After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 40

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 40

Chapter 40 It’s none of her business

Natalie Spears frowned. ‘Did Rudy Graham really get the seal and the anti-theft mark of the Glory Group?”

Hearing Rudy Graham’s determined words, Julian Graham raised his eyebrows and said, “Then give me the authorization. I’ll ask someone to check it.”

Rudy Graham smiled and said, “I’m not stupid enough to give you the authorization. I have to make sure that ! have it all the time.”

Julian Graham nodded, “No problem. Take the authorization and I’ll ask someone to read it on the spot.”

Rudy Graham looked satisfied. He turned around and saw the hesitant look on Yvonne Graham’s face. He winked at her to reassure her.

After thinking for a while, Julian Graham said, “Come to my office with me.” Then he walked to the elevator and pressed the button. The three entered into the elevator.

Natalie Spears walked out. She couldn’t follow him, so she could only watch the elevator door close.

She stood still and calmed down.

There was no need for her to prove the truth by showing her identity. Since she wanted to keep the Graham Group, even if Julian Graham signed and gave the position of CEO to Rudy Graham, she had other ways to prevent the Graham Group from being destroyed by Rudy Graham.

After Rudy Graham became the CEO, she only needed to acquire the Graham Group in the name of Philip Johnson when the Graham Group was getting weaker and weaker. Then the current problem could be easily


As for Julian Graham? If he really chose to sign it, then it was none of his business as she acquired the

Graham Group.

After thinking for a while, Natalie Spears became clearer. She turned around and left the company.

The fight between Rudy Graham, Yvonne Graham and Julian Graham should be solved by themselves. It

seemed that the one who won and the one who lost had no effect on her at all.

The two followed Julian Graham to the floor where the CEO’s office was.

The assistant sat at the desk and heard the footsteps. He looked up and saw the two people following the


‘Were they the shareholders who had competed with the CEO for the position? At that time, it was widely spread in the company, so that the whole company was in a mess.’

‘Why did they come to the CEO’s office now? Is the company going to change CEO because of this?’

was still in the office.

He didn’t answer Niki Linch’s series of questions. “Let’s talk about it later. You could sit here.”

Then he opened the door and went out, leaving Niki Linch standing there.

Looking at the back of Julian Graham, Niki Linch thought, ‘Is he so busy with his work? Is work so important? He didn’t even have time to talk to her?”

She sat back with anger.

‘Wait? Julian Graham went downstairs to look for Natalie Spears. Something must have happened between the two! Otherwise, why didn’t Julian’ Graham say a word to her?’

What a witch she was! He had warned her so many times before, but she just couldn’t remember? What did she do to make him like this?

Did she slander her in front of Julian Graham again?

Julian Graham went out and said, “I’ve called someone to come here. Come to my office downstairs with me.” Rudy Graham snorted in his heart and thought, ‘Why doesn’t Julian Graham allow me to enter his office?’

‘When Julian Graham signed his name, this office would be his.’

He was squinting at the title “President” on the door, intoxicating.

The door of the office was opened from inside, and a woman appeared.

Rudy Graham took a closer look at her and thought to himself, ‘Is she Natalie Spears?’

Niki Linch noticed Rudy Graham’s gaze. She was startled and closed the door in a hurry.

She was so angry just now that she wanted to see if Julian Graham was busy with his work or if Natalie Spears said something in front of him to make him unwilling to stay with her. She didn’t expect to see Rudy Graham as soon as she opened the door.

Rudy Graham squinted.

‘No! Not Natalie Spears! She is Niki Linch!’

‘But why did she

come back? She was with Julian Graham? My father must not know about it, right?”

Julian Graham didn’t notice what had happened just now. He went downstairs.

The three of them came to the office downstairs. The assistant offered coffee one by one. After a while,

Lynden Waley opened the door and came in.

Julian Graham glanced at Rudy Graham and said, “Take it out.”

After reading it, he said, “This seal is indeed from the Glory Group.”

Rudy Graham nodded, “Is there anything else to say?”

“But I didn’t see the counterfeit identification on this certificate.”

Hearing this, Rudy Graham’s eyes darkened. “A counterfeit?”

“What counterfeit!’ No one had told him that there would be a counterfeit on the authorization.

Julian Graham took the authorization and threw it on the table. “Uncle, do you want to explain?”

“The person you hired are talking nonsense. He said that the authorization had a counterfeit, so is there must be a counterfeit? Is he professional or not?” Yvonne Graham asked in disbelief.

“You two can rest assured. I’m the person in charge of the authorization of the Graham Group. I’ve been negotiating with the Glory Group before. If you don’t trust me, you can go to the company and check it. There

are records.”

Yvonne Graham opened her mouth but didn’t say a word.

Yvonne Graham watched Rudy Graham.

‘How could he be so unreliable? Why didn’t he tell her such important information? He made her happy for


But there was only a moment of panic in Rudy Graham’s eyes. He cleared his throat and said, “That’s because the person who made the authorization was so careless that he didn’t even put the anti-dumping mark on it.”

“Then forget it. Let it be.” He reached out for the authorization.

With a cold snort, Julian Graham glanced at Rudy Graham, who took the authorization back to his hand.

Rudy Graham put the authorization back, without any uneasiness on his face.

It didn’t matter. Since it was impossible to make up the authorization, he had other ways. He was going to be

the CEO anyway.

As long as he exposed the crisis that the Graham Group was facing to his father, Julian Graham would definitely be blamed.

What’s more, he saw Niki Linch in his office just now!

It seemed that Julian Graham didn’t know that the main reason why his father gave him the position of CEO

was because of Natalie Spears.

He heard it by accident…

position of CEO.


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