After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 105

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Abaca 

“So I hang up?” He spoke cautiously.

“Well, go to bed early.” She picked up the glass and answered while drinking.

Suddenly, she heard noisy sound coming from his end with a few harsh car sounds.

She frowned.

“Doctor, you should also go to bed early.” It seemed that something happened on his end, and his tone

seemed a bit urgent compared to before.

“Wait, don’t hang up.” She suddenly stopped him.

Upon hearing this, he immediately stopped hanging up and grabbed his phone, “What’s the matter?”

She wanted to ask where he was, but after careful consideration, she decided to keep the question in her


Those were his privacy about where he was, and why he didn’t go home and whether he was deliberately

hiding anything.

She shouldn’t care so much.

She paused and said, “Well… if you are not at home now, don’t let me see you come to the laboratory before

me tomorrow. If I see that you arrive at the laboratory before me, you don’t need to come to the laboratory in

the future.”

Her voice sounded angry.

With Ryan’s temperament, if she didn’t order him, he would definitely go to the laboratory early as usual to

prepare materials.

There would be something wrong with his health if he slept so late at night and woke up so early in the


“Ah…” Ryan blinked and it took him a while to react.

Was doctor caring about him?

He could even imagine her face with her frowned eyebrows and that she was pretending to be very angry….

she must be very… cute.

He felt as if a firework had exploded in his heart, bright and warm and it was indescribable. His ears almost

instantly turned red.

“Ryan…? Did you hear me?” She didn’t hear his answer for a long time.

Was it because the phone was broken? She shook her phone and clicked on other softwares, but they were

all fine. She then clicked the volume button again, but it wasn’t muted.

As she was about to say it again, his voice came, “Hmm… I won’t go early tomorrow…”

He stuttered.

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After hanging up on the phone for a long time, he still maintained the position that he had just held his

phone tightly.

He had never had such feelings before. He stood still, and now he could still feel the lingering charm of the fireworks in his heart, very shiny and bright.

The next morning.

Natalie woke up at 8:45 am the next morning because she had experienced too many things yesterday and she was physically and men tally exhausted.

After waking up, she glanced at her phone and saw the time on the screen. Then she murmured, “It’s so late.


She was very upset. She had originally planned to get up early and organize the materials for experiment in

advance, but now it ended up being more than an hour behind schedule.

She quickly got up to wash herself, and had breakfast hurriedly and rushed to the laboratory.

As soon as she entered the laboratory, she saw a thin man bustling in front of the experimental table.

‘Ryan”. Natalie walked into the laboratory and called him.

After hearing the sound, he immediately put down the reagent bottle in his hand. He turned his head and

said, “Doctor, you’re here.”

She nodded and was about to say, “You…” She only said halfway through.

Ryan also spoke at the same time, “…”

“You go first,” she frowned.

She put the things aside and then tied up her hair. She didn’t even have time to tie her hair for coming so


It was possible to cause contamination with spreading hair.

“Doctor, I didn’t mean to come early. I come so early because I can’t fall asleep.” Ryan’s tone was weak.

“You will not blame me, will you? I thought I couldn’t sleep anyway, so why not got up and did some work in

the laboratory.”

She blinked at the words and then stiffened her face.

“I made it very clear yesterday. What would happen if you arrived earlier than me? You’re against me now.”

It seemed that she was really angry..

He suddenly felt nervous and his Adam’s apple went up and down for anxiety.

He looked a bit dull.

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Natalie couldn’t help but laugh when she saw his performance, so she failed to be serious as before.

She cleared her throat and said, “It’s not your fault. I was supposed to come earlier, but I overslept this morning. Don’t be so nervous. Do I look so scary? It seems that I really scare you so much.”

“No, no ” He quickly waved his hand, and the tense emotion dissipated instantly.

He scratched his head, appearing somewhat embarrassed.

“Have you had breakfast yet? I brought you breakfast.” She handed him the breakfast.

He looked at the breakfast, as if there were stars in his eyes. The smile on his face immediately rippled with

the outline of his mouth, “Thank you, Doctor!”

He took the breakfast.

Although he had already had breakfast and he was not hungry at all now, it was breakfast that was prepared

by the doctor, and he felt that he had an appetite to eat this breakfast.

When he stood outside and finished breakfast, Natalie had already started the experiment.

He knew that once the doctor started working, she would devote herself wholeheartedly and forget

everything about the outside world.

After glancing at Natalie quietly, he lowered his head and began his own work.

They conducted the experiment in an orderly manner, one on the left and the other on the right, and the

coordination was quite tacit.

After some time, the phone rang and interrupted the experiment. Natalie frowned and took off her gloves and

answered the phone without looking at the screen.

It didn’t take long that the phone rang again.

Natalie pretended not to hear the phone and didn’t stop doing experiment.

The phone kept ringing.

Ryan glanced at the phone and he saw that the caller was Jerry.

A faint light flashed in his eyes. Jerry? He was the son of the Lance Family. Why he called the doctor?

Ryan frowned tightly and he chose to pretend not to hear the phone with a inexplicable emotion,

The phone was still ringing, and it seemed that there was a tendency that the phone would keep ringing if not. being answered.

He secretly glanced at the doctor and saw that she was still fully focused, not being disturbed by the sound…

He lowered his head.

The strange feelings in his heart disappeared instantly, and he devoted to his work again.

Chantar 105 thea

After some time the experiment finally came to an end

Natale relaxest from her tense state and took off the goggles from her face. She then took off her gloves and

took her phone

Seven missed calls were displayed on the phone

The name of the caller was Jerry

Jerry is the eldest son of the Lance Family. There were two sons in the Lance Family, but the younger son

disappeared earlier, leaving only with one son, Jeny

Eagle Group is the main industry of the Lance Family, mainly developing pharmaceuticals. Natalie previously

had a preliminary cooperation drug “Abaca” with them.

Because there was only one son left in the Lance family, so there was no competition for the position of

successor, and Jerry was the current CEO of Eagle group.

But the plan for “Abaca” was still being drafted, and the aim of Jerry’s call might be to discuss the details of

the contract


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