After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 17

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Let her give up

Sitting on Niki’s bed, Julian spooned the abalone congee cooked by Gina to Niki, who was weak and lying on

the bed.

Niki blinked her bright eyes and said, “Thank you for taking care of me even though you are so busy with your


At this time, the bodyguard lowered his head and reported respectfully, “Mr. Graham, Mrs. Graham went to see Miss Spears today and stayed in the restaurant for a long time.”

“What tricks was Natalie playing?” Hearing the bodyguard’s words, although Niki remained calm on the bed, she had mixed feelings.

“Did you hear what they said?” asked Julian casually, with a cold face and no emotional fluctuation on his face. He continued to feed Niki the Abalone Porridge carefully.

“Madam didn’t let me in. I didn’t hear anything.” the bodyguard was worried. He wanted to go in, but was stopped. He only heard some words like medicine.

“Okay,” said Julian, nodding slightly. “Nothing else. Keep an eye on my mother.”

“And my mother’s physical condition.”

The bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief and then left. A bowl of porridge was eaten up. Then Julian picked up a tissue and gently wiped the corner of Niki’s mouth.

Niki looked at the man in front of her lovingly said cautiously, Julian, Natalie and you…”

She had thought that Julian loved her so much that after she came back, he would divorce Natalie as soon

as possible.

To her surprise, Julian hadn’t divorced Natalie yet. She underestimated Natalie.

She also underestimated the importance of Natalie for Julian

Judging from the current situation, Natalie had a great impact on the Graham family. It seemed that it was not easy to divorce. Niki wanted to know what Julian was thinking.

“Niki, don’t worry. I promised to marry you, and I will.”

He could see the worries of Niki, and Julian knew that Niki wanted to be his wife for peace of mind.

There was no way he couldn’t even put the woman he loved at ease. He wanted to do everything he could to

give Niki enough security.

Niki sat up and took Julian’s hand, “You are the best, Julian.”

I’ve asked the lawyer to draw up a new divorce agreement. Everything is under control.” Julian gently brushed

the hair on the woman’s forehead into her auricle.

“Have a good rest. Don’t worry about this. If there is anything you need, just tell Gina. She has worked for our family for a long time and is experienced in taking care of people.”

No matter what tricks Natalie played and how his mother persuaded him, he would not give in.

His heart belonged to Niki. He had warned Natalie today, but she obviously didn’t buy him. “You still keep on playing games, so don’t blame me for being too cruel!” Thought Julian.

After taking care of Niki, Julian walked out of the apartment. He immediately got in the car and the driver drove to the company.

There were a lot of things to deal with in the company recently. It was not easy for Julian to spare some time for Niki. And there were still a lot of meetings to be held in the company later.

Sitting in the car, Julian closed his eyes for rest, and what the bodyguard had just said flashed through his


–Mrs. Graham went to see Miss Spears today.

Somehow, he became irritable. He narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. It seemed that in the past three years, Natalie had been pretending to be not gentle and generous. But when she was forced to divorce, her scheming was revealed.

She had tried every means to win his heart.

He must divorce her as soon as possible and let her give up!

Frowning, Julian took out his phone and called Dylan, “Have you settled the divorce agreement I asked you to


“I’ve already got it. I’m free now. I’ll send it to your company right away.” said Dylan.

After hanging up the phone, Julian rubbed his brows. After a moment of silence, he still sent a message to


“8 p. m., get the divorce agreement at my place.”

He didn’t want to say anything more.

When Natalie saw the message, she raised her eyebrows and directly deleted it without replying.

She didn’t like his commanding tone. She would divorce him, but she wouldn’t let him push her around.

If his tone was better, she might consider going to the Graham mansion.

Sitting in the car, Julian saw the message he sent was read but not replied. His brows were knitted and he didn’t believe that Natalie would dare to ignore his message.


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