After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 102

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Withdrawal of commitment 

Natalie frowned and looked at the man.

At first glance, a man can actually be considered ordinary and a little bit handsome.

But if you take a second look, you will find a hint of seductive charm hidden in those slightly raised eyes.

It had a feeling of malicious and insidious.

The handsome appearance contrasted greatly with the seductive eyes.

Natalie’s mind flashed through many of the wealthy Los Angeles families she had known during her three

years at the Graham family, but she really didn’t know the man in front of her.

Why did he come to join in the excitement?

Natalie was too lazy to pay attention to him. She withdrew her gaze and half bent down to look at Linda,

“Auntie, I’m sorry.”

“Today I didn’t fulfill your wish. Please pay attention to your health in the future.” Her tone was very gentle.

Linda’s eyes were filled with complex emotions. She was clearly struggling for a long time before she spoke


“Nana, please sit down and have the meal before leaving……”

Natalie smiled faintly at the corners of her mouth, “No need, Auntie.”

“I’m afraid if I stay here again, Niki’s mind will full of ideas about how to deal with me, and she can’t even eat


How could Niki not have heard the sarcasm in Natalie’s words.

Natalie looked at her with a smile on her face, “Isn’t that right, Niki?”

Niki was so provoked that her words were almost immediately blurted out.

But Julian’s warning just now was still vivid in her mind, and she could only give Natalie a stern look.

The bodyguard saw that Natalie had not yet left, and he was a bit anxious. “Miss Spears, please leave.”

Grandpa Graham’s gaze was burning, like a sharp blade, making him sweat hard.

The bodyguard was about to push her away.

But before he could touch Natalie, a hand suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist.

The strength of that hand was very strong, and the bodyguard’s wrist was in pain and had to retract it.

Natalie raised her eyes when she heard the commotion.

Behind her stood Julian.

“Are you… here to give me a ride?” Natalie blinked, and her eyes full of confusion.

Julian sneered, “Of course not.”

He bent down and whispered in Natalie’s ear with a deep voice,

“I’ll give you a final warning, don’t let me see you in Graham family in the future.”

Niki sat opposite, gritting her teeth in hatred as she watched Julian’s affectionate movements.

“If you appear at Graham family, I will feel nauseous,” Julian said slowly, his disgust in his voice self-evident.

Natalie raised her eyebrows and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t appear at Graham family naturally.”

“Because when I see you and Niki, I also feel nauseous.”

Upon hearing this, Julian’s already unhappy expression showed a hint of anger.

No one had ever dared to speak to him like this.

Natalie turned around and walked away, but she suddenly remembered something and walked back again.

She added,

“Don’t you feel disgusted as a man who doesn’t have the ability but rely on women to help you? Do you have

the face to judge others?”

Natalie’s tone was very light, but the sarcasm in her words was quite obvious.

Julian’s face at this moment couldn’t be gloomier.

After she finished speaking, she turned and left.

Roger looked happy and said, “Mrs. Graham, why did you leave before dinner is finished?”

He said also very loud, attracting everyone to look at Natalie.

“How did Mrs. Graham leave? The banquet is not over yet? Why is she so impolite?”

“Don’t you know? Mrs. Graham is an orphan from a humble background, very uncivilized, and of course she

doesn’t know the etiquette.”

The person didn’t take it seriously, as if she wasn’t surprised at all.

Roger listened attentively to these words, curling his lips and standing in front of Natalie with a glass of


Natalie frowned and looked at him with displeased eyes. “Sir, may I ask your surname?”

She heard everything just now, but she didn’t have any emotions in her heart.

She just felt that the man in front of her was very annoying to her.

As soon as Roger was about to answer, Natalie had already interrupted him.

Get Boa

“I don’t think I know you, do I? Although I don’t know why you’re blocking my way, please step aside.”

Roger was not upset either. “I wonder where Mrs. Graham is going now?”

Niki clearly noticed the movement of Natalie. Didn’t she say she wanted to leave? Why hadn’t she left yet?

Won’t she come back again? Can she still stay after being driven away? It’s really annoying.

“Where am I going is none of your business. Please step aside.” Natalie looked coldly at Roger, and her

patience was about to run out.

“I think you had an argument just now. I don’t know if it’s because of those arguments?” Roger looked at her.

“What’s it got to do with you? Are we very familiar?” Natalie recalled her first impression of him in her mind.

He wasn’t handsome. He was clearly a scoundrel.

“I’ll say it one last time, please step aside.”

Niki noticed something was wrong. She narrowed her eyes and looked carefully over there.

There was clearly a man standing in front of Natalie!

She was overjoyed and pulled Julian’s sleeve, “Julian.”

Julian turned his head to look at her, his eyes still carrying the displeasure because of Natalie.

“Julian, look! Before Natalie left the banquet hall, she hooked up with a man again.”

Upon hearing this, Julian turned his head and looked in the direction of Natalie.

His eyes were so gloomy that were frightening.

Was this the marriage he barely managed to maintain at the cost of his position as CEO? Oh, it’s really


He looked at grandpa Graham and said in a low voice,

“Grandpa, can we talk later?” If possible, he just wanted to sign the agreement immediately.’

The meaning in Julian’s eyes was very obvious. He hoped to retract the promise made that day.

He believes that grandpa Graham will no longer favor Natalie at this moment, and the divorce will no longer

be obstructed, and he can still secure the position of President of Graham Group.

Niki was puzzled, and she looked blankly at Julian. “Julian, what do you want to say to Grandpa?”

“Handle some things, you don’t have to worry.”

Grandpa Graham almost immediately understood what Julian wanted to talk to him about.

He sighed and didn’t say anything, but it was also considered tacit agreement.

“Julian, won’t you check on Natalie?” Niki asked tentatively.

Julian frowned and said, “Don’t worry about her.”

“But Natalie is now arguing with a man in front of so many people, losing the face of Graham family.”

Niki never missed any opportunity that could make Natalie unhappy.

“You just ask the bodyguard to drive her out.” Grandpa Graham finally said.

Niki looked unbearable and said, “Isn’t this not very good.

“We just showed some respect for her, but she didn’t want it. Then don’t blame the Graham family for not

saving her face now.”

Julian’s tone was extremely cold.

“Well.” Niki nodded.

She didn’t show it on her face, but she was extremely happy in her heart.

Niki got up and walked towards Natalie’s position. When she got closer, she saw the man who was standing opposite Natalie.

“Miss Linch? Why are you here? Are you here to chat with me?”

The light smile on Roger’s lips clearly showed a hint of cu**ing.

Niki frowned and said, “Chat with you? You’re daydreaming.”

Natalie turned around and saw Niki looking at her with a smile.

“What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? You’ll know in a moment.” Niki took her gaze away from Roger’s face, and her tone was smug.

She winked at the bodyguard and said, “Miss Spears doesn’t want to leave. Could you please take Miss Spears out directly.”

Natalie’s face changed.


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