After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 34

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 34

Chapter 34 He didn’t know her?

Julian hung up the phone and didn’t answer her phone?

What did he mean? Natalie blinked her eyes, unable to figure it out.

Was it because Niki stopped him? Or he just didn’t want to answer her phone?

Looking at the page on which the phone was hung up, Natalie shook her head. Didn’t he want the divorce


He hung up the phone quickly, but she still wanted a divorce!

After complaining a few words, she put her phone back into the bag with a little anger and then drove the car

out of the garage.

It came to her that she seemed to have ignored Julian’s message before. No wonder he hung up on her.

After putting herself in his place, Natalie calmed down and was not as angry as before.

She’d better go there in person.

She had been to Graham Group many times before, but the assistant had been waiting for her at the door of the special passageway for the boss. She had never entered the company through the front door like an


She was not very clear about the phone number of the assistant, so she was sure that she couldn’t enter through the private passage as before.

Natalie opened the glass door and walked in.

The receptionist sat on the chair and didn’t look up at all, only seeing a figure. She asked casually, “Who are you looking for?”

“I want to see Julian.”

The receptionist raised her head and saw the woman in front of her clearly.

It was a beautiful woman with a delicate face. Working as a receptionist for a long time, she had seen all kinds of beautiful women, but she had never seen someone more beautiful than this woman.

But she was looking for Julian? The receptionist’s eyes became strange.

Humph, no matter how beautiful she was, she was just an over confident woman.

The receptionist suppressed the disdain and said expressionlessly, “You can’t see Mr. Graham as you want. Do you have an appointment?”

Hearing this, Natalie frowned. She really didn’t have an appointment.

She smiled, “Sorry, I don’t have an appointment for the time being. Is there any other way to see Mr. Graham?”

The receptionist sneered in her heart.

She had seen a lot of such kind of women. Every month, many good-looking women came to see Julian, thinking that they were the Cinderella in fairy tales and would be lucky to be loved by the prince at first sight.

Of course, there were women from rich families. They thought that they were superior to others because of their wealth. With good appearance, they believed that they would definitely make Mr. Graham fall in love.

But what was the truth?

Mr. Graham never looked at them, and they didn’t even have the chance to meet him.

Many women were infatuated with Mr. Graharn, but he was so indifferent that even if they were lucky to see him, they would only be dejected in his cold eyes.

Well, she had seen a lot of such women, and the woman in front of her was just one of them.

‘I’m sorry. You can’t see Mr. Graham without an appointment. Please come again another day.” The receptionist replied with disgust in her eyes. Although she was trying to hide it, it was still obvious.

Apparently, Natalie sensed the mockery in the receptionist’s words and expression. She understood that she was treated as the shameless woman who came to seduce Julian.

As a receptionist in such a big company for a long time, it was very likely that she would subconsciously feel that she was superior to others and look down on others. Natalie was very clear in her heart.

She didn’t want to quarrel with the receptionist. The receptionist had to change her mind, but someone would

teach her the lesson in the future at a high price.

She turned around, found out Julian’s number and dialed it again.

The receptionist raised her eyebrows, and the irony in her eyes was more obvious. She refused her, but this

woman still insisted on staying.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered. Natalie’s face darkened.

She continued to speak patiently, “Please help me inform Mr. Graham that Natalie is here to send him the divorce agreement.”

The receptionist raised her eyebrows and felt that this was the funniest joke she had ever heard in the world.

She rolled her eyes in her heart. This woman was not only over confident, but also paranoid?

The divorce agreement? Did she mean that she married Mr. Graham? Was she crazy?

The receptionist picked up the phone reluctantly and dialed the number of the boss’s office. Her tone instantly became very gentle. “Hello, this is the receptionist. I want to find the boss’s assistant.”

The assistant took the phone, and he heard a polite female voice on the phone. “A lady came downstairs this way, saying that her name is Natalie and wanted to see Mr. Graham. Please inform him.”

Natalie quietly listened to the receptionist reporting to the assistant.

When the assistant heard the name of the woman, his voice was a little loud. “Is that woman named Natalie?”

He just saw another woman standing next to Mr. Graham yesterday, and today his wife came to the company. Could it be her?

He couldn’t make up his mind and didn’t dare to make a rash decision.

The assistant cautiously came to the side of Julian with the phone in his hand. “Mr. Graham, there’s a phone call from the receptionist. It’s said that a woman named Natalie has arrived at the company. I think that’s your wife, but don’t know if you agree to let her go upstairs.”

When Julian heard the name of Natalie, disgust appeared in his eyes again, deeper than just now.

She should have known what he meant since the phone wasn’t answered. Why did she keep pestering him and even come to the company to make trouble?

If she kept pestering him like this, not only would he not be softhearted, but he would also hate her more. Why didn’t she understand it?

She spent all her time on how to persuade him to stay and doing these meaningless things! Was there only love in her mind?

Bearing the impatience in his eyes, Julian took the phone and said, “Don’t let her come up. I’m not free. Let

her go.

Hearing this, the receptionist understood that it was indeed the same ending as those women. She replied softly, “Okay, Mr. Graham.”

After hanging up the phone, she no longer hid her mockery, and even didn’t look at the man in front of her at all. “I’m sorry. Mr. Graham said he didn’t know you. Are you mistaken? Why don’t you go to other companies

and have a look?”

This woman looked gentle and well-dressed, but she turned out to be a material girl.

She hated this kind of woman who always wanted to marry a rich man by crooked ways and didn’t work hard. to earn money. It was really shameless.

Seeing the attitude of the receptionist was getting worse, Natalie took a deep breath and didn’t want to

explain to her anymore.

But why did Julian say that he didn’t know her?

Natalie sneered. It was so humiliating for her to send the divorce agreement by herself!

Natalie didn’t want to stay any longer, picked up her bag and walked away.

The receptionist looked coldly at the woman who turned around and was about to leave. The mockery on her face was obvious.

“Natalie? Why are you here?” A voice sounded when she took a step.

Hearing the voice, Natalie and the receptionist turned their heads at the same time.


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