After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 44

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Natalie was photographed

“Let me have a try.” said Natalie in a firm tone.

Nick still didn’t trust her, “Although you know pharmacy, this medicine is very difficult for us to make, even the doctor can’t do it. Can you handle it?”

“How can I know if I don’t give it a try?” said Natalie with a smile.

“Okay, just let her have a try.” the research fellow next to her gloated, waiting to see her failure.

Nick moved aside from the table with doubt. Without hesitating, Natalie walked up to the table and picked up all kinds of materials on it, starting to develop the medicine. The surrounding research workers watched with disdain as she expertly extracted, sterilized, and cut the medicine materials.

As time went by, the last step of pharmacy was reached. When the last material was added, the vessel underwent a very obvious change. Then Natalie took off the test glasses and said, “It’s okay.”

Nick sneered, “Have you finished? Are you kidding me?” he had just carefully watched her steps. The proportion of the two main materials was completely wrong, and it was a huge mistake.

Without saying anything, Natalie took the laboratory mouse beside her and injected the developed medicine into the body of the mouse. Then she said, “Check the data of the rat later.”

Nick still had a little belief before, but when he saw that the proportion was completely wrong, he no longer believed her. He didn’t bother to pay attention to Natalie and went straight back to his original position. “You can leave now. You can have a dream, but you can’t be too impractical.”

Natalie pursed her lips and didn’t care about Nick’s words at all. While the medicine was still reacting, she took out her mobile phone from her pocket and saw that Linda had sent several more messages.

After taking good care of Linda for the past three years, she treated her as her mother from the bottom of her heart. Although she didn’t want to disappoint her, she couldn’t go on like this.

After reading it carefully, she patiently found Julian’s number and sent a message.

“When do you plan to sign it?”

The message was sent successfully. She put the phone back to her pocket.

Natalie stood quietly aside, waiting for the reaction of the medicine. The surrounding researchers also

returned to their seats, totally ignored her.

After a long time, Natalie put the mouse into the observation box and carefully recorded all the data.

She handed the data sheet to Nick and said, “Take a look.”

Nick sneered, “You should just give up, your proportion is wrong. No matter how hard you try, you won’t


Then he looked down at the data sheet in his hand? Then he was stunned. ‘How could?!” thought him.

He ran to the observation box with a big stride, checked all the data carefully, and murmured, “The tumor has

absorbed all of them…”

He looked up at Natalie again, his eyes full of surprise, “You actually succeeded?”

Hearing the sound, the research fellow next to him looked over and asked, “Did you succeed?”

They trotted over and squeezed in front of Nick, looking at the data sheet in shock.

Natalie said calmly, “There is a big problem with your proportion. It will be better if you add some other


Thinking of what he had just said about her wrong proportion, Nick stammered, “Who… Who the hell are


Even Dr. Brown couldn’t develop this medicine. She just came to have a look and found out the proportion problem. Moreover, the semi finished product developed by her was very good, and it only need a simple processing would be able to flow into the market.

Who the hell was she? As long as she had the strength, she must have an extraordinary identity.

“Just call me Nancy.”

Natalie couldn’t tell her real name, so she just made a fake name ‘Nancy’. It was a simple name, which was often called by Henry in the lab. It carried the memory of this lab.

“Nancy…” Nick stammered.

“I’m so sorry. … I didn’t recognize you. Please don’t tell me.”

“It’s okay. I can understand.”

She finished her task today.

Without saying anything more, Natalie picked up her bag and walked out, leaving behind the shocked group.

of fellows standing still.

Seeing that Natalie turned around and left, Nick took out his phone and took a picture of her back.

Then he sent it to a small group of medical community’s sharing and communication forum, with supporting


“Hi, everyone. I’m a researcher of the Glory group! Today I’ve met a pharmaceutical expert! She’s so awesome!

She had solved the company’s problems that we haven’t solved these days so easily! She’s really awesome!

I’ve never seen this outstanding pharmacy! For some reason, I didn’t dare to ask for this expert’s number.

However, I took a picture of her. Have you guys ever seen her?”

Because Nick had also released a lot of scientific research achievements every day, which could be regarded

as a relatively successful research fellow, and he was a little popular in the forum.

The post soon became popular, and there were a lot of comments below.

‘Did this expert say her name?”

Nick read the comment and replied decisively, “She said her name is Nancy.” then he added a helpless


Everyone knew that since she chose not to tell him her last name, she didn’t want to reveal her real name.

‘Just a name Nancy? Where are you going to find her? You’d better resign yourself to that.’ replied by that medical e-friend.

Nick sighed helplessly and read many comments patiently, but there was no useful message at all. He put the phone back to his pocket.

But just as he put his phone back, a new comment was released.

“There is a rumor that the New Bleomycin Drug that the Glory group authorized to the Graham group seems

to be developed by Nancy.”

At the same time, Julian was sitting in his office and reading all kinds of documents. He looked very calm, but only he knew his current mood.

It is difficult to solve the problem of authorization now.

It was very uncomfortable for him of things out of control.

He hated this feeling.

The last time he had this feeling was when Natalie accepted the divorce calmly.

Thinking of this, his cold face showed disgust.

A message ringtones came through the phone. He pressed his chin with his finger and opened the message

bar of the phone impatiently.

It was a message from Natalie.

He threw the phone back on the table as soon as he saw her name, and more disgust appeared in his

irritable and cold eyes.

“Why is she so annoying?’ He thought that the reason she left that day is that she wanted to be optimistic

about their divorce, but he didn’t expect that she still didn’t want to leave him. She should know that it was

useless to keep pestering a person who didn’t love her.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

Julian said coldly, “Come in.”

Dylan trotted in and said, “We have found something about authorization!”

Hearing this, Julian looked up abruptly, “Make it clear.”

The authorization actually had some clues?

Dylan took out his phone and turned to a screenshot, “This is a screenshot of the medical exchange forum. Look at this post. The key point is the following comments.”

Julian took the phone and looked at it for a while. Then he said in a low voice, “Nancy…”

“Is it reliable?”

“It must be reliable. I asked my friend to keep an eye on it. If you don’t believe me, we can check the IP address of this person and ask him directly.”

Julian pressed his slender fingers against the table with a deep look on his face.


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