After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 24

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Niki was treated coldly

From Linda’s expression, she obviously knew Niki’s existence.

But why were her eyes full of shock?

Didn’t Julian tell his mother that Niki had come back? Why?

Since he wanted Niki to marry into the Graham family, he had to tell Linda.

How could he not tell her?

Was there any problems?

However, Natalie was only confused for a moment before lowering her eyes.

She didn’t want to investigate this.

And she didn’t want to interfere in the affairs of the Graham family anymore, either.

“Nana, do you also know Niki?” said Linda in a hoa rse and flustered voice.

Natalie nodded slightly.

Linda was shocked.

No wonder Nana insisted on divorcing Julian.

It turned out that Niki came back somehow!

Niki even let Nana know her in such a high-profile way!

She was eager to marry into the Graham family!

“Auntie, you can’t be too angry.”

Seeing Linda being angry, Natalie hurriedly went up to comfort her.

She gently patted Linda on the back.

“Nana, are you going to divorce Julian because of Niki?”

Linda asked in á trembling voice.

She had been wondering why Nana, who used to be gentle, suddenly made up her mind to divorce Julian?

“Auntie, it’s not because of Niki.

Don’t think too much.” said Natalie.

She patted on Linda’s back with one hand and handed her a cup of tea with the other hand.

Although she didn’t like Niki, she didn’t want to speak ill of Niki behind her back.

What’s more, if Julian really married Niki in the future, it would be bad for Linda’s health if Linda heard her

words and had a gap with Niki.

The police whistle sounded outside the door,

[Linda was shocked. How could there be police siren?

When she just finished her anger, she suddenly heard the police whistle.

She was frightened and almost lost her balance.

Seeing this, Natalie reached out her hand to hold her and said, “Auntle, it’s okay. It should be Niki.”

When Natalie saw the men tally unstable Linda, his usual calm face showed a little pity.

She shouldn’t have mentioned Niki.

She didn’t know what Niki had done before.

But it obviously made her mood fluctuate greatly.

Linda was afraid of emotional fluctuation most.

“Niki is here?

Why does Niki come with the police?”

Linda asked angrily.

Before Natalie could answer, the car had stopped in front of the door.

Then a group of police officers in police uniform came down with solemn expressions.

After the police all got out of the car, Niki followed them out of a luxury car.

Getting out of the car, Tim was stunned to see the magnificent mansion of the Graham family.

The Graham family was really rich….

“Auntie Linda, I’m Niki. I’m back from abroad.”

Niki greeted Linda in a sweet voice when she saw Linda coming out of her room.

She knew that Linda was furious at her leaving without saying goodbye three years ago.

But she believed that she knew well about her temper.

Linda had a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

She pretended to be heartless, but in fact, she didn’t have the heart to do so.

Niki believed that Linda wouldn’t be so heartless. She could only pretend to be angry.

When the secret of Natalie stealing the diamond ring was revealed today, she would find an excuse to explain

Then Linda would accept her.

She had already planned it.

Linda calmed herself down, slowly pushed away Natalie’s hand, and walked out of the door.

She was totally different from her considerate look just now.

She exuded the majesty of Mrs. Graham, which made people feel oppressed.

Natalie followed Linda out.

When Niki saw Natalie following behind Linda, her eyes darkened with an indescribable emotion.

But just for a moment, she restrained her expression.

“Auntie Linda, Niki misses you so much when staying abroad.” Niki walked up to Linda.

“You are not welcome in the Graham family.”

Linda looked up at Niki with no emotion in her eyes.

“Since you left that year, don’t come back,” Linda said firmly.

Back then, William Graham, the CEO of Graham Group, had an accident on the way to negotiate cooperation.

He was with Henry Graham, the eldest young master.

When Linda learned the bad news, she was depressed and even had me ntal problems.

The news of the death of the CEO of Graham Group came, and the stock price of Graham Group instantly.


The shareholders felt insecure.

And it could be said that the wall fell in an instant.

Everyone said that it was impossible for Graham Group to make a comeback.

The former partners hit each other when they were down.

And the business enemies took advantage of the situation to suppress them.

At that time, people couldn’t help but sigh when they mentioned Graham Group.

At that time, Niki chose to leave.

Linda didn’t want to recall what had happened in the past.

Those scenes were accompanied by strong pain at the thought of them, as if she was in front of them.

Hearing this, Niki looked at Linda with tears in her eyes, full of grievance.

Her hand, which she was about to reach out, stopped in the air.

She didn’t know whether to withdraw or stretch it.

“Auntie Linda, there is really a big misunderstanding…”

Linda glared at her coldly.

“I had no choice but to leave… Really…”

She coughed violently and couldn’t even stand firm.

When Linda saw Niki pretending to be weak, her expression didn’t change at all.

She didn’t want to listen to Niki’s cry at all.

She had been extremely disappointed in Niki back then.

Linda knew exactly what Niki was thinking when she chose to leave at the most difficult time in the Graham


While coughing, Niki secretly looked up at Linda.

She didn’t believe that Linda would be so cruel. At that time, Linda liked her….

Linda ignored Niki who was acting.

She turned around, looked at the police behind her and said indifferently.

“I don’t know what happened to the Graham family.

May I ask why are you here?”

Tim and the policemen behind him were listening to the conversation between Niki and Linda in


Then Linda suddenly talked to them.

He stepped forward and looked at the oppressive Mrs. Graham.

“We are investigating the case of the loss of the Graham family’s diamond ring according to Miss Linch’s


“According to Miss Linch, this diamond ring is worth hundreds of millions.

And is very important to the Graham family.”

“After all, it involves a large amount of property.

We didn’t dare to delay and hurried here.”

Being stared at coldly by Linda in front of everyone, Niki felt extremely ashamed and indignant.

But she still nodded weakly.

“Auntie Linda, I really don’t want the Graham family to suffer any loss.

I called the police without asking for permission.”

“Will you blame me?”

Natalie sneered.

When Niki saw the sneer on Natalie’s face, she clenched her fists, and her heart was filled with anger.

Now she was laughing at her.

It was Natalie who would be locked up in prison!

“You certainly don’t believe that the Graham family’s diamond ring was stolen.

And it was stolen by someone you didn’t expect…”

As Niki spoke, she looked at Natalie, who was standing beside her, with resentment and disappointment in

her eyes.

Natalie didn’t say anything but smiled faintly.

She didn’t care about Niki’s “accusation” at all.

When could Niki change her slandered character?

Natalie quietly watched her “acting”.

The diamond ring was stolen? When did the Graham family have a diamond ring worth hundreds of millions

of dollars?

There was obvious doubt and disbelief on Linda’s face.

Niki noticed the suspicion on Linda’s face.

A flash of complacency flashed through Niki’s eyes.

How unbelievable she was now, how shocked and disappointed she would be later.

“Sir, can I see the diamond ring?

I really don’t remember when the Graham family has a diamond ring worth hundreds of millions.”

Linda asked in confusion.

Did Julian buy it?

“Well, according to Miss Linch, the diamond ring is on Miss Spears next to you.”

On Nana?

Linda’s eyes were focused on Natalie, full of majesty and pressure.

“Nana, what’s going on?”

Natalie shrugged and stretched out her hand. The pink diamond ring on her slender finger was particularly


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