After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 42

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Destroy the Graham Group

Standing aside, Dylan Seth barely heard what Julian Graham said. He looked up and saw that his face was obviously not good. “Philip Johnson does not agree?”

Julian Graham’s dark eyes were like a deep pool with an unreadable expression.

Watching the silent Julian Graham, Dylan Seth had a general idea. He opened his mouth, but held back the words. After a while, he cursed, “How could Philip Johnson do this?”

“He think he can do that just because he has the authorization? It’s so impolite to do that to others with the authorization, isn’t it?”

“We have all swallow our pride…” Dylan Seth watched the increasingly gloomy face of Julian Graham and stopped saying.

After hesitating for a while, he said, “We don’t have to get the authorization. We can also find scientific research talents. Although it’s not as easy as the Glory Group to make medicines, we can still successfully develop the new drugs before the authorization expires.”

“Where are you going to find scientific research talents?”

After hearing what Julian Graham said, Dylan Seth paused and frowned. Then he turned around and sat on

the sofa in the office.

Julian Graham glanced at Dylan Seth, “Get out.”

Dylan curled his lips and thought, ‘What a cruel man Julian Graham is! He is as indifferent as ever. He will

throw me away if I am useless.’

But he didn’t say anything more. He knew what kind of person Julian Graham was after all these years. “Don’t

exhaust yourself. Take care of yourself.”

Dylan Seth closed the door, and the depression on Julian Graham completely emerged.

Julian Graham picked up the cigarette on the table and lit it with a lighter. The sparkles of fire appeared on

his fingertips.

Watching the flickering cigarette in his hand, Julian Graham put it into his mouth, but he didn’t smoke at all. He placed it on the edge of the ashtray. He watched the cigarette burning into ashes and broken into pieces. He suddenly broke the cigarette.

Was the Graham Group going to be destroyed by him?

In the spacious and luxurious office, foggy lights and hazy smoke of cigarette filled the room.

The next morning, the sun shone in from the window. Lying on the bed, Natalie Spears suddenly woke up When she heard the ringing of her phone.

“Me…” the man’s low voice came through. Although it was only one word, she immediately knew who it was.

“Disturb my dreams in the early morning? Are you okay? Let’s talk about the things later.” After saying that, Natalle Spears put her finger on the hanging button.

“No, no, no. I have something to talk to you.” The man’s voice was obviously much lower.

“I called you that day, but you turned off your phone. Do you know how important it was? How embarrassed I was when the phone was not connected?”

Philip Johnson chuckled, “You still have an awkward time? It’s really hard to see. Let me guess, are you in front of Julian Graham at that time?”

When Natalie Spears heard the name of Julian Graham, she immediately thought of the scene that she was stopped downstairs that day. She was completely awake. “Don’t mention him to me. We are going to divorce. I have signed the divorce agreement, waiting him to sign it.”

Speaking of this, she remembered that her divorce agreement hadn’t been sent out yet…

‘What’s wrong with Julian Graham? Why didn’t he accept the divorce agreement? Did he think that she came to find him because she did not want to divorce?

Natalie Spears thought it over and found that this reason made sense.

Philip Johnson nodded, “That’s good. Welcome back to your single life as soon as possible. When I come back, I’ll hold a celebration for you.”

“Wait for you come back? When can you come back? It’s all just pie in the sky.” Natalie Spears said, “By the way, where are you? Why can’t you get through to me?”

Philip Johnson laughed, “When did I give you the pie in the sky? You didn’t let me contact you for three years because of the Graham family. I just went out for a short time, but you complained about me.”

Natalie Spears curled her lip, “Cut the crap. What are you calling for?”

Philip Johnson cleared his throat and said, “I think Ryan has told you about the new drug development in our


Natalie Spears raised her eyebrows and said, “I’m going to have a look, but is it so urgent? Why do you call

me in person?”

“Don’t be so sarcastic. As long as you are willing to go, please go as soon as possible. If there is nothing else,

I will hang up.”

Philip Johnson hung up the phone.

She sighed and got up from the bed.

She took out her cell phone and dialed Ryan Swan’s number, “Ryan, are you in the company today? I’m going

to the company’s lab to see the development of new drugs this morning.”

“I’m in the company now. Shall I pick you up or wait for you downstairs?”

Chanter 47 Testroy the Graham Crave.


“Wait for me downstairs. Oh, by the way, I’ll go through the back door. Try to wait for me at the back door.”

After packing up, Natalie Spears drove to the door of the Glory Group, where Ryan Swan had been waiting for her for a long time.

“Good morning. Have you had breakfast?” said Natalie Spears.

“Yes, I have,” said Ryan Swan in a nervous tone, touching his head.

Natalie Spears nodded. She could tell that he was nervous.

The reason why she came here was that she wanted to get closer to him. After all, they had to work in the same lab in the future. The tension between them was not good for their health or doing scientific research.

She sighed. She had to take it slow…

“Let’s go,” said Natalie Spears with a smile.

Hearing this, Ryan Swan nodded and walked ahead.

When Natalie Spears was walking, her phone vibrated. She took it out and saw a message from Linda Mills.

“Nana, have you had dinner? Come to our house when you are free.”

A warm smile was added at the end of the message.

She frowned. Since Niki Linch stirred up trouble in the Graham’s house, Linda Mills had been sending her

messages these days. At the beginning, she still had a reply, but later she didn’t reply anymore.

After reading the message, Natalie Spears put her phone back to her pocket. She had made it clear that she

would divorce with Julian Graham, but seeing what Linda Mills had done these days, it was obvious that she

didn’t accept it

“Doctor, what’s wrong?” asked Ryan Swan cautiously as he turned around and saw her frown.

Hearing this, Natalie Spears looked up and shook her head, “Nothing.”

The two of them came to the door of the lab.

Ryan Swan followed her in subconsciously, but this time he was stopped by Natalie Spears. She waved at him and said, “Don’t follow me. I can’t show my identity. Once you enter, my identity may be exposed.”

In the Glory Group, no one had seen the chief expert except him and Mr. Johnson.

Hearing this, Ryan Swan stopped and nodded. He almost forgot it. In the past, many scientific research talents in New York had been involved in a commercial war, and they had been maliciously attacked and even lost their lives. Although it did not happen in Los Angeles, once the identity of Natalie Spears was revealed, it would inevitably be envied by their peers.

Natalie Spears pulled the mask to cover her nose and wear the experimental cap. After making sure that no one could see her appearance, she walked into the lab.


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