After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 2

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Sooner or later, he will regret it 

Natalie suddenly interrupted Jullan. This was the first time she had Interrupted Julian.

This was also a rare gentle word from the man to her.

Although it meant the most cruel thing, she didn’t care.

Now that his unrequited love had come back, she had completed her task here.

She had done a lot for the Graham family. She didn’t owe them anything, nor did she owe the person in her


It was time for her to wake up from her dream.

Julian looked up at her subconsciously. The woman’s eyes were as calm as the water in a deep pool.

Julian was originally ready to persuade her, but his words were stuck in his mouth. He looked up at Natalie in


The woman was still in peace and quiet, just like every day since they got married, giving him a sense of tranquil and comfortable. Her calm tone seemed to answer such an ordinary question as “what to eat today”.

She just agreed without hesitation? She didn’t cry… or ask him to stay?

Julian felt a little annoyed all of a sudden, as well as a little agitated.

– Julian didn’t like this feeling.

He hated his mood being controlled by others and being dominated by others.

Especially something that he was determined.

Such a calm response……. He stared at Natalie, trying to find sadness in her eyes. She must be pretending to

be strong…

Since Natalie loved him so much, how could she agree to divorce without any fluctuation?

However, Natalie was too calm to have the slightest feeling of falsehood, nor did she hide anything, as if the

strong love she had before had never existed.

He looked away awkwardly.

“I’ll talk to you about the divorce tomorrow.” Julian picked up his coat and looked gloomy.

No one knew what tricks this woman was playing.

Anyway, they must divorce!

“If grandpa asked you tomorrow morning, you could say that I was on a business trip.”

After saying that, Julian took a deep look at Natalie with a gloomy face.

“Fine.” Answered Natalie quietly.

In fact, she was not that calm at all. Divorce with Julian meant that she lost her last hope.

It also meant that she would say goodbye to that person thoroughly.

Niki came back just to make everything ahead of time.

Hearing the woman’s indifferent answer, Julian glanced at her for several times. Seeing that the woman was really calm, he turned around and left with a ghastly pale face.

Julian’s figure completely disappeared from the sight of Natalie. She stood up in peace and went to take a


Lily just came back from shopping and bumped into Julian whose expression was really cold.

His face was cold, and his disposition was even colder. Coupled with the cold expression on his face at this time, he gave people an inexplicable sense of oppression and tension.

“Mr. Graham, where are you going so late? Don’t you stay for breakfast tomorrow? Mrs. Graham heard that you would come back today and specially asked me to buy your favorite food.”

Julian looked up and saw that Lily was holding a big plastic bag full of vegetables. There’s a little bit of green vegetables on the top, they are the leaves of vegetables that are tender and green.

The vegetable noodles cooked by Natalie had the same taste as the one cooked by Niki.

He did mention to Natalie that he wanted to eat the vegetable noodles she made a few days ago.

The calm eyes of Natalie appeared in his mind again.

Julian’s face darkened. What was this woman planning?

Without answering Lily’s question, he turned around and sat in the luxury car next to him. He stepped hard on the accelerator, and the car rushed to the door sideways. Then it made a sharp turn, leaving only two lines on the road, which showed the gloom of the owner.

Lily shook her head. Judging from Mr. Graham’s expression, he must have thought of Niki Linch again.

1 Only Miss Linch could make Mr. Graham so emotional. Although Mr. Graham looked really cold, he wouldn’t

get angry easily.

She had seen Mr. Graham thinking of Miss Linch. His expression was exactly the same as just now.

As long as Mr. Graham thought of Miss Linch, Mrs. Graham would suffer. She wondered how was Mrs.

Graham right now?

Since Mr. Graham married Natalie, he should be nice to her. But since she married him, Mr. Graham had never

been nice to her…

Thinking of the gentle and virtuous Mrs. Graham, Lily felt sorry for her. Mr. Graham didn’t cherish such a good wife, and sooner or later he would regret it.


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