After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 14

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 14

Chapter 14 I won’t fall in love with you

Looking at him, Natalie said in a gentle tone, “I have done everything willingly in the past three years. You

don’t have to feel guilty.”

The story of her and that man came to an end so suddenly. She could do nothing to relieve his pain.

If she had arrived earlier, their story wouldn’t have ended.

She would not be so regretted, nor would she feel guilty to give up everything and marry Julian regardless of

her parents’ objection.

She was immersed in her thought, unaware of the fact that she was staring at him with emotions in her eyes.

Julian looked at her eyes with a complicated expression.

Did she really have another man outside?

In fact, he still believed that Natalie loved him, because her eyes revealed that. It didn’t lie.

He couldn’t make up his mind as before.

He said lightly. “Don’t worry. I will give you the compensation you deserve.”

Natalie felt that he looked more like that man when he spoke in such a gentle tone. Her mouth twitched with

self-mockery. She said, “I don’t want anything.”

“I really hope that you can take good care of aunt, and I hope that you can live a better life.”

After all, that man also belongs to the family. He definitely didn’t want his family to collapse. Natalie thought

to herself.

Julian kept silent. Natalie looked so sincere that he couldn’t tell whether it was true or not, but he seemed to

believe it unconsciously.

Was she really that kind of person? Maybe he shouldn’t have made a rash judgment. It was really cruel to her

to come such a conclusion without evidence.

She just loved him too much. It was not wrong at all.

The phone rang and he picked it up. It was Niki. She said, “Julian, have you finished your work? I’m not

feeling well

“What happened? Did you take the medicine on time?” Julian asked with concern.

“Julian, I miss you so much. Can you come to stay with me…”

Hearing the delicate voice from the phone, Natalie got goose bumps all over. This lady was not so pitiful when she hit others before.

But she knew why Niki called.

It was just a hint to urge Julian to divorce as soon as possible.

She didn’t want to listen to Niki pretend to be delicate. Anyway, Niki would take the position of Mrs. Graham sooner or later. She casually opened her mobile phone and sent a message to Philip and ask if he had


Julian hung up the phone. Niki was not feeling well and he was worried about her.

The moment he hung up the phone, he came to his senses. He felt that Natalie just played the love card and didn’t want to get a divorce. He was almost puzzled by her just now.

He had promised Niki. So, he had to make her assured.

He looked at Natalie who quietly waited for him to finish the phone call and pretended to be generous. His face suddenly turned cold and he sneered at her in his heart.

If he liked Natalie, they would have fallen in love since Natalie loved him so much.

But he didn’t.

He didn’t like her. He hoped that she could understand.

Julian warned her abruptly with some disgust, “Natalie, don’t think that we won’t divorce just because mom doesn’t agree.”

Hearing this, Natalie raised her head and asked, “What?”

Obviously, she didn’t know what his attitude changed.

What did Niki say to him? Why did his attitude change so fast?

“I don’t love you. I married you just to find someone to take care of my mother and grandfather, and you just happened to appear. There is no better person except you.” He said in stiff and indifferent tone.

Hearing this, Natalie sneered, “Julian, do you have to be so ruthless?”

Julian took a look at his watch and said, “If you are sensible, I will give you more money. You will live a

comfortable life. If you are not, you will have to leave without a penny. You can’t live in Los Angeles without

money. Think it over.”

More money? Did she care about the money?

She really couldn’t understand Julian. She really wanted him to live a good life, but she got such an answer.

Natalie squinted her eyes slightly and sneered, “I don’t care about your money.”

“No matter what you say, it’s useless. Get the divorce first!”

She didn’t want to argue with him anymore.

After saying that, she turned around angrily and was about to enter the Civil Affairs Bureau.

-But she saw the door was closed.

She was very angry. She shouldn’t have talked so much with him outside. The Civil Affairs Bureau was off


She turned around and left angrily, ignoring Julian.

Looking at her back, Julian sighed helplessly. Why didn’t she understand?

No matter how much she loved him, he wouldn’t fall in love with her.

He didn’t love her.


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