After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 3

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Grandpa is sick 

Julian was driving in a fret when his phone rang.

He answered the phone impatiently.

“Mr. Graham, something happened to Lord Graham!” Lily said in a rush.

Julian braked hard, then he turned around and rushed to the villa.

Ten minutes later, in the villa.

Lord Graham had just been rescued by the family doctor. The anesthetic hadn’t evaporated yet and he was

still in a coma.

Natalie came to Lord Graham’s bed. Although she would divorced with Julian soon, she still came to see Lord Graham out of the etiquette that the Spears family had always taught her.

The Spears family where Natalie was from was a big family and paid great attention to etiquette. Although she hadn’t been back to the Spears family for several years, the etiquette in her mind couldn’t be erased.

Lord Graham’s face was pale with only a touch of red on his lips. He was lying weak in bed like a child, showing his poor health.

When Julian arrived at the villa, he rushed into his room and almost lost his manner.

Seeing that Natalie sat in front of Lord Graham’s bed, he calmed down.

It was good as long as Natalie was there. In the past, she could deal with everything well, so that when Julian saw her there, he habitually felt at ease.


Julian, who had calmed down, sneered at Natalie in his mind.

She behaved so free and easy just now, but now she was still in a hurry to take care of Grandpa. It seemed

that she still couldn’t let go of him.

She just pretended to be calm and easy-going in the face of divorce.

“Mr. Graham, it’s an inveterate disease. He needs to be taken good care of and have a good rest.” The doctor

said respectfully when he saw Julian coming.

With a cold face, Julian waved his hand to indicate the doctor to leave.

He stood behind and stared at his grandfather lying on the bed in silence. The expression on his face was

hard to tell his mood.

¡Grandpa needs someone to take care of him now.” Julian came to the side of Natalie and whispered by her


The implication was obvious.

Since Natalie was sitting here to take care of his grandfather, she could understand him.

Jullan was very close to Natalie and smelled the perfume on her. He didn’t smell it in the bedroom just now. It was a wooden fragrance mixed with the smell of withered flowers.

It was a really cold wooden fragrance.

She changed her perfume.

It was not the gentle and pure fragrance she used to smell. He had casually mentioned that he liked that perfume very much, then she had been spraying that fragrance all the time, which was Niki’s favorite perfume.

Julian felt that he couldn’t see through Natalie all of a sudden.

He wasn’t sure the thought that Natalie couldn’t let go of the Graham family.

“I will pick and choose the best nurse to take care of grandpa tomorrow.” Answered Natalie quietly, as if she’ didn’t understand what Julian meant.

“You can take care of Grandpa.” Julian cut to the chase since he didn’t want to keep Natalie guessing.

“We won’t divorce until grandpa gets better. You take care of him during this period of time.”

Julian’s voice was full of irrefutable determination.

He was sure that Natalie wouldn’t refuse.

It was to save her face. She wouldn’t go against his wishes.

“Why?” Natalie turned her head and looked into Julian’s eyes. Her cold tone sounded as if she was not a member of the Graham family, and there was no emotion in her eyes, but her eyes were dark and deep.

“Why should I take care of your grandfather? Why don’t you divorce first?” As if afraid that Julian didn’t hear it. Natalie repeated it again, word by word.

“You are going to divorce me, and I have to take care of your family?”

“Do you know what you are talking about, Natalie?” Anger appeared on Julian’s cold face.

This woman dared to disobey him!

This was the first time that Natalie had disobeyed him!

Julian had never been so angry before. She was the first person to make him so angry!

“Don’t challenge my bottom line.”

Julian pinched the chin of Natalie, forcing her to raise her head and stared at her with his long and narrow


Natalie felt Julian’s rage clearly.

But it had nothing to do with her whether he was angry or not.

She had decided to end all this the moment he proposed to divorce.

She did feel sorry for that person and wanted to make up for it.

But she had stayed in the Graham family for so long and had done what she should do. She didn’t owe the Graham family anything now!

Since his unrequited love had come back, why did she still bother him? This man always strived to get to a point when he would finally have enough.

She broke free from Julian’s grip, walked to the chair to pick up her bag, then she walked out of the room without saying a word.


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