After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 33

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chief expert of Glory Group

After a while, the assistant came in.

“Mr. Graham, I just got in touch with Glory Group. They said that their boss isn’t at home and they don’t know

where he is.”.

“Not at home?” Julian frowned.

“Are you sure they are telling the truth? Or do Philip find an excuse not to meet us?” Said Julian, looking up at

his assistant.

The assistant scratched his head and replied, “It’s true. They haven’t seen Philip for days. I also thought of this and asked several other companies. But they haven’t seen Philip either.”

Julian frowned deeper. He turned the silver cufflink shining with cold light in his sleeve and waved at his

assistant, “Go out please.”

In the morning, Natalie received a call from Ryan, saying that the lab had been completed. She couldn’t wait

to see it and drove to the lab.

Ryan had been waiting for her downstairs. Although he was her assistant, he hadn’t seen her for three years

and had been working on a project alone.

At that time, he had just graduated from a top university with a doctor’s degree. Against his parents’ wishes, he insisted on entering the pharmacy industry without taking over the family business.

He gave up everything his parents gave him and worked hard among a group of graduates with doctorate. Finally, he managed to enter the company that countless medicine students dreamed of.

Fortunately, on the first day he came to the company, Philip announced that he would choose an assistant among the new trainees. That assistant would work with the expert of Glory Group, who owned countless projects, resources, connections. More importantly, he would learn a lot from the expert.

He tried his best to stand out and got the position.

To his surprise, this expert was the chief expert of Glory Group!

He had thought that he was lucky enough to be the assistant of the chief expert. After working for a few years, he knew that she had another identity, a very famous but very low-key expert in the world. No one had

seen her before, but her various research was world-famous and let everyone know her existence.

He had admired her since he was a child.

He had never thought of connecting the two of them, but after knowing the truth, he thought it was reasonable. It turned out that the reason why Glory Group could always be the leader of the industry was


Ryan stood at the door expressionlessly. Although he had already been promoted and was no longer just an intern, he was still very nervous and was just pretending to be calm.

As soon as he saw the car of the far away, he hurried forward to open the door of the garage. The car slowly

drove in, and Ryan strode to keep up with it.

When the car stopped, Natalie got out of the car. Ryan looked up and found that Natalie was still as beautiful as three years ago, which was amazing.

But she gave him a different temperament which he couldn’t tell exactly.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw you.” Said Natalie with a smile.

Looking up. Ryan saw a faint smile on her face, like the spring breeze, with a gentle and touching feeling.

Maybe she didn’t change? Looking at the familiar smile on the her face, Ryan was a little stunned.

“Let’s go in. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the lab.” Seeing that Ryan was a little absent-minded,

Natalie waved at him.

She knew that there was respect in his heart for her and had been trying to make him less stressed. In fact,

she hoped that he would treat her as a friend.

“Well, let’s go inside.”

“Oh, by the way, help me find a set of lab clothes.” As she spoke, she put on a mask and walked in the

elevator to the lab.

“Okay, I’ve already prepared it.” Said Ryan, who followed closely behind her and carefully handed a set of lab


He was still very nervous.

Natalie took the clothes and said, “The medicinal materials I told you last time were put in my trunk. You

don’t have to look for them any more and can move them in by the way.”

Ryan nodded and turned around to fetch the medicinal materials.

After changing into the lab clothes, Natalie walked into the lab, which was very big, even a little luxurious. There were all kinds of pharmaceutical equipment in it, including the latest equipment she had seen on the


“Doctor, where can we save the medicinal materials?”

Natalie pointed to the place. After putting down the herbs, Ryan looked around and said, “Doctor, what do your think of this lab?”

Natalie carefully looked at all kinds of equipment and said, “It’s good. These equipment means that Philip has spent a lot of time and energy.”

Some equipment couldn’t be bought with money. For example, the smaller device in her hands were only available from the equipment company in New York.

Hearing her answer, Ryan nodded.

Seeing that Natalie was still observing the equipment, he said seemingly inadvertently, “Can I be your assistant and work with you in the future?”

Chapter 33 Chief expert of Glory Groun

Ryan said word by word with obvious nervousness.

Looking at Ryan, who was even a little stuttering when speaking, a smile appeared on her face, but she was afraid that if she laughed, Ryan would be more nervous. So she still maintained a gentle expression and said, “Of course. Otherwise, why did I ask you to bring me here today?”

Ryan blushed and scratched his head shyly. “Thank you.”

Walking out of the lab, Natalie waved at Ryan and said, “You can leave now. I have something to deal with and I’ll call you when I come to the lab.”

Ryan was happy and nodded hard, “Okay, please take care.”

In the future, he would be able to work with her and he couldn’t help but feel happy, even bouncing up.

Seeing Ryan leave, Natalie took out her phone and dialed the number of Julian.

She had been called to the Graham family by the police before, but she was so careless that she only took the divorce agreement prepared by Niki and forgot Julian’s.

She took it with her today, wanting to call Julian to take it or send it to him since she had nothing else to do.

The sooner they got divorced, the better. She didn’t want to delay it too long.

The phone rang.

Julian was reading documents at his desk. He had just called Dylan and asked him to find the number of Philip’s personal assistant’s.

Unlike him, Dylan was unruly and had a wide range of contacts as a lawyer. He could get all kinds of information in Los Angeles.

Julian took out his phone and saw Natalie’s name on the screen.

It seemed that Natalie couldn’t pretend anymore.

Did she call him and beg him not to divorce? Why didn’t she give up? The constant entanglement and pleading would only make him more disgusted with her..

Julian was already very upset because of the failure in the development of the medicine and the authorization expiration of the main medicine. Seeing the call, he was even more upset.

Julian hung up the phone decisively.

He didn’t want to listen to her pleading.


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