After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 18

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Only one and a half million dollars?

Blue veins stood out on Julian’s forehead. Just as he was about to call Natalie, a thought suddenly occurred.

Natalie loved him so much, and she even played all kinds of tricks to delay the divorce. When she saw the divorce agreement, she definitely didn’t want to reply the message. He thought she probably wanted to delay it as long as possible.

Thinking of this, he calmed down and sent another message patiently.

“I will be there.”

The biggest concession he could make was to let her meet him again.

Natalie was concentrating on reading the documents. When she heard the vibration of her mobile phone, she checked the message and saw the seven words sent by Jullan. She was confused.

“What does he mean? He was talking about the divorce agreement just now, but now he says he will be at the Graham mansion at night? What the hell?”

“What does it have to do with me that he will be at the Graham mansion?”

Natalie thought and still didn’t reply.

Julian’s face darkened when he saw the message was read but not replied again.

In the afternoon, in the president’s office of the Graham group, the assistant came in to deliver some documents and forgot to knock on the door.

As soon as he stepped in, he heard the cold voice of Julian, “Get out.”

The assistant trembled with fear and left in a hurry.

“What’s wrong with him today? Why is he so angry?” Thought Dylan.

Julian was usually being indifferent in the company, but he was just indifferent. He seldom lost his temper for no reason. He was indifferent to everything, so there was few things could irritate him.

The employees were afraid of him, but in fact, they were in awe of him with some reverence.

The assistant came out with one of his hand on his chest and took a deep breath. Seeing this, the colleagues

around hurried to ask what had happened.

The assistant looked at the closed door of the president’s office and said with lingering fear, “I might just be

in the line of fire. You’d better be careful in the meeting later.”

One of the colleagues around was silent for a while, then said, “Really? It’s my debrief today. What bad luck?!”

The assistant looked at him with a pitying look.

There was a chorus of sigh, “Who on earth made Mr. Graham so angry? Everyone is suffering.”

At this time, a man in a dark green suit and golden rimmed glasses came in. The suit was well cut, making

the man look handsome and elegant.

“Hello, Mr. Seth. Mr. Graham has been waiting for you.” The assistant saw him and hurried to greet him.

“I won’t take you in. Mr. Graham is inside, please.” The assistant made a gesture to let the man in. He really didn’t want to be scolded by Julian.

With a gentle smile, Dylan nodded and pushed the door open.

Dylan and Julian had been good friends for many years. Dylan was one of the few people who could stand

Julian’s bad temper.

He had just learned that Julian’s crush, Niki, had come back. The moment he knew the news, he knew that Julian was going to divorce Natalie.

Natalie was infatuated with the wrong person.

Julian raised his head and saw Dylan. He pointed at the sofa and asked him to sit down. Then he continued to read the documents with his head down.

“I brought you the divorce agreement. Check it out.” Said Dylan.

Julian took over the agreement and looked through it quickly, his eyes finally fixed on the property


Then his eyes darkened.

“Make it one and a half million dollars.”

His words were full of anger, as if he was venting his rage.

Hearing this, Dylan looked up at Julian in disbelief.

He thought it was too little.

Dylan looked at the man with a cold face in front of him and didn’t understand what he was thinking.

“Didn’t he tell me that he would give her much money? I thought he was generous, but now he only gives her

one and a half million dollars?”

‘Men’s hearts are complicated.”

Dylan shook his head and took the agreement without saying anything. He didn’t want to get involved in the business of Julian, so he said “Okay” lightly.

He only though that Natalie was a little miserable. She only got one and a half million dollars in the end after

three years in the Graham family.

Even if she was a substitute, it couldn’t be like this. Dylan felt sorry for Natalie in his heart.

With a cold face, Julian continued to read the documents and said, “If you don’t have anything else to tell me,

you can go out.”

“Send me the agreement in an hour. I need it urgently.”

Julian didn’t raise his eyes, but he didn’t turn a page of the document for a long time, which showed his anxiety. Apparently, he was irritated by the fact that Natalie didn’t reply,

He planned to give her another chance,

He didn’t believe that if he went back to the Graham mansion in the evening, she could bear to not see him.

Dylan raised his eyebrows and said, “I’ll send it to you right away. It’s not a big deal to draft another one.”

When Dylan prepared a new contract and sent it upstairs, he heard Julian in the meeting room scold. someone coldly and cruelly. “This is your plan this week? What do you think the drug can do?”

“What’s the point of keeping you here? Redo it!”

Hearing this, Dylan couldn’t help trembling. It was really frightening.

After studying the whole afternoon, she had just about solved the task that the International Association gave her.

She thought it would be challenging, but when she got down to doing it, she didn’t expect the idea to come so


She even made several versions to target different people, and the side-effect of the medicine was reduced to

the minimum.

After everything was done, she stood up, stretched herself, made herself a cup of coffee, and casually sent her sorted research ideas to the association.

At this time, a message popped up on the phone, “you didn’t come?”

It was from Julian. She could imagine the man’s livid face across the screen.

But this was the message two hours ago, and she was too focused to see it.

Natalie was a little surprised

that it was already ten o’clock in the evening. She chose to ignore the message and prepared to take a

shower to sleep.

She didn’t know whether the new shower gel she bought that day was good or not.

Natalie still didn’t reply.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, the doorbell rang. She had to put on her slippers to open the door.

“Who comes to me in the middle of the night?”

Thought Natalie. She opened the door impatiently and asked, before she saw the man’s face, “What’s the


The man didn’t say anything. She looked up and saw a expressionless bodyguard.

She looked behind the bodyguard and saw a man leaning against the car in a suit under the dim street lamp. His cold face was particularly eye-catching.



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