After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 103

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Natalie slapped Niki angrily 

Because Grandpa Graham had just said, so the bodyguard immediately stepped forward and grabbed

Natalie’s arm upon hearing Niki’s command.

The guest on the side was startled and said, “What happened?! Did the bodyguard catch the wrong person?”

Some even stood up directly, and stretched their heads to look into the distance, as if they wanted to see

clearly what had happened.

People’s attempts to gossip spread like electric currents to all directions, and the elegant music in the

banquet hall could no longer conceal the whispers.

The tall and strong bodyguards rushed forward, and even Roger, who was standing beside Natalie, couldn’t

help but take two steps back.

With a surprised expression on the face, Roger raised his eyebrows as he saw the bodyguards directly

grabbing Natalie’s arm.

But when he stopped retreating, he just stood aside and did not stop the bodyguard’s behaviors.

There was even a complicated expression on his face, which looked like a smile but not, and it made it even

more difficult to understand what he was thinking with his evil but charming eyes.

Natalie was caught by the strong bodyguards with great strength. She tried to break free but failed.

“Niki, what are you doing?”

“I haven’t even walked out of the banquet hall yet, and you can’t wait to catch me?” Natalie looked at her


“Natalie, don’t say that. I am not such a narrow-minded girl. I came at the command of my grandfather, otherwise how could I possibly ask the bodyguards of the Graham family to catch you?” There was obvious complacency in her eyes.

Natalie frowned.

She only felt regretful that she hired the bodyguard from the Swan family too late. The bodyguard needed to be selected before coming to Greenlife villa, otherwise she wouldn’t be here today and be threatened by Niki.

But even if she called for the bodyguard at such emergency, it was still too late.

Natalie’s gaze at Niki was extremely cold.

There was a smile on Niki’s lips, but not in her eyes. “Natalie, I am sorry for offending you.”

After saying this, she waved to the bodyguard.

The guests around were all astonished, because the companion who was newly brought by Mr.Graham directly kicked out the legitimate wife of the Graham family.

This… Why Mr. Graham didn’t care? Even if Mr. Graham didn’t care, didn’t Grandpa Graham care either?

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They all turned to look at the main table, where everyone was eating without any abnormalities, as if they

were not paying any attention to what was happening here.

Only Linda didn’t look well.

Linda wanted to go over and stop the bodyguard, but she was stopped by Julian. “Mom, are you feeling a bit

under the weather?”

Without waiting for Linda’s answer, Julian turned his head and waved to the bodyguard, “Take my mother

upstairs. She’s not feeling well, and let Lily take good care of her.”

He talked very tough, with a tone that couldn’t be ignored.

“Madam, let’s go.” His order was hard to disobey, so the bodyguard stepped forward.

“What are you doing? I’m your mother and you dare to treat me like this now?” Linda didn’t expect that Julian

would ask the bodyguard to take her away directly, and her face was filled with anger.

Julian didn’t respond, “I’m sorry, Mom, just for once.”

The bodyguard had already stepped forward, but Linda was still staring at Julian, trying to find even a slight

emotional fluctuation on his face.

But no matter how Linda stared at him, there was no emotional fluctuation on his face, so she failed.

Linda’s eyes were filled with disappointment, “How could you treat Natalie like this.”

“Mom, don’t you understand? Natalie has affairs and she is not who you think she is. I just let her out, and I

didn’t do anything excessive.” Julian looked serious.

He thought that he had done nothing wrong.

It was Linda who had been deceived by her all along and he just forced Linda to be aware of the fact.

The guests on the side didn’t hear what they were saying, and they only saw that Linda went upstairs directly.

They were so dumbfounded that nobody in the Graham family even cared what had happened?

What was the background of the companion brought by Mr.Graham today.

They guessed that the hostess of the Graham family was about to change.

Upon hearing the order, the bodyguard immediately grabbed Natalie and forcibly pulled her out of the door.

Their hands were extremely powerful, gripping her tightly, and Natalie felt a burning pain in her arms, as if her arms were congested.

People around gazed at her, accompanied by whispers and pointing.

Natalie frowned tightly.

After experiencing various strange looks from the guests along the way, she finally arrived at the door.

“Can you let me go? We are at the door now,” said Natalie. There was a complicated expression on her face,

which looked like a smile but not and the coldness in her eyes was obvious.


She didn’t know what Niki said to Grandpa Graham. She felt astonished that he would let the bodyguard take her away without regarding the etiquette of the Graham family?!

That was really a good method.

Niki totally stole the show today. Now, everyone in the entire wealthy circle would know her and she

eventually achieved her wish of becoming famous in the wealthy circle of Los Angeles.

While Niki’s behavior made her lose all her face.

“Sorry for offending you.” The bodyguard was about to release his hand when he heard a voice coming from



The bodyguard turned his head.

“I have one last sentence to say.” Niki walked over with her skirt’s hemline in her hands, giving Natalie a sense

of arrogance.

Natalie frowned.

Why Niki kept badgering her into it?

Niki turned her back to all the guests in the banquet hall and chose an angle where no one could see her


Then Natalie felt her chin suddenly lifted by someone, and her eyebrows twisted uncontrollably due to the


She instinctively looked up and looked at Niki’s evil eyes.

She sneered and her expression was as eerie as a snake. “After being dragged away from this door today, if

you dare to come again, you will face greater shame than today.”

Her hand tightly pinching Natalie’s chin also got harder.

Natalie felt angry and she broke free from the bodyguard with inexplicable power. Then she pulled Niki’s hair

and slapped her without saying a word.

Before Niki finished speaking, she heard a loud slap on her face, causing her head to tilt to one side.

Niki only felt that she saw stars for the slap.

“How dare you!” Niki’s perfect hairstyle suddenly became messy because of Natalie.

After a while, Niki finally came to her senses. Her face almost instantly became ferocious, which made a

huge contrast of the sweetness she had when she came in.

“Why I don’t dare? You dare to pinch my chin and I dare to hit you.”

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anned Niki angrily.

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She had repeatedly tolerated it, not wanting to cause more trouble, but did Niki really think she was easy to bully?

Niki was furious and immediately raised her hand to counterattack.

Natalie then heard that Niki was raising her hands and she closed her eyes.

But she didn’t feel any pain as she had imagined. Natalie was puzzled so she opened her eyes.

Niki’s hand was grabbed by the bodyguard with such strength that he seemed to break her wrist. And Niki struggled to break free from him, but only with stings in her wrist.

Natalie opened her eyes and saw such a scene and her eyes were filled with confusion.

Why did this bodyguard help her?

“Sorry, Grandpa Graham said he wanted me to make you out, but he specifically asked me not to let you get. hurt.”


Not only Niki but also Natalie was shocked.


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