After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 37

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Interfering in Graham Group

Natalie stood up.

She was very shameless about the behavior and thoughts of the two people.

But when she stood up, she hesitated. It was obviously not a wise choice to rashly appear in front of them.

She didn’t show up before, but found someone else to give the money. If she showed up now, her identity would be exposed.

But even if she asked others to do this, they might blackmail her again. Although she didn’t lack the money, she didn’t want to give it to such a greedy person for no reason.

Was there any way to stop them?

With her eyelashes drooping, Natalie sat down again. Perhaps she could check if they had any other companies under their names?

She didn’t mind starting with their company. According to their personalities, they must have done something illegal, and it was inevitable that there was evidence.

With an obvious smile on his face, Rudy said, “Even if we failed, I still have other ways to achieve the


Raising her eyebrows, Yvonne put down the bag on her arm. Obviously, her curiosity was aroused. “Really?

Tell me.”

Rudy smiled and said mysteriously, “I’ll tell you in detail when this method doesn’t work. You just need to

know that we have many ways to make Julian let go of his position. Later, we can boldly negotiate with him.

Don’t be frightened by him with a few words.”

Hearing this, the eyes of Natalie deepened. It seemed that Rudy was well prepared, and he was determined to get the position.

Hearing this, Yvonne nodded and looked at him with satisfaction. “Then I’m relieved. Wish us a pleasant cooperation.”

Rudy grinned happily and made a gesture of welcome to her.

Frowning, Natálie had a complicated feeling.

Since she had decided to divorce and break up with the Graham family, she should not interfere in this matter.

But when she heard that the Graham family was in such a difficult situation, she could not be calm at all.

Natalie was very clear about what would happen to Graham Group after Rudy took over the power. Rudy had done countless ridiculous things in the past. Not to mention whether he had the ability to manage such a big company, his greed and hypocrisy could tell that Graham Group would not survive in his hands.

It made sense that grandpa didn’t want to hand over the company to Rudy, who was obviously older, but to Chapter 37 haterfering in Graham Group

the young Julian.

Natalie was also very clear how much Henry loved his family. As long as she thought that everything that he cared about would be destroyed, and even his family would be turned upside down, she would feel extremely


Yvonne stood up and walked towards the elevator, followed by Rudy with a confident smile.

At the same time, Niki followed the assistant to the floor where the CEO’s office of Graham Group was


When Niki pushed the door open, she saw that Julian was reading documents tiredly in front of his desk. She put the desserts on the table, and then walked quietly towards him.

After she approached Julian, she slowly touched his eyes with her fair hands and said in a sweet voice,

“Guess who’s here.”

Julian removed the woman’s hand expressionlessly, and was not in the mood to interact with Niki apparently.

Feeling that Julian was in a bad mood, Niki put down her arm awkwardly and said, “I’m here to bring some

desserts to you.”

As she spoke, she quickly walked to the table, picked up the food box with desserts and put it on the desk of


Niki opened the box carefully, the fragrance lingering in the office. The inner part of the box was divided into -eight cells, and each cell was filled with different cakes with incomparably exquisite style. Obviously, she was

very attentive.

She took out a piece of sugar fried cake and said, “Julian, I made it for you. I remember you used to like it


Julian looked up at the sweet cake and frowned subconsciously.

He hadn’t had any sweet food since Niki went abroad quietly.

In the past, Niki liked desserts very much and took him to eat all kinds of desserts every day, which made

him, who didn’t like desserts, gradually accept all kinds of cakes and candy. But since Niki disappeared, he

couldn’t see sweet and greasy cakes any more, which would make him feel sick subconsciously.

The feeling of nausea came to him again..

Looking at the cake and Niki’s smiling face in front of him, his eyes flickered. After hesitating for a long time, he finally nodded gently. “Thank you.”

Julian took the piece of cake, but before putting it into his mouth, he smelt the sweet and greasy smell and subconsciously took it away.

Niki sensed that something was wrong. She asked in a hurry, “Julian, are you okay?”

Julian waved his hand and said, “I’m okay. I’m just not hungry. Put it here first and I’ll eat it when I’m free.” He put the cake back and continued to review the documents with a poker face.

Looking at the untouched delicate cakes, Niki was surprised. In the past three years, Julian had changed a lot.

On the surface, Julian didn’t change at all, but when she got along with him carefully, she could feel that he had changed a lot. But fortunately, he still loved her.

Just the fact that he still loved her deeply made Niki more confident. Nobody could remain the same.

Now that she had come back, she had the confidence and qualification to make Julian what he used to be.

She must hold Julian’s heart and body tightly!

Niki didn’t change her expression. She blinked her eyes and slowly walked to the back of the office chair. She gently touched the man’s shoulder and said, “Julian, you are always reading documents so tiredly, making me


Julian was still expressionless when he heard the woman’s sweet words, so no one could tell what he was


Niki didn’t care whether Julian responded or not. She continued, “Darling, guess who I just met downstairs?”

“I met Natalie!” Seeing that the man still didn’t respond, she continued to say.

“Although Natalie said she wanted a divorce, she still couldn’t let go of you. Otherwise, why did she come. here?”

Julian said indifferently, “I’ve clearly refused her, and I’ve also made it clear that there’s no possibility between her and me. It’s just that she doesn’t listen to my advice.”

Niki sighed, “She loves you so much. I just saw her standing there alone downstairs with obvious disappointment, which I couldn’t bear and felt sorry for.”

“But I love you very much and can’t give you to her. I even don’t want to see you stay with her. Am I too selfish?”


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