After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 36

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Fabricated authorization

Was she an orphan? The assistant was surprised.

“Don’t you feel ashamed by saying that? Don’t you feel guilty?” Said Natalie, feeling that she had never knew Nikl and had never seen such a shameless person.

How could she say these words without changing her face? And she was so confident.

Noticing the assistant’s figure, Niki smiled and said, “Why do I feel guilty? It seems that you are more guilty than me. Since you can do these things, don’t be afraid of others.”

The assistant slightly bent over and walked up to her. “Miss Linch, Mr. Graham asked me to pick you up.”

After saying that, he stood there without looking sideways, as if he really didn’t know Natalie.

Glancing at the assistant, Natalie sneered in her heart.

They were all snobbish people.

“Thank you so much.” Niki said, nodding slightly. Then she took a look at Natalie with an inexplicable look in

her eyes.

“It’s not troublesome. It’s my great honor to pick you up.”

He had roughly understood what Julian was thinking and had silently chosen to stand on the side of Niki. He felt that it was much better than choosing the one who was powerless and was about to be abandoned.

Hearing the assistant’s words, Niki put on a reserved smile and said, “Let’s go upstairs. Don’t make Julian

wait too long.”

She walked into the special elevator for Mr. Graham, and the assistant trotted to keep up with her.

Seeing that, Natalie shook her head and sighed in her heart.

She had sent the divorce agreement to the company, which was pushed out by Niki herself. Niki wanted her

to divorce with Julian so much, but it turned out that she messed it up.

She couldn’t blame anyone for not seizing the good opportunity.

But what Natalie said that day was so clear, and the evidence was also very clear. How could Julian not care and accept Niki without any hesitation?

Was Niki somebody? Or did Julian lose his mind because of love? Or was Niki really so hard for him to give up? A smile appeared on the corner of Natalie’s mouth. Well, she could only respect and bless him.

She only hoped that Julian could take good care of his family’s property and not be taken by Niki.

After all, it was her painstaking efforts for three years, and also the painstaking efforts of Henry.

She also hoped that Julian could take good care of the elders and fulfill his duty. As for other things, she didn’t care at all.

Chapter 36 Fabricated authorization

In this way, she could also do some filial piety for Henry.

Thinking of Henry, Natalie couldn’t keep calm any more, and her heart seemed to be firmly gripped by sadness. Compared to what Henry had done for Graham Group, what she had done with guilt was nothing.

Natalie tried to calm down. She took a deep breath, put on her sunglasses and was about to leave, but she bumped into two older people, a man and a woman.

The man was tall, medium height, well-dressed, with a pair of slender eyes and a red face, looking very rich.

The woman looked much younger and must pay much attention to maintenance. The bag in her hand was very expensive. But her eyes reflected an inexplicable sense of cunning.

Natalie stopped and recognized the two people at a glance, Rudy and Yvonne?

Her eyes widened. Why did they come to the company?!

But the surprise only lasted for a moment. She quickly calmed down and brushed past the two people, pretending to be expressionless.

They were obviously discussing something, and didn’t notice who was passing by. Within several steps, they stopped and sat aside.

Natalie walked over quietly and sat down behind them.

As the shareholders of Graham Group, Rudy and Yvonne were also the uncle and aunt of Julian.

Since the accident of William, they had been coveting the position of the leader of Graham Group. So they had been busy in the Graham family, and had also shown a lot of courtesy to Grandpa Graham.

But they didn’t expect that Grandpa Graham would give the position to Julian. As a result, they were so angry

from embarrassment that they even provoked Julian in the company for many times. It was the worst time

when Natalie just married into the Graham family.

At that time, in order to make Julian the boss, Natalie gave them a large amount of money, which was

enough for them to live a comfortable life in the next few decades.

They had promised her that they would never appear in Graham Group again. How could they go back? What were they going to do?

“Is your information accurate this time?” Sitting next to Rudy, Yvonne asked indifferently.

“Of course. Yesterday, Julian held a meeting in the company and All the employees knew about it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any of them.” Rudy said with certainty.

“That’s good. I have told you that Grandpa Graham shouldn’t have given such an important position to Julian. What does such a young man know? How can he be relieved to give such a big company to him?” Yvonne was excited.

Rudy sighed, “Grandpa Graham is so stupid. How could such a situation happen today if I were the boss? Shouldn’t he prepare in advance for such an important thing as expired authorization? There is no corresponding plan at all.”

Natalie raised her eyes and looked at the two people in front of her.

Expired authorization? That must be the main drug of Graham Group, New Bleomycin Drug, which was indeed authorized by Glory Group.

But she remembered that it would be expired next year and how could they be in such a hurry? Couldn’t Graham Group develop new drugs before this? At the last exchange meeting, she heard that they was developing new drugs.

Rudy said these words in an excited tone. As if he felt that his voice was a little loud, he lowered his voice, “As long as we negotiate with him this time, he must agree to everything we ask!”

“This position must be mine.”

Natalie lowered her eyes and looked a little angry.

How could they be authorized by Glory Group! This medicine was developed by her. If they wanted to get the authorization, she had to sign it. Since she had never signed it, it was obviously fabricated!

They even planned to negotiate with Julian with a fake authorization certificate. How could they come up with such a shameful method? It was really a shame to the Graham family.

Back then, she had given them so much money and they promised that they would never disturb Julian and the development of the Graham Group again. It had only been a short time before they broken the agreement. How shameless they were!

Yvonne nodded but was still worried. “What if the fabricated authorization is recognized? Are you sure it’s


Rudy’s eyes were firm. “Who can find out that? The boss of Glory Group isn’t in Los Angeles. Where can he tell whether it’s true or not? Besides, we can only give him a look.”

“Julian signed his name on the document that he gave up the position first, and then we gave him the certificate How could I be so stupid to give it to him first?”

Rudy said with a smile, as if the position was right his.

Natalie sneered. It was really a great plan.


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