After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 13

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 13

Chapter 13 I was wrong

Julian sneered and strode into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Before Natalie could catch up with the man, she was stopped by a person.

“Aunt?” Natalie was surprised when she saw who it was.

Hearing this, Julian turned around. When he saw it was his mother, he frowned and looked at Natalie with

more disgust.

In order not to divorce, she even invited his mother here.

Now that she had done such a thing, she should know the consequences. What did she want to do?

Trying his best to suppress his disgust, Julian said respectfully, “Mom, why are you here?”

Linda grabbed the ID card and household register from his hand, saying, “Who did allow you to divorce?”

Natalie also didn’t know why Linda came here. She held Linda back and said, “Auntie, don’t be too excited.

Take care of yourself.”

Julian looked at her in disgust, especially when he saw she was worried. He said coldly, “Since you know that

mom shouldn’t get excited, why did you ask her here?”

“Just put it straightforwardly if you don’t want to divorce. Why do you have to do this?”

She even pretended to be worried about mom’s health. How scheming she was!

“If you don’t want to divorce, tell me directly. Why did you play such a trick? I’ve told you before that you can

ask for as much compensation as you want. You agree to divorce and even secretly tell mom all that. Natalie,

are you happy to fool all of us?”

Hearing this, Natalie was so angry that she laughed out loud. As she wanted to say something, Linda said.

“Julian, don’t blame her. I came here myself.”

Obviously, Julian didn’t believe it. He said in a gentle tone, “Mom, don’t always stand by her side. She invites

you here just to put pressure on me and don’t want to divorce.”

“She is not as tender as she looks.”

He had seen it at the sales office before.

Natalie sneered as she heard what he said. What nonsense did he day?? She didn’t want to divorce???


Did he think that she couldn’t live without him?

She let go of Linda and pulled him forward, saying, “Now go in with me. See if I want a divorce or not!”

Julian’s eyes were full of sarcasm. He said, “Well, let me see how long you can pretend!”

He grabbed her wrist and forcefully took her to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Chapter 13 was wrong


Linda panicked. She stumbled forward and grabbed Julian’s hand. “Julian, Natalie didn’t ask me to come here. I just saw the divorce agreement in the study.”

Julian was surprised and stopped abruptly.

Wasn’t it because of Natalie?

Seeing that Julian stopped, Linda breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I came here in a hurry without thinking more. Don’t misunderstand her!”

Linda gasped.

Julian held his mother carefully with a complicated expression on his face.

“The agreement is in her bedroom. I saw it by accident when I wanted to find her.”

Hearing that, Julian wasn’t as angry as before.

Did he wrong Natalie?

Seeing that Linda was so weak and still spoke for her to prove that it wasn’t because of Natalie, Natalie was touched. She didn’t have the time to be angry with Julian and hurried to watch if Linda was alright.

“Auntie, you can’t be emotional.”

Linda held Natalie’s hand tightly as she saw Natalie was worried about her. She looked at Natalie and said in

a tone as if she was begging.

“Natalie, you know Julian is cold and bad tempered since you have been stayed with him in the past three


“You have done so much for the family, and I have seen it. For these years, you have been busy taking care of

me, as well as the whole family.”

*Julian wasn’t thoughtful. It’s okay for a couple to have quarrel. Don’t get divorced… I don’t want you to


Looking at this, Natalie wasn’t that determined. In fact, she had already treated Linda as her own mother.

“It’s our luck to have such a good daughter-in-law. Julian, haven’t you seen what Natalie has done for the

family in the past three years?” Linda turned to look at Julian with disappointment in her eyes.

Julian pressed his thin lips with his eyes full of complex emotions, and he did not say anything.

“Think it over. Do you deserve her?”

“Mother…” Julian wanted to say something, but he didn’t.

After a long silence, he slowly raised his arm and reckoned the driver who sent his mother here in the distance.

“Send my mom back safely.”

“We’ll solve the matter by ourselves. Mom, you go back first.”

Natalie also thought so. She knew that Linda was in poor health and she had spent a lot of time to help her recover a little. She didn’t want to let Linda worry about her.

Natalie nodded and carefully helped Linda get in the car and said, “Aunt, we can solve it. Don’t worry.”

Linda didn’t know what Julian was thinking. She sighed and slowly let go of Natalie’s hand, saying, “Natalie, forgive him.”

Natalie nodded seriously, and Linda gradually disappeared from her sight.

Julian also looked ahead silently. As the car drove away, he gradually calmed down.

In the past few years, he admitted that Natalie had done a lot, and she had done a good job as his wife. She loved him so much, but he didn’t treat her well.

He looked at her and said in an unnatural tone, “You have done a lot over the years, and I did do something wrong. I’m sorry.”

It seemed that something occurred to him again. He paused and reminded her casually, “But it doesn’t mean that I won’t divorce you. Do you understand?”

He loved Niki, not Natalie. No matter how much she had done, it was useless. But he would compensate Natalie. This was the only thing he could do for her.


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