After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 28

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Natalle is My Wife

Natalie looked indifferently at Niki, who was lying on the ground, and Julian, who had a long face.

She didn’t treat Niki so ruthlessly just to see her being scolded and abandoned. She just didn’t want a woman like Niki to marry into the Graham family.

She didn’t want the Graham family to be destroyed by Niki, and she didn’t want Linda to be angry with Niki

again and again.

That’s why she didn’t show mercy to Niki just now.

With her eyelashes trembling slightly, Natalie turned around and left quietly. She didn’t want to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Linda’s condition should just be stable. Now that Julian came back, he must be able to take good care of his

mother. She didn’t want to worry too much.

Natalie turned around and left decisively.

Sitting on the ground, Niki didn’t speak for a long time. Her heart beat fast, and she didn’t dare to look up at

the man in front of her.

There was only silence in the house, and a storm was about to come.

After struggling in her heart, Niki finally raised her head and looked into the dark eyes of Julian.

Julian looked at Niki coldly and asked, “do you have anything else to tell me?”

Niki straightened her stiff back, and her mind seemed to be numb. “Julian, I…”

It was the first time that she had seen such a cold Julian. She was so scared that she didn’t know what to

say or do.

No way! If she totally let Julian down this time, she would be over. She would not get anything from the Graham family… All of them would fall into the hands of Natalie! She wouldn’t allow it to happen!

Niki would never give up any chance. The position of Mrs. Graham must be hers! She couldn’t let that vicious

woman succeed!

Niki’s eyes suddenly became fierce, and her brain also woke up from a state of numbness.

She almost knelt on the floor. Her voice was mournful, and tears were all over her face. With a delicate and

touching expression, she said, “Julian, I really didn’t do it for money…”

She sobbed, and her voice was intermittent, making people feel sorry for her. “I just don’t want you to be taken advantage of by sister Natalie all the time.”

She cried bitterly and looked up at the man quietly.

She knew that Julian was very angry now. She wanted to have a try and see if he would feel sorry for her. She believed that after so many years together, the man’s heart could not be unshakable.

Chapter 28 N

ip is My Wife


Julian frowned, with obvious impatience on his face and looked more gloomy. This time, even his voice sounded a little disgusted.

“Natalie is my wife. As long as she still has this identity, she can use all kinds of resources of the Graham family. Isn’t she supposed to eat and wear whatever she wants in the Graham family? How can she take advantage of me?”

Niki’s tears hung on her face, and her heart tightened when she heard this. Julian, really… Wouldn’t he give

her any respect?

“I used to say in front of you that I hate women with bad character the most. What are you doing, Niki? Are you slapping me in the face?”

Julian’s eyes fell on the divorce agreernent. What he had just heard from Natalie was still lingering in his ears. He felt furious and scolded Niki.

“You forged another divorce agreement just for money? Niki, how do you become like this? I couldn’t believe it’

when Natalie said!”

“Niki, why did you do that? How can you do that?”

The more Julian said, the angrier he became. His face darkened. He even knocked over the glass that Gina had just served for him. The glass fell to the ground, making a crisp cracking sound, and fell straight into

Niki’s heart.

The sound of the broken glass was like her perfect image in Julian’s heart, all broken to the ground, in a


Niki was so nervous, and her face turned paler.

Her explanation didn’t work at all, but made the man angrier. Niki made up her mind, so she had to admit it.

Niki lowered her head and said, “Julian, it’s all my fault. I was wrong, I am really sorry…”

Niki thought for a while and sobbed, “I was afraid that you might be worried, so I didn’t tell you all the reasons why I went abroad that year. In fact… My family went bankrupt, so I had no choice but to go abroad…”

Julian still frowned.

“My mother and I have been abroad for three years. We didn’t have any money or house, and my mother gets

sick because of excessive anxiety. The money we live abroad is from my part-time job. With that little money,

we have to live, eat and treat my mother…”

Tears streamed down Niki’s cheeks as she spoke, as if she recalled the past she had suffered abroad.

“It cost a lot to treat my mother’s illness. I even wanted to split a penny into two, but the money is still not


When Julian heard the woman’s soft voice telling him the hard time, the cruelty in his eyes was somewhat dissipated, and he even felt a little bit of pity.

How… How could it be like this?

“My mother couldn’t make it through in the end…” Niki lowered her head and clenched the corner of her clothes, as if suppressing her pain.

Julian remained silent.

He listened to the woman’s tearful story. Perhaps because of the same experience, he also felt the pain of losing family, and in an instant he felt the same.

He recalled the day when his father and brother had a car accident, the moment he got the news, and the moment his father and brother were buried…

He was dressed in black, standing in front of the tomb of his father and brother. His eyes were full of gloom.

With an ugly smile at the corners of her mouth, Niki said, “Julian, why did I become like this? Why do I value money so much? I am just afraid of living such a poor life again…”

With a strong self-mockery on her face, Niki said, “yes, I’m just so stingy. To put it bluntly, just like what sister Natalie called me, I’m a gold digger…”

Julian’s heart ached and his eyes narrowed.

Niki slowly stood up and wiped the tears on her face. “Am I? Am I disgusting? I also feel sick of myself.”

“Sometimes when I was lying on the bed at night, I wondered why I chose to come back at that time… Why did I come back to you… Who would like such a stingy woman?”

Hearing what the woman said, Julian felt guilty.

What he said just now was undoubtedly adding salt to Niki’s wound.

Obviously, Niki saw the change in Julian’s expression, but she continued, “I know that I have let you down, Julian, and I have no reason to stay here anymore.”

“Julian, you don’t have me in the future. Take good care of yourself…”

Niki wiped her tears and reached out to take her bag with her trembling hand. The bag fell to the ground as if she didn’t hold it firmly. The things inside were sc att ered on the ground, and a old ring shaped talismans didn’t fit in with a group of modern stuff.

The amulet was in the shape of a flat circle with complex patterns engraved on it. It had a long history, so it could only be vaguely recognized the words on the top, but it was unable to be seen clearly, revealing a

valuable and mysterious aura.

Julian raised his eyes to look at the ring shaped amulet. His originally pitiful eyes suddenly contracted, with an indescribable complex emotion. The scene of his first encounter with Niki immediately appeared in his



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