After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 20

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Do I look like I need money

“Are you sure this is from Julian?” said Natalie, whose eyelashes trembled slightly.

She was amused by Niki’s trick. She thought that Julian was stingy enough, but she didn’t expect that Niki was even stingy than him!

The two of them were a perfect match.

“Of course it’s his idea.” said Niki calmly, having no compunction of lying.

“You don’t think the Graham family will give you a large sum of money after you have lived in their house for three years for free, do you?” Niki sneered, her eyes full of contempt.

“I didn’t mention the money. But you, Niki, always keep talking about money. How badly do you need money?” Natalie blinked and looked at Niki’s dress with picky eyes.

–a CHANEL’s off season dress that came out a year ago.

But obviously, Niki didn’t notice Natalie’s look and said, “Don’t change the topic. You have to sign this agreement even if you don’t want to.”

“You can’t get a cent from the Graham family’s property.”

“Do I look like I need money?” Thought Natalie.

She couldn’t help but reflect on herself. “What have I been through for these three years? I can’t believe I was

even being questioned for coveting their property?”

Natalie shook the ring on her hand and said, “do you think I really care about the property of the Graham.


This diamond ring was auctioned off by Philip and from abroad. She took a fancy to it at a glance and asked. Philip to buy it without hesitation. It was just consigned to her yesterday.

Niki narrowed her eyes and looked at the fair and slender fingers of Natalie. There was a shining pink diamond on it. The size, color and purity were perfect. It was glittering with crystal light and shining brightly in the sun, and looked exceptionally luxurious.

“Is this… Pink diamond?” Thought Niki. Astonishment flashed across her eyes, but then her eyes darkened.

Niki thought that as an orphan girl, Natalie didn’t have a good education, so she definitely didn’t know much about jewelry. It was probably a fake.

“Who knows if it is real or not?” Niki sneered with undisguised sarcasm.

“Well, why don’t you take a closer look and see is this pink diamond real or not?”

“How dare she ask me to identify the jewelry?” Thought Niki. She had no other hobbies abroad in the past few years, but liked to collect jewelry and had a good study of jewelry.

The blue diamond pendant that Julian gave her when she came back was her favorite jewelry collection in the past few years. It was worth millions of dollars.

“Wasn’t it self-humiliating to show me the diamond? When I prove the diamond is a fake, let’s see where your egos go!” She thought.

With a cold snort, Niki took the diamond ring from Natalie’s.

The pink diamond was bright and translucent in her hand. It weighed a lot. Although the color was pink, it exuded an indescribable elegance.

This diamond was even more sparkling than the best pink star in the whole country!

Niki stared at the diamond in surprise and estimated the price silently in her heart. It was likely to cost more than fifteen million dollars!

“So, what do you think?” Natalie noticed the flash of surprise on Niki’s face. She smiled and said with


It seemed that Niki knew a lot about jewelry and could tell that this pink diamond was valuable.

“Where did you get this diamond ring?” Niki asked.

She knew it was impossible for Natalie to have the money and ability to get this pink diamond.

Julian only gave her a blue diamond. She could not believe that there was a man that would make every effort to give such a precious pink diamond to Natalie!

“None of your business. You just need to know that I don’t care about the money of the Graham family. You understand?” Natalie approached Niki and took the diamond from her hand with a smile.

“Oh, by the way, take the divorce agreement away. Your acting is so bad, and it’s not good for your image if Julian knows that you pretended to be him to make up the agreement.”

Natalie kindly reminded Niki and put the divorce agreement in Niki’s hand, which was trembling with anger.

Looking at the pink diamond, Niki was full of jealousy, suspicion and unwillingness. Her eyes darkened, and it suddenly occurred to her mind what the bodyguard had said.

–Mrs. Graham went to see Miss Spears.

“Linda must have slipped her this expensive pink diamond that day!”

“I underestimated her. She even tricked the Graham family’s diamond ring from Linda. What’s the difference between that and stealing?” Thought Niki.

“Since you want to divorce with Julian, you should return the Graham family’s belongings back, shouldn’t


“You said you didn’t care about the Graham family’s property, but you held the pink diamond in your hand and didn’t let it go. Don’t pretend to be high-hearted.” Niki’s words were sharp, and the surprise in her eyes gradually disappeared, replaced by contempt.

“Again? Last time, you slandered me to transfer the property, and now you said that I took this pink diamond

Chapter 201 ! look like I need money


from the Graham family.”

Natalie thought and she was speechless.

“Since you said you would divorce with Julian, return the diamond ring of the Graham family to me!” said Niki. She confidently held out her hand and motioned for Natalie to hand her the pink diamond.

“What’s the matter with you?” Natalie frowned and gave Niki a comforting look.

As if she was saying that “if you are out of your mind, go to see a doctor”.

After saying that, Natalie carefully put the pink diamond on her slender finger in front of Niki and turned


“You…” Niki was obviously unwilling to give up. She reached out to grab the pink diamond.



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