After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 35

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 35

Chapter 35 A poor and powerless orphan

With a smile on her face, Niki came to send some desserts to Julian, but she didn’t expect to witness it. She was overjoyed to see the embarrassed expression of Natalie.

When the receptionist called the CEO’s office, her heart was hanging in the air, fearing that Julian still loved


To her surprise, Natalie was refused by Julian, making her very happy.

It seemed that Julian didn’t care about Natalie any more!

Hearing the words, Natalie turned her head and saw the girl with a bright smile on her face, a familiar face.

Why did she meet Niki again?

Natalie glanced at Niki up and down and saw that she was holding a very exquisite wooden food box, which was obviously used to contain desserts.

Did Niki come to bring some desserts to Julian?

She said so harshly that day, and the evidence had been presented, which she almost slapped on Julian’s face. Why did Niki appear in front of her with a smile in just a few days?

How could she be so shameless? Natalie even doubted if the woman who cried that day was Niki.

“Why are you here? And why don’t you come in?” Niki asked knowingly.

Natalie raised his eyebrows and said, “I’m here to deliver something.”

Niki nodded and smiled more brightly, “Wow, but why don’t you send it in?”

Frowning, Natalie didn’t respond to Niki’s words. She looked at Niki and asked, “Wasn’t I ruthless enough that day? Why are you still here? Aren’t you afraid that Julian will drive you out?”

Hearing this, Niki smiled more happily and even a little complacent. “Oh? Do you think that Julian will drive

me out?”

After saying that, her eyes turned from mockery to a little pity. “But I heard that Julian just said on the phone.

that he wanted you to go out, right?”

Natalie tried her best to destroy her perfect image in front of Julian, but the degree to which Julian loved and cared for her was far beyond Natalie’s imagination!

How could her deep relationship with Julian collapse so easily? How could Natalie’s short three years of companionship be comparable?

Moreover, Natalie was just a substitute after she went abroad. A substitute who wanted to compete for love must overestimate herself.

A substitute should behave herself, not just blindly longing for the love. It was simply wishful for a substitute to separate the love and even turn her down.

Looking at the triumphant expression on Niki’s face, Natalie was confused.

Obviously, Niki didn’t seem to be afraid of being driven out by Julian. She even mocked her more confidently

than before.

There was only one reason that Julian had forgiven her. Did he love Niki so much?

Natalie sneered. He was so crazy that he couldn’t even think clearly.

The receptionist stood aside and looked at the two women coldly.

Seeing that Niki still wanted to speak, the receptionist said with disdain, “Ladies, if you want to quarrel, please go outside, or I’ll call the security.”

They just wanted to win Julian’s favor.

The woman with the food box in her hand was also good-looking. Although she was not as beautiful as the material girl just now, she was one of the best.

There were also women who quarreled in the hall like today in order to compete for Julian. But they were all thrown out by the security guards.

Hearing such arrogant words, Niki turned to the receptionist, “Are you the receptionist of Graham Group?”

“Why are you so arrogant at work? You can leave now. Graham Group doesn’t need an employee like you.”

Hearing Niki’s words, Natalie raised her eyebrows. How could she strut around before she married Julian?

The receptionist was amused by Niki’s words, “Who are you? How can you fire me?”

Niki didn’t want to talk to her anymore. She took out her phone from her bag and dialed the number of Julian. Then she waved the phone to the receptionist and said, “See? This is your boss’s phone number.”

The receptionist didn’t think so and sneered.

Why was there another woman with a morbid imagination? Was she crazy?

Niki put the phone on speaker.

She wanted to make the receptionist, the bodyguards at the door, and more importantly, Niki, understand her

position in Julian’s heart.

“Niki?” The man asked in a low voice.

“Julian, I’m downstairs and I’ve just learned to make some simple desserts, so I specially made some for

you,” Niki said in a sweet voice.

“You are downstairs now? Just ask Gina to do this and you don’t need to take so much effort.” The receptionist could clearly hear that there was a trace of tiredness in Julian’s gentle voice, but he still said patiently.

Niki looked at the receptionist with complacency in her eyes and said again, “I can’t help you with your work, but can only make some desserts to make you happy. It’s really my good intention.”

Hearing the man’s voice from the phone, the receptionist widened her eyes. Did the woman really know Mr. Graham? Since the man’s words were so gentle, was she really Mr. Graham’s girlfriend?

Julian smiled, “Then bring it up. Do you need me to send an assistant to pick you up?”

“I think… Julian, you’d better ask your assistant to pick me up. The receptionist is so fierce that she even

satirized me.”

The receptionist’s face turned pale.

“Julian, are all the employees in the company treating the guests like this? I know that I shouldn’t interfere, but I feel that such attitude will damage the image of our company.”

*Really?” Said Julian, frowning.

“I don’t think such a person should stay in Graham Group…” Niki gave a hint.

“I see. I will find someone to thoroughly investigate this receptionist. If that’s the case, I will never tolerate it.”

The receptionist was a little relieved when she heard that Mr. Graham didn’t ask her to resign immediately, but she didn’t dare to show it too obviously, for fear of irritating Mr. Graham’s girlfriend again.

Niki wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, not satisfied with the answer.

Noticing that Niki’s eyes flashed when she heard this answer, Natalie raised her eyebrows and felt it a little


Niki thought that as long as she mentioned it, Julian would immediately fire the receptionist.

It seemed that she didn’t know what kind of person Julian was when it came to work.

Perhaps Niki knew well about Julian’s living habits, but in terms of work, she obviously didn’t know his working principles. It had to be said that he had a clear distinction between life and work. If she made trouble out of nothing and didn’t even pay attention, she might irritate him in an instant.

“I’ll ask my assistant to pick you up now.” Since Julian hung up the phone after he finished his words, Niki

had to hold back the words she was about to say.

With an unnatural look, Niki put down her cell phone. She was not as complacent as before, but she still

cleared her throat and said in an inexplicable arrogant voice, “Did you hear that? When Julian knows your

usual work performance, you will be fired.”

She turned to look at Natalie and said, “I’m sorry, Natalie. Julian made it clear on the phone that he didn’t want you to go to his office. I really want to take you upstairs, but I don’t dare to disobey him.”

“But I really admire your perseverance. You are abandoned by Julian, but you are still willing to give up your dignity to come here. You must love him very much, right?”

Hearing her strange words, Natalie felt sick.

Niki continued, “Oh, an orphan like you, who is neither rich nor powerful, must have to hold on the only excellent and rich man in you life.”

Chapter 35 A poor and powerless orphan

The assistant came downstairs in a hurry and heard the words clearly.


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