After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 104

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 104

Chapter 104 The sun 

“Grandpa Graham really said so?” Niki’s anger made her tone change.

After the bodyguard stopped that slap, he just stood aside “I will do whatever Grandpa Graham orders” he said peacefully

Natalie couldn’t help but sneered

It seemed that Grandpa Graham was not as bad as she thought.

But it was indeed Grandpa that asked the bodyguard to drive her out. Although it wasn’t so bad, it was also really confusing

Natalie sighed lightly.

But in Niki’s eyes, her actions were just a show off after victory. “Don’t be complacent!”

Niki’s eyes concealed a strong sense of hatred She remembered that slap and she would make her pay back

even more in the future!

Upon hearing this, Natalie lifted her eyes. She felt that Niki’s face was about to be distorted by anger and the arrogant expression had just disappeared

There was only unwillingness and hatred in her eyes.

Natalie didn’t care what Niki said. She turned her head to the bodyguard and said peacefully, “Thank Grandpa

for me.”

She was suddenly in a somewhat good mood again.

Although Grandpa was muddled and misunderstood her relationship with Philip without evidence, it had to say that he helped her at a critical moment

The bodyguard still stood aside and did not respond to Natalie.

Natalie was not annoyed. She turned to Niki and looked at her with a smile. “You have done so many things, and are you really not afraid of being punished in the future?”


“Why should I be afraid? What I have done?” Niki pretended to be innocent.

The one who deserved to be punished was the woman who had affairs and didn’t be loyal to the love, and the

woman was you.

Upon hearing this, Natalie felt speechless. She left only one sentence, “The G*d is watching what you are doing.” Then she turned around and walked out of the door.

It was no use talking too much.

She would definitely not give the authorization to the Graham family. It had nothing to do with her whether the Garham family could overcome the crisis in the future or not.

It was they that burnt their bridges first, so they couldn’t blame her for not giving them a chance

Ces Bo

Natalie walked out of the gate. It was dark outside and the sky was full of stars, and there was not even a

slight breeze around.

“It’s already dark…” She muttered to herself, looking up at the sky.

After the continuous arguments in the banquet hall just now, she even forgot the time… She shook her head

and took out her phone to see what time it was now.

But she found that the phone had already turned off.

Natalie’s mind went blank. Was my phone out of battery?

She walked out of the house and came to the car she had parked in front of it.

Natalie realized that she was too anxious this morning and she even didn’t park in the parking space. The

whole car was lying crookedly across the side of the road, looking both funny and bitter.

Two conflict feelings intertwined together… making her feel ridiculous about herself for the panic in the


Natalie shook her head, reluctantly throwing out all the thoughts in her mind, and then drove out of the


She didn’t know whether it was because of her emotion or something else, she was almost racing all the way.

But she still felt stifled.

She then rolled down the window of the car, and after the speed of the car surged, the cold and fresh wind

whistled past her ears on both sides.

With the wind blowing around her, Natalie felt better.

The car slowly stopped at the entrance of the Greenlife villa, and she casually parked the car and entered the

villa. After turning on all the lights in the room, she felt better.

She walked to the bar and poured herself a glass of water. After drinking quietly, she took out her phone from

her bag and charged it.

As soon as the phone was charged for a while, it began to keep ringing, with one message after another.

She frowned as she picked up her phone. Who sent her so many messages?

She paused when she saw the screen, and it was Ryan?

Why did he make so many phone calls to me? What happened? Natalie quickly found his phone number and

dialed back.

The phone was connected.

Before she could speak, Ryan’s anxious voice came, “Doctor, you finally answered the phone!”

Get Boyita

“You didn’t come to the laboratory all day. I called you countless times, but you didn’t answer. I was scared!” Ryan was panting with excitement.

“I thought that there was something wrong with you! I didn’t know how to know where were you so I called Mr.Johnson many times, but he didn’t answer either… Neither of you answered the phone, and I was even

more anxious.”

Natalie felt warm and she couldn’t help but smiled, “What could happen to me?”

“How could it be okay? Have you forgotten Julian who appeared downstairs that day?! There are many bad people in this world! And your identity is so special that if you are discovered, there will definitely be danger.”

Ryan kept saying so.

Natalie smiled. This young child talked like an old man and worried so much.

“Doctor, if you encounter any danger in the future, you must tell me.” Ryan suddenly became serious.

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but clench his fist and secretly swore in his heart that he must protect her and

never let her suffer any harm.

Natalie nodded and said, “Okay”

The softness of her voice was indescribable and she was startled even when she spoke it herself.

She quickly calmed down. In fact, Ryan was very similar to young Henry and they were both brave young men. They both seemed to be afraid of nothing and would chase after their dreams.

As long as it was what he wanted to do, he would definitely do it and do it well..

He was really like a little sun.

“Doctor, you must tell me. Don’t feel that I can’t help you so you don’t talk to me. I can help you!”

Ryan was not foolish. He knew that Natalie’s quick promise must be perfunctory.

He was still a child in her heart, and when something bad really happened to her, she may not call him.

But he didn’t want the doctor to think he was still a child.

“Well, don’t worry, and I’ll definitely call you. If you don’t come and save me, I’ll be angry with you.” Natalie


If something really happened to her, she wouldn’t call him. After all, he was just a child, and even if he came, he would just get in trouble, and she didn’t want to implicate him.

But Ryan’s words did make her feel warm, and she couldn’t help but smiled.

She suddenly heard the sound of a flute from his phone, “Are you outside now?”

“Ah…no.” Ryan was a bit flustered.

“But I heard the sound.” She was confused. “What are you doing outside now?”

Get Bogat

“Ah… I just want to walk outside for a while…”, Ryan’s tone was a bit weak.

Natalie frowned, but she didn’t think too much. “Have a early rest, and we have to go to the laboratory


“OK”, replied by Ryan.

On the other end of the phone, Ryan stood by the roadside, wearing a white shirt and a suit jacket draped

over his arm.

Nobody knew what he was thinking.

In the distance stood a large number of bodyguards, overwhelmingly, making people afraid to approach when

they saw them.


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