After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 107

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Mr. Graham requested an interview 

After Ryan pulled out the chair for Natalie, he also sat next to her.

The room was clearly incensed with some elegant and light fragrance. The fragrance lingered throughout the

room, making them feel pleasant.

After the two of them were truly seated, Jerry looked up at her and carefully examined Natalie.

The collaborations about Abaca before were all coordinated by Mrs. Lance. Jerry had never actually met this

legendary and powerful pharmaceutical doctor. And before he arrived, he even thought that this

world-renowned pharmaceutical doctor must be aged.

At least at her fifties.

When he saw her today, he didn’t expect her to be so young.

And she was also really beautiful… Although he didn’t want to judge others’ appearance, he was still attracted by the appearance of Doctor Nancy in front of him the first glance he looked up at her.

Her facial features were extremely elegant and pure. Perhaps because she was conducting experiments before coming and was not suitable for makeup, she did not wear any makeup.

A pure and elegant face without makeup, coupled with a refined posture while sitting on a seat in a private compartment, she was like a lotus without dust, filled the room with a refreshing fragrance when the wind


He couldn’t tell whether it was the aroma of the room or the fragrance of the person in front of him.

Ryan clearly noticed Jerry’s expression in front of him, then he unconsciously frowned. “Mr. Lance.” He


It was necessary for him to speak out as a reminder.

Jerry came back to his senses.

He realized that he forgot himself just now as he caught up Ryan’s eyes.

As if to cover up his gaffe, Jerry coughed a little out of awkwardness.

Subsequently, Jerry stood up and poured a cup of coffee for Natalie to conceal his embarrassment. “I didn’t know your taste, so I ordered some dishes at will. Enjoy your meal, please.” He said.

Natalie nodded to show her gratitude without noticing Jerry’s performance just now.

“It’s okay, I’m not that picky, sorry to trouble you.” Natalie looked soft and then raised her eyes. “Have you drafted the contract yet?”

“Yes, I’ll show you now.”

Natalie nodded. Then she picked up the coffee cup and intended to pour a cup of coffee for Ryan, but was stopped by Jerry. “Leave it to me.”

Jerry stood up and poured a cup of coffee for Ryan, then waved his hand to his side. The waiter lowered his head in a hurry, then opened the door and walked out.

“The contract will be brought over in a moment, I’ll ask them serve the dishes now.” Jerry showed a polite smile on his face.

A row of waiters lined up with dishes carried on their hands. After each exquisite dish was served, they rearranged and retreated.

Jerry noticed that there was always a line of sight towards his face. He looked up and saw the assistant of Doctor Nancy sitting across from him staring straight at him.

Was there anything on his face? Jerry was puzzled.

He instinctively touched his face and found there was nothing there.

“Doctor, may I know the name of the assistant next to you?” He always felt that the assistant stared at him in

a strange way.

“He is…” Natalie’s words were not finished yet..

Ryan immediately opened his mouth in a brief tone, as if he was unwilling to say a word more, “Last name was Swan, with Ryan as first name, Ryan Swan.”

Jerry raised his eyebrows with a polite smile on his mouth. “Mr. Swan, please take care of us for the Abaca Project in the future.”

Jerry offered his hand as a gesture of friendship.

Ryan didn’t reach out, he just nodded without any expression, as if he didn’t see the hand offered by the man across from him as a gesture of friendship.

Jerry blinked his eyes, but he was not angry. After so many years of experience in the business world, he had

seen every kind of person and had long developed an invulnerable temperament.

He raised his hand higher.

Ryan frowned slightly with his expression remained cold, but he still ignored Jerry.

Jerry had no choice but to retrieve his hand in an awkward manner.

Natalie couldn’t help but glance at Ryan. She felt that the atmosphere in the room was a bit strange at this moment, and she couldn’t explain exactly why it was strange.

A knock on the door interrupted the strange atmosphere. A man in a suit walked in with his pace a bit hasty,

“Mr. Lance, here is the contract.”

Jerry nodded and took over the contract. “You can go out.”

After hearing this, the man didn’t leave. He still stood in the same place with hesitation.

Jerry raised his eyebrows and said, “Why haven’t you left yet? Do you have something to say?”

Chanter 107 Graham requested an interview


Natalie raised her head as she heard the conversation.

The man standing at the door had a reserved face. Upon closer inspection, there was a sense of embarrassment in his eyes, However, the matter of the Lance family had nothing to do with her, so she

lowered her head again.

“Just report if you have anything to say, why are you standing at the door? Didn’t you see the distinguished guests here?” Jerry looked displeased.

“Outside the door… Mr. Graham requests an interview with you outside the door.”

“Mr. Graham?” Jerry frowned, “Which Mr. Graham?”

When Natalie heard Mr. Graham, she looked up all of a sudden. Was it Julian?

“The CEO of the Glory Group, Julian Graham.” The man replied.

Sure enough, it was Julian. Why did he come here for Jerry? Natalie narrowed her eyes.

“What is he doing here? Doesn’t he know that I have distinguished guests here?” Jerry clearly didn’t want to

see him. “Ask him to come here tomorrow, I’m busy right now.”

The Graham family was at the top among the rich families, and they had absolute power in Los Angeles. It could be said that no company in Los Angeles could compete with the Graham family, and the Lance family. obviously lacked the courage and the capital to compete with the Graham family..

But compared to offending the Graham family, it was obviously more important to sign a contract with

Doctor Nancy.

He could only choose to offend the Graham family first, and then explained it well to the Graham family.

The man standing at the door was clearly very embarrassed. “Mr. Graham has been standing outside for a

long time with a really tough attitude.”

Natalie blinked.

She didn’t expect that Julian would be rejected in Los Angeles.

But she didn’t care why Julian came for the Lance family or what he wanted to do.

Natalie turned her head and glanced at Ryan in a casual manner.

She noticed that Ryan didn’t take a sip of the coffee in front of him.

“Don’t you like coffee? If you don’t, there should be wine here. I’ll have Mr. Lance open a bottle for you.”

“I have been used to drinking coffee since I was young, so I ordered some coffee from Mr. Lance in advance. I didn’t consider what you wanted to drink, it was my fault.” Natalie stared at him with apology.

Upon hearing this, Ryan repeatedly waved his hand and spoke in a soft tone, “I really like drinking coffee, so there’s no need to change.”

He didn’t drink the coffee in front of him because it was poured by Jerry, and he didn’t want to drink it at all.

But after Doctor Nancy had said it, he still picked up the coffee cup and sipped it as if facing a powerful


“If you have something important to deal with, you can go to handle it. I don’t mind.” Natalie turned to look at Jerry with an extremely friendly attitude.

Jerry smiled and said, “No, no, there’s nothing important. There’s nothing more important than this now except for your business.”

Natalie didn’t say anything more.

Jerry waved to the man standing at the door and said, “Tell him to come here tomorrow, I can’t leave now.” He couldn’t help it either. He really had a bad luck today since the Graham family came to him at this time. He

had to offend one of them.

The man didn’t say anything more before he exited the door.

After watching the man leave, Jerry turned his head and cleared his throat. Then he handed the contract to Natalie, “Please take a look at this contract. If there is no problem, you can sign it.”

Ryan stood up to take the contract from Jerry and handed it to Natalie.

But before she could open the contract, the phone bell rang with her unique personality. Natalie didn’t need to

look at her phone to know it was from Philip.

Natalie looked up at Jerry and said, “Sorry, I have to answer a phone call and I’ll review the contract later.”

Jerry nodded and reached out his arm to point to the door for Natalie, “Please.”/

Natalie stood up and left.

For a moment, only Jerry and Ryan were left in the private compartment.


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