After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 11

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 11

Chapter 11 She was audacious in the extreme!

Get Boy

“Lake, check the cash in stock and bank deposits immediately. Report to me if there are any accounts disagreeing with physical inventory!”

“Let the financial department check the company’s receivables and payments. Make sure that the proceeds

are in our accounts!”

After hanging up the phone, Julian went back to the Graham’s mansion with anger and immediately called

the butler.

Butler Zack cautiously came to Julian who was not in a good mood. Zack stooped and felt a little scared.

Zack had served the Graham family for decades and took care of young master since he was a child. It was rare to see him to be so angry.

“Zack, check all the fixed assets of Graham family carefully. Don’t miss anything!” Julian said in a fierce tone,

“Yes, I have counted assets of the Graham family carefully after I took them over from Miss Spears. I’ll show to you now.”

Niki, who was standing next to Julian, brought a cup of Ceylon black tea and said, “Brother Julian, don’t be so angry. Have a cup of tea and take it easy.”

Niki made Julian sit down and patted his back gently. “Brother Julian, sit down first. It’s not worth getting angry about Natalie.”

“When Zack prints out the accounts, you will know whether she was lying or not.”

Niki was looking forward to seeing how much assets the Graham family had now.

After a while, Zack sent the accounts to Julian. “Young master, I have checked them all. There is no problem with the accounts. If you are worried about them, you can check again.”

Zack didn’t know what results young master wanted to see. Does he want to see correct accounts or not? Anyway, Zack’s actions and words might irritate young master now. Zack made up his mind in the end and carefully showed the neatly arranged financial reports to Julian.

“The accounts are correct?” Julian took the reports from Zack and frowned. He took a deep look at Zack and then began to check carefully.

“I can also do some checks on the accounts. Let me help you with it.” Niki slowly approached Julian who was frowning, and gently rubbed the man’s broad shoulder.

Niki slowly turned to look at the report in Julian’s hands, and her breath stopped.

The Graham family had so many fixed assets without even counting the company’s daily income!

It seemed that it was a right choice for her to come back to Julian,

A call from the company came at this time. Niki quickly answered it. The voice of the financial manager came, “President Julian, we have checked it carefully. There is nothing wrong with the company’s finance.”

“That’s impossible.” Niki said subconsciously.

If there was nothing wrong with the Graham family’ finance, where did that woman get the money?

Julian’s handsome face softened and his gradually stopped frowning again.

It seemed that Natalie didn’t lie. On the contrary, he not only wronged her, but also treated her so coldly.

Nobody could be calm if he or she was wronged. Natalle’s angry face appeared in Julian’s heart, and he felt a

little guilty.

He put the account on the table with a cold face. Although Niki couldn’t tell what the man was thinking, she was still unwilling to give up. She asked in a low voice, “Brother Julian, are the accounts of the Graham family correct?”

Julian nodded with impatience in his eyes. He moved Niki’s hands away from his shoulder and then said seriously, “Niki, if you want point out someone’s mistakes, you should have a reason, and you can’t make a

rash judgment again.”

Niki sensed the change in Julian’s attitude. She pursed her lips and choked on words that she didn’t believe.

She didn’t believe that Natalie could have so much money!

The money must be gained from a disgraceful place! If Natalie didn’t get it from the Graham family, where did

she get it?

Did she get it from another man?

Niki’s eyes darkened and thought, “Yes, the money must be gained from another man. I won’t make a mistake


She took a deep breath and looked at Julian with a pair of clear big eyes. Her eyes were a little timid. It

seemed that she was scolded and wronged. No one could blame her when seeing her big eyes.

“Brother Julian, I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

Seeing her aggrieved expression, Julian’s attitude was much gentler. “Go ahead.”

Niki raised her innocent face and stammered, as if she needed a lot of courage to say something.

“If Natalie didn’t transfer your property, where did she get so much money? Is it possible that…” Niki covered her mouth in panic.

Julian’s face was serious. “If you have anything to say, just say it. You don’t have to be overcautious.”

Niki seemed to have made up her mind. “Did she get the money from another man?”

He couldn’t help but think of the calm face of the woman when he proposed to divorce.

Julian’s face turned ghastly pale and the atmosphere around him suddenly became cold.

“No wonder she agreed to divorce so easily. It turns out that she has got omeone else.” said Julian, trying hard to hold back his anger.

Just then, he even felt guilty for wronging her. How ridiculous!

It was so audacious in the extreme and disgusting for her to cheat on him!


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