After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 19

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Niki’s visit

Julian had been waiting in the Graham mansion for a few hours, but he didn’t see Natalie. He was so angry that he asked his secretary to find out the address of her and came to Greenlife villa with anger.

Since she didn’t want to face the reality of divorce, he had to personally let her face it.

It was useless to escape.

“How do you know where I live?” Asked Natalie. But as soon as she asked, she regretted. With Julian’s status, it was not difficult for him to know anything in Los Angeles.

“But why he comes to me at night? Wasn’t he afraid that Niki would misunderstand him when she knows it? I don’t wanna be annoyed by Niki’s tricks for no reason.” Thought Natalie.

“Give the divorce agreement to her.” without looking at Natalie, Julian turned around and asked the bodyguard to give the divorce agreement to her.

“Don’t you think it’s offensive for you to knock on my door at night?” said Natalie coldly as he took the agreement and looked at Julian, who was expressionless.


Just now, Julian was so angry that he lost his mind. It was not until now that he calmed down. His emotions were somehow misled by Natalie. It was indeed not appropriate for him to come to her place late on impulse.

“Because I didn’t reply your message?” said Natalie in a mocking tone.

Obviously, Julian was angry with her ignoring his messages. Natalie thought he was so childish.

Julian’s face darkened.

Although he came here to send the divorce agreement, it did seem that he cared too much about her thoughts as he came to her at night. It was not strange for her to think too much.

“Remember to bring it to me when you sign it.” said Julian in a stiff voice.

After saying that, he immediately got in the car and left, as if he was not willing to stay a moment longer.

With the agreement in her hand, Natalie walked into the room, opened the divorce papers and ran them through. Her eyes were fixed on the term that he gave her one and a half million dollars.

Looking at the number, she felt angry and funny as a sarcastic smile on her face. Julian was worth more

than a billion dollars, but he only gave her one and a half million dollars.

Moreover, most of these properties had grown during their marriage, which could not be counted as the property before marriage. If it had been properly divided, she would have gotten at least one hundred million dollars.

*What does he take me for? Or the Graham family is broke?” Thought Natalie.

She was so angry that she threw the papers on the bed and turned into the bathroom.

She was pis sed off by the agreement made by Julian.

After taking a shower and coming out of the bathroom, she wiped her hair and looked at the agreement on the bed quietly. She calmed down a lot.

Although it was too little to get one and a half million dollars from Julian, she really didn’t want to waste time

with him.

She didn’t lack the money, so it was meaningless for her to waste her energy with him in order to look good.

Even if Julian really gave her a lot of money, she wouldn’t take it…

Sign it! She didn’t want to waste time with Julian.

She picked up the agreement and wrote her name on it without hesitation.

Natalie slept through the night.

She hadn’t slept this well in a long time. When she woke up, she felt relaxed and even ate more breakfast

than usual.

As soon as she put on her delicate makeup and was about to go out, she heard the doorbell.

When she opened the door, she saw a pure ruddy face under the umbrella of the bodyguard.

It was Niki.

Julian just came last night, and Niki came this morning, which confused Natalie.

“Aren’t you sick?” said Natalie coldly as he looked at Niki whose face was red and didn’t look uncomfortable

at all.

“Did Julian tell you? Yes, I’m sick…” Niki said with a smile. “I’m in poor health. Thanks to his care, I’m getting


The flaunting in Niki’s words was self-evident.

“I bring you something today, but I don’t feel well. May I go in and have a seat?”

She was worried that Julian would give too much property to Natalie for the sake of old love, so she deceived

Dylan to draw up a new agreement in the name of Julian.

She also came to see if there were other men hiding in the house.

“If you don’t feel well, you should stay at home. Why did you still come out?” Said Natalie.

When she heard that Niki brought her something, she was suspicious. She knew it must be a Greek gift.

Niki was choked by her words and did not speak for a long time.

Sorry. I’m quite busy.” Natalie refused decisively and closed the door without hesitation.

She didn’t know what tricks Niki was going to play. Every time she came back, what she had done made her very angry. Natalie didn’t want to see her play angelic bit ch.

“Don’t…” Niki reached out to stop her. Obviously, she was in a panic.

*Julian asked me to give it to you.” Niki said and raised her eyebrows. She knew as long as she mentioned Julian, Natalie would definitely want to know what it was.

“Not interested.” said Natalie in a cold voice, obviously unmoved.

“Didn’t she love Julian so much? Why she looked unfazed? Was she heartbroken by Jullan?”

With a pitiful look on her face, Niki sneered at Natalie in her heart and decided to make it clear, “I’m here to give you the divorce agreement.”

She had planned to go into the hose to see if there was a man hiding there, so that Julian would be completely disappointed at Natalie.

But by the way Natalie was acting, Julian should be totally disappointed in her, otherwise, it was impossible for her to remain unmoved when heard Julian’s name.

“Niki also came to deliver the divorce agreement?” Thought Natalie.

She raised her eyebrows, opened the door, took the agreement from Niki and read it roughly.

Much of it was no different from Julian’s. But when she saw the property distribution column, she paused

and then laughed.

–She didn’t get a cent.


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