham wants to say something after standing


The tone gave people a feeling that he wanted to make the scene more embarrassing.

Although he couldn’t hear what they were talking about, he knew that the little beauty clearly didn’t like


As long as Natalie was unhappy, the little beauty will naturally be happy, and his mood will also be good.

Natalie heard the sound and looked at him.

She frowned and didn’t know the man who had just spoken.


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