After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 109

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Look at each other 

Julian’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He stood there with one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.

Natalie frowned.

It was really Julian

Realizing that Julian was standing in front of her, Natalie instinctively walked away from Julian..

Ryan was puzzled by Natalie’s actions. He couldn’t help but ask, “Doctor, what’s wrong?”

“We’ll leave later.” She didn’t say why.

Ryan was puzzled.

He looked in the direction of Natalie’s gaze, and at the end of his gaze was a man in a dark black suit.

The man had a slender figure, standing upright in front of the car. His shoulders were wide and his legs were long. His back showed his coldness.

Ryan’s brow suddenly twisted.

Ryan thought that she must be deliberately avoiding the man, but why?

Ryan wondered who the man was.

Ryan had a lot of questions, but he couldn’t ask about them.

Natalie was standing neither far nor near Julian, and he could hear Julian’s voice clearly.

“I see.” Julian looked towards the gate of Beverly Center and spoke in a serious tone.

“What have you done?! Glory Group’s stopping authorizing is not the excuse you gave me such a bad plan.”

“You know how lame your plan is? You’re nothing but crap. You should be ashamed.” Julian’s anger was

revealed by his tone.

The phone quickly hung up.

Afterward, Julian made another call, “Dylan, Glory Group hasn’t given us authorization. We can’t wait that


Natalie couldn’t hear what was said on the other end of the phone. She just saw Julian’s hurried pace and

knew that Julian was in a bad mood..

“You mean Natalie is playing tricks?” Julian seemed to have heard something, and his tone suddenly rose.

?! Natalie’s eyes deepened.

She thought, “What the hell? I have nothing to do with it.”

Ryan also heard Julian’s words, and he couldn’t resist his discomfort. He asked, “Doctor, who’s he?”


He deliberately lowered his voice for Natalie.

“Julian,” Natalie replied.

Her voice was also very low. Upon closer inspection, it carried some emotion.


Ryan frowned tightly, and his gaze returned to Julian. Ryan seemed to think about something.

Natalie didn’t pay attention to Ryan’s expression changes.

Her attention was entirely on Julian’s words at this moment.

“You mean Natalie asked Philip not to authorize Glory Group? Why do you think in this way?”

Julian found it incredible.

But a few seconds later, Julian’s disbelief in his eyes completely faded, leaving only anger.

“So Natalie is angry because she left the last banquet midway and even hates the Graham family because of it? No wonder Glory Group treats the Graham family so badly.”

Natalie’s eyes widened.

She didn’t know that Julian would think of her in that way.

She found it funny. In Julian’s eyes, she could make Glory Group cold to Graham Group with just a few words.

He overestimated her too much.

Natalie suddenly turned to look at Ryan and said, “Let’s go.”

Ryan was surprised and said, “Julian hasn’t left yet… Aren’t you hiding from him?”

“I don’t want to hide anymore.” Natalie’s eyes were cold.

She realized now that she had no need to hide. Anyway, she was terrible in Julian’s eyes. There was no use of

hiding anymore.

Ryan stared blankly at Natalie who walked straight towards the car and opened the door..

He quickly followed suit.

Before Natalie could open the door, he strode over and stood in front of her, “Doctor, you’ve drank wine, I’ll

drive you home.”

For no reason, his voice was very low.

“Oh, okay.” Natalie recalled that she had drunk and couldn’t drive.

She walked towards the passenger seat.

She opened the car door and sat in.

Chapter 10bLook at each other


Get Bo

Upon hearing the commotion, Julian twisted his brow and turned around, only to see a figure sitting in the

car. He didn’t see the person’s face.

Julian raised his gaze and looked at the man standing next to the car.

Ryan looked at Julian lightly The two of them looked at each other. Finally, Ryan could see Julian’s face


“Ryan?” Natalie’s voice from inside the car interrupted Ryan.

Ryan calmly withdrew his gaze.

“What’s wrong? We should go now.” From Natalie’s perspective, she could only see Ryan looking ahead, not

knowing what was in his gaze.

“Here we go Ryan got into the car and asked, “Doctor, where’s your house?”

*Greenlife villa

Ryan started the engine and the car suddenly flashed past Julian.

Julian narrowed his eyes and looked at the back of the car. He found that Ryan’s expression just now was

very meaningful.

But Julian knew what he had never seen that man before.

“What are you going to do now?” Dylan’s worried voice reminded Julian to recover from his wandering mind.

Julian didn’t speak.

He looked back at Beverly Center.

Dylan didn’t hear Julian’s answer, so he sighed and said, “Graham Group is truly in difficulty now. If we can’t get that authorization, it will be harder for us.”

“Well, you should have put up with it at that time. After all, Natalie had such a relationship with Philip. If you offended Natalie, Glory Group wouldn’t be nice to us.”

Julian’s voice was cold. “What’s the use of saying that now?”

Dylan kept sighing “So what are your plans? I can’t come up with any good solutions now.”

Julian said, “I am at the entrance of Beverly Center now.”

Julian’s answer didn’t match Dylan’s question at all.

Other people might think that Julian’s heart was in turmoil due to anxiety and that was why he spoke.


But Dylan almost immediately understood what Julian meant.

“You mean to…?” Dylan didn’t finish his sentence

Julian let out a faint sigh.

“That’s all we can do…” Dylan didn’t feel surprised when he heard the affirmative answer.

At this point, inside the car.

Ryan was driving, and Natalie was sitting in the passenger seat. She looked outside the window. No one knew what she was thinking.

Ryan was driving while secretly staring at Natalie with his spare light.

This was the first time that he was alone with her in such a confined space. He could even clearly smell the elegant fragrance from her.

The light and elegant fragrance were mixed with a hint of mellow wine aroma, giving him a fresh feeling.

“After you drop me off at Greenlife villa, what are you going to do?” Natalie then realized this question.

“Ah…” Ryan scratched his head.

“I can do whatever I want. Anyway, there’s always a place to go. I can also take a taxi back.” Ryan didn’t mind, obviously not caring how he should go home.

Sending her home safely was what he cared about.

“It’s quite late now.” Natalie opened her phone and glanced at it for a while, her words somewhat worried.

“It’s okay, I’m a man. Don’t worry about me. Doctor, you can rest assured.”

Natalie felt sorry, “I shouldn’t have drank.”

Ryan was just his assistant. Now it seemed like Ryan had become her driver… She found it unreasonable.

“That glass of wine was meant to show your sincerity. Drinking it shows that you are sincere.” Ryan said,


“I’m really fine, don’t feel guilty.”

He looked at Natalie, feeling that she was frowning deeply.

Natalie cared about him so much. He had an indescribable taste in his heart. He even felt it… sweet.

Ryan’s mouth curved.

He was actually bothered by what had happened between Julian and Natalie. But for some reason, seeing the expression on Natalie’s face at this moment, he felt that the relationship between Julian and Natalie was no big deal to him now.


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