After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 21

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Identity discovered?

With the experience of last time, when Natalie saw that Niki was about to make a move, she stepped back to dodge her arm and reminded her lightly. “There is a camera at the door of my house.”

Natalie guessed she didn’t learn anything last time.

Niki hurriedly looked up and stopped when she saw the camera.

“You wait and see.” said Niki. She wouldn’t let Natalie take away anything from the Graham family!

“Let’s go.” Niki turned around and left. Her high-heeled shoes made a sound with the angry footsteps, and the bodyguards hurriedly followed her behind with an umbrella.

“Bye.” Seeing that Niki got into the car angrily, Natalie turned around and was about to enter the room.

But when she saw the divorce agreement on the ground,

she raised her eyebrows, bent over and picked up the agreement, and threw it on the entering counter of the


Niki was so angry that she even forgot to take the agreement.

Natalie adjusted her clothes, and refined the make-up. She picked a bright lipstick and slowly applied it to her


All the lipsticks she had used in the past three years were mild color. Today, she suddenly applied bright red

color, which made her feel not quite fit

She looked at herself in the mirror Her features were delicate and noble. Her red lips and warty eyes were completely different from her usual gentle style Natalie nodded to herself with satisfaction.

“Have you arrived?” Philip sent her a message.

“Not yet out” Replied Natalie.

Because of Niki, Natalie was probably going to be late.

“The invitation has been placed at your door. Remember to take it.” Sent Philip.

As soon as she saw this message, the doorbell rang. She took over the package and saw an invitation in a luxurious style, with the words “the invitation from Glory Group” written on it.

“Come in as me. Don’t expose yourself.” Philip sent another message.

Philip had sent her a message this morning that there would be an exchange meeting with a medical company in Los Angeles today. Since she planned to get back to work, she had to go to have a look.

After all, she hadn’t been back to the company for three years. Although she had read all kinds of literatures published on international medical magazines, as the saying went, “the information makes winners”. She wanted to explore the actual pharmacy level of all the medical companies in Los Angeles these years.

When she was about to go, she was interrupted by Niki. But Niki left angrily, which made her feel quite good.


13 501

After reading it, Natalie put the invitation into her bag.

Top medical exchange meetings were not open to the public. Only famous doctors and listed companies were invited. It was difficult for ordinary people to enter, and even reporters could only wait outside the

exhibition hall.

Natalie drove to the entrance of the exhibition and took off her sunglasses.

However, as soon as she got out of the car, she was frightened by the reporters carrying cameras like their weapons. The entrance of the exhibition hall was almost flooded.

Natalie put on the sunglasses again decisively.

The reception staff at the door saw her and said expressionlessly, “Hello, miss. This is the exchange meeting of the medical companies. Relatives are not allowed to enter.”

After saying that, he glanced at Natalie from top to toe. Even if she wore sunglasses, she couldn’t hide her beauty. She had a graceful figure that it was easy to tell that she was the lover of a boss of a company. And she wanted to take the opportunity to sneak into such a top talents exchange meeting to reach power.

“I’m not a relative. I’m here to participate in the meeting.” Said Natalie in a soft and polite tone.

There were too many reporters outside, so she didn’t want to make any noise.

The receptionist snorted and said impatiently, “Then please show me your invitation.”

Natalie took out the invitation from her bag.

The receptionist’s eyes narrowed when he saw the golden invitation. He looked at the woman in front of him

with hesitation.

“Golden invitation? The person who got the invitation must be a rich man, probably a boss of a company.”

“This lady looked so young and beautiful, but she was actually the CEO of a company?”

His mind was working quickly. Almost in an instant, he put on a smile, bowed respectfully and made a gesture of welcome. “Please go this way to the VIP table.”

Natalie passed through the passageway and entered the VIP Hall. The hall was radiant and luxurious. People gathered and discussed everywhere.

She took off her sunglasses, picked up a glass of champagne and sat in a corner.

“I heard that Glory Group’s doctor of pharmacy will be here today. Why hasn’t he come yet?”

“Is Glory’s people coming? I heard that the new drugs developed by them are still in the clinical research stage. It’s been a long time.”

The man next to him nudged the person who had just spoken and said, “Even Glory’s research has been stagnant. Alas, look at the medicine developed by these medicine companies in recent years. Which one has made any progress?”


Hearing this, Natalle raised her eyebrows and listened silently.

“Haven’t the Graham Group been selecting new drugs recently? I think they are heading in a good direction. If this medicine is developed, it is likely to surpass Glory Group.”

The crowd echoed, “Since the new president of the Graham Group, Julian, took office, their development has been rapid. It’s not what we small companies can do.”

A man in a suit walked up to them and said, “Once they figure it out, then clinical trials. How long is that gonna take? I’m afraid it will be difficult for the Graham Group to catch up with Glory!”

“Besides, there is a rumor in the industry that the best selling medicine of Graham is authorized by Glory, isn’t


Hearing this, the people around became silent.

Shaking the wine glass, Natalie heard the discussions of the crowd and looked at the people coming and going in the meeting. She couldn’t help but sigh.

In the past few years, the medicine companies in Los Angeles hadn’t developed at all.

Natalie was disappointed. She had thought that she could see the new medicine that interested her…

When she felt bored, she heard a voice, “Mr. Graham, you are here!”

Natalie looked up subconsciously. She saw Julian with cold eyes and his lips were pursed. He looked very handsome in a well-cut dark red suit.

“Julian? Why is he here?” Thought Natalie.

Julian’s sharp eyes swept around, and Natalie quietly hid herself in the corner.

“Mr. Graham, how’s the progress of your company’s medicine recently? We small businesses depend on you for a living.” The man who had just spoken saw Julian and hurriedly walked up to him with a flattering smile.

The people around were itching to have a try. They all wanted to talk to this young president. If they could have some connections with Julian, a little medical resource would be enough for their companies to go on

for several years.

Julian didn’t say anything. He kept looking around, as if he was looking for someone.

With her eyes squinting, Natalie looked at Julian. She wondered who he was looking for.

As far as she knew, Julian hated to attend such occasions most, so she guessed that he must have some purpose for coming here today.

The man beside Julian smiled awkwardly. Julian looked around several times, but didn’t find the person he was looking for. His eyes were filled with disappointment. He took the champagne from the waiter next to him, completely ignoring the man who was talking to him.

“Mr. Graham, are you looking for someone in Glory Group?” A man’s voice came.

Hearing the voice, Natalie looked up. The man’s face was full of wrinkles and he looked a little old.

She recognized him. He was a famous doctor of pharmacy at home, Sam Black.

His academic performance was also ranked in the international list, but he was famous for his arrogance. Only a big company like the Graham Group could get him to talk to them.

Seeing the man, Julian clinked glasses with him and said with a smile, “I can’t hide it from you.”

After pondering for a while, he understood that although Graham Group had developed rapidly, it lacked a strong doctor’s degree in pharmacy. It was difficult to develop new drugs, so it had to rely on the

authorization of Glory Group…

Sam thought Julian was probably here to poach Glory Group.

“I just saw someone coming in with the invitation letter of Glory Group.” with a deep look in his eyes, Sam looked at the corner where Natalie was.

Natalie’s heart tightened


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