After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 27

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Do You Like Gold-Digger Women?

“It’s me who called… The police.” Nikl said with difficulty.

A smile appeared on the corner of Natalie’s mouth. She looked at Niki and said, “now you finally believe me, don’t you?”

Although Julian had pis sed her off before, she had to admit that she admired his honesty.

She enjoyed the change of Niki’s nervous and uneasy expression, which made her happy.

Niki kept silent, with a hint of unwillingness in her eyes.

“This is not the first time that Niki has wronged me. You must have investigated the transfer of property before, right?” said Natalie, looking at Julian.

Julian pursed his lips with a long face.


“Niki has wronged me over and over again. Why did she accuse me of transferring your property and even stealing the diamond ring of the Graham’s? I don’t believe that you can’t understand it.” said Natalie in a loud


She had to remind Julian, or the consequences would be unimaginable when Niki married into the Graham family.

Niki’s eyes were filled with resentment. She turned around and grabbed Julian’s arm, her eyes full of innocence. “Julian, let me explain…”

Julian shook off Niki’s hand irritably, but he asked subconsciously, “Why?”

“Niki loves me so much that she just wants to be my wife, as Mrs. Graham…”

The words pis sed Natalie off, and she even wanted to laugh.

She didn’t realize that Julian was such a romantic man! He was so stu pid, and blind!

With a faint sneer in her eyes, Natalie mocked, “Julian, are you blind to fall in love with a woman like Niki?”

“Don’t you feel ashamed to see your little gold digger think that she owns everything expensive she saw?”

Julian’s face turned pale.

“Or do you just like this type of woman? Are you willing to marry such a woman into the Graham family?”

The voice of Natalie was powerful, and every word she said was slapping in the face of Julian.

Standing aside, Officer Smith and a group of policemen had a complicated expression on their faces. Although they didn’t dare to show it on their faces, there was a faint sense of inexplicable in their eyes.

There were just called here to investigate, while they accidentally bumped into such a dramatic show in the Graham’s, the powerful family in L.A…

Julian obviously noticed the gazes of the policemen beside him, but out of his manner, he endured his anger

and said, “Natalie, watch your mouth.”

His face turned gloomy.

As Niki’s mind was exposed by Natalie, she was even more flustered. Julian, don’t listen to her. I am not that kind of person. Trust me. I just love you so much and was blinded by jealousy…”

As Niki spoke, her eyes were filled with tears, full of grievance, which made people feel sorry for her.

If It was in the past, when Julian saw Niki crying bitterly, he would have already been softhearted. But this time, he only felt annoyed and even a little embarrassed.

Officer Smith and the police stood aside, not knowing whether they should leave or not.

If they continued to watch here, they were afraid of offending the Graham family. If they left, they were so

curious about what would happen latter.

After weighing the pros and cons, Officer Smith thought that his life was more important than the gossips. He hesitated and said, “well… Since the misunderstanding has been solved, we’d better leave first…”

Natalie raised her eyes and nodded slightly. “You can go now.”

These policemen were also tormented by Niki, and they had to watch the farce here with fear.

Officer Smith asked his pals to leave quickly.

“Stop,” said Julian in a low voice. A group of strong bodyguards at the gate of the Graham mansion came and

stopped them.

Everyone stopped and held their breath.

Was Mr. Graham going to kill them to keep their mouths shut?

With a sullen look, Julian pursed his thin lips and looked at Zack.

Zack understood what had happened. He walked to the policemen and said slowly, “please don’t tell anyone

about this matter. After all, it will have a bad impact on the Graham family.”

“Thank you on behalf of the Grahams.” Zack bent down and said in a friendly tone.

Before Officer Smith could say anything, the colleagues behind him also bent down and nodded. “Don’t worry.

We won’t tell anyone!”

They didn’t want to tell anyone about it, so it was more embarrassed when the butler Zack was so polite

asking them to keep it a secret.

Zack nodded and thanked them again. Then he waved to the bodyguards and they left. Officer Smith and his colleagues quickly got in the police car and drove away.

Natalie withdrew her gaze and looked at Julian with a sneer. “It turns out that you would also feel

embarrassed. Since you want to save the dignity of the Graham family, I suggest you see the true face of the woman beside you first.”

Niki stared at Natalie with tearful eyes, “you…”

eyes of Natalie looked straight at Niki with a smile, and her eyes were full of ridicule. When Niki saw the Natalie, she was so pis sed off that she wanted to reach out to slap Natalie, but she suddenly remembered that Julian was standing behind her, so she stopped.

Niki turned to the man next to her, whose face was pale, and slowly reached out her little hand to hold his big hand. “Julian, don’t you believe me? I really didn’t do it for money…”


Hearing this, Natalie seemed to hear the funniest joke in the world. She sneered, “Niki, you really won’t admit it until the last minute.”

Natalie took out the divorce agreement from her bag and said, “you gave me the divorce agreement and forgot to take it when you left. Do you want to have a look?”

This divorce agreement was enough to make Niki silent.

When Niki saw the divorce agreement, her eyes suddenly changed. She slowly let go of Julian’s hand and

pursed her lips.

She was so angry that she forgot it!

Julian’s eyes darkened, “show it to me.”

“Julian, don’t look at it. There’s nothing, really.” Niki pleaded with an obvious uneasiness on her face.

Hearing this, Natalie handed the divorce agreement to the bodyguard next to her, and the bodyguard

respectfully handed it to Julian.

“Your beloved woman imitated your divorce agreement and drew up a new one. Have a good look at it and see if Niki is doing it for money.” said Natalie sarcastically.

Niki wanted to make the last struggle. She grabbed the man’s arm and said, “it’s really nothing. Don’t look at


Julian ignored Niki and took the divorce agreement from the bodyguard.

There was a touch of despair on Niki’s face, and she looked very gloomy. Her usually bright eyes were also

full of haze, not as complacent as before.

Julian took the divorce agreement. When he saw the section on property distribution, his look became fierce.

He threw the agreement on the ground, looking like a storm was coming.

Seeing that Julian took the agreement, the man’s face became more and more gloomy. Niki shook her head hard and said, “it’s not like this. It’s not true…”

“Natalie wronged me. It was her forged agreement! She framed me!” the woman’s face turned red as tears fell on the ground.

With an obscure expression on his face, Julian asked, “are you sure that it’s Natalie who wronged you?”

Natalie tilted her head slightly and said in a prolonged tone, “I wronged you?”

Chapter 27 Bo You Like Gold Digger Women?


The evidence was clear in front of them, but Niki still refused to admit it. How stubborn she was! What a good liar! She even said that Natalie framed her up.

Then Natalie was completely speechless!

“Niki, do you really forget that there is a camera at the door of my house? How about I check it?” said Natalie, blinking her eyes with a faint smile.

*Remember to be prepared before you lie.”

Hearing this, Niki gave up.

Niki’s face was pale and her forehead was sweating. This time, she didn’t say anything to defend herself. Her

legs and feet were so weak that she collapsed to the ground.

Julian opened his mouth and wanted to scold her, but finally lowered his eyes. “Niki, you really disappoint



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