After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 39

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Expose her identity?

Yvonne Graham sneered, “I just heard about it. Is there anything wrong with the pharmacy of our company?”

Julian Graham glanced at her, pursed his lips and said nothing.

Seeing this, Rudy Graham couldn’t hold back his words at all and spoke out his thoughts, “It’s useless for you to hide it. Anyway, I know it. How are you going to explain it to your grandfather?”

Yvonne Graham could not stop Rudy Graham. She sighed and stood aside.

He had guessed that the two of them came here with ulterior motives, but he didn’t expect that they couldn’t pretend anymore?

Julian Graham sneered, “Now that you’ve asked, I have nothing to say.”

It was indeed his fault that the medicine research failed, but he was fully capable to solve it. He planned to hire Sam Black at a high price. As long as he agreed to be the director of the the Graham Group’s medicine, the failed medicine would be solved and the Graham Group would also be able to launch the main medicine.

It was just a matter of time.

He didn’t know why they wanted to inquire about it. If they wanted to use it to make things difficult for him, it was definitely impossible for them to succeed.

Rudy Graham nodded with a smile, “You admitted this thing.”

Standing behind the pillar, Natalie Spears listened to their conversation with a complicated expression on her


Julian Graham ignored Rudy Graham. He frowned and looked around again. Obviously, he didn’t believe that Natalie Spears left without seeing him.

Julian Graham glanced around the hall and didn’t see the figure of Natalie Spears at all. ‘Did she really leave

like this?”

Rudy Graham said again, “Since you admit it, how are you going to explain it to your grandfather?”

A trace of impatience appeared in Julian Graham’s eyes. “What should I tell my grandfather? Who can

guarantee that the medicine will be developed smoothly?”

Obviously, Rudy Graham was irritated by Julian Graham’s attitude. He snapped, “You have taken over the the Graham Group for so many years, but you can’t even develop a decent new drug. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Startled by the man’s sudden raised voice, Yvonne Graham grabbed the man’s sleeve and pulled him behind her. “Julian, your uncle just wants the Graham Group to run better. He was over the line. Don’t mind.”

With impatience all over his face, Julian Graham said, “Just tell me what you want.”

From what Rudy Graham said just now, he had already guessed what they wanted. The blame in his words was so obvious that he just wanted to replace him. He wanted to be the CEO.

After a pause, he continued, “If you want to threaten me with the fact that the drug development failed, you

can leave now.”

With an awkward smile, she said, “Now that you’ve already guessed it, let’s not beat about the bush. Although the performance of the Graham Group was better in the past few years since you took over it, the company still doesn’t have its own scientific research talents. It won’t be far from being able to develop new drugs in

the future!”

“We are also considering the Graham Group. At least I think your uncle is more suitable for this position than


The reason why she didn’t mention authorization till now was that she wanted to probe into Julian’s attitude


Julian sneered, “It’s obvious to all that the the Graham Group has made progress in the past three years.”

“I don’t have the ability? Hand over the company to you?”

His face was full of sneer. Since Natalie Spears had left, there was no need for him to stay any longer. “If you think Grandpa will be angry because of this, you can go home and tell him.”

After saying that, Julian turned around and was about to leave.

Obviously, Rudy Graham was irritated. His oily face turned livid with anger. “You don’t want to give up the


“Can you solve the problem that the authorization has expired? Can you develop a qualified new drug in such

a short time?”

Hearing this, Julian Graham suddenly stopped.

It seemed that the two of them knew what had happened in the company recently. It was time to find out the

black sheep of the company.

“If we can’t take out new drugs before the authorization expires, it means that most of the company’s

production departments have to stop their business. Can you bear the loss?”

An unreadable expression appeared on Julian’s cold face.

Natalie Spears pursed her lips and listened to the conversation of the three people.

She tended to maintain the Graham family’s painstaking efforts. If Julian Graham really decided to sign it now, she would probably choose to stop it. She would never let the Graham Group be ran by these two people.

“I’ve already started to deal with it. You two don’t have to worry about it.”

Rudy Graham grinned, with a strong sense of irony on his face, “How can you solve it? Can you get the authorization? You can do nothing without it. Can you find a genius in scientific research and develop the medicine in a short time?”

Yvonne Graham came to Julian Graham and watched him, “Your uncle is right. You can’t solve this problem at all. It’s useless to pretend that you can solve it. Why don’t you let your uncle solve it? It’s good for the

development of the Graham Group.”

Hearing this, Julian Graham smiled, “Can you solve this matter?”

Dylan Seth hadn’t called him back yet. It was true that he couldn’t solve the problem in a short time, but it was obviously impossible to hand it over to Rudy Graham.

Rudy Graham snorted and took out the authorization of medicines from his bag.

He showed the file with the special seal of the Glory Group on purpose and waved it at Julian.

Julian Graham narrowed his eyes and looked at the paper file in Rudy Graham’s hand. It was the seal of the Glory Group. He frowned.

“Is this an authorization?”

Rudy Graham nodded, “Of course. Now tell me whether I have the ability to help the Graham Group get through this difficulty.”

Julian Graham frowned. If Rudy Graham really got the authorization, he would be able to save the situation and quickly solve the crisis of the Graham Group……

But what if it was not a real certificate? If this authorization was just a token made up by Rudy Graham to threaten him? As far as Rudy Graham’s personality was concerned, it was highly possible.

After observing Julian Graham’s expression, Yvonne Graham noticed the distrust on his face. “Julian, don’t you believe that your uncle got the authorization?”

Before Julian Graham opened his mouth, Rudy Graham snorted, “You don’t believe me? I don’t mind if you find

someone to check whether this authorization of medicines is true or not in front of me.”

He hadn’t told her all the information about this file. The stamp of the Glory Group and even the content and

form of the file were all made up according to the previous one by the spies he had arranged in the company.

Hearing this, Natalie Spears frowned.

‘If there was no flaw in Rudy Graham’s authorization, it could only be proved that it was fake from the signature of the authorized person. At the same time, it also meant that she had to reveal her identity…”


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