After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 46

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Grandpa Graham was angry

“Nana, have you made up your mind?” Linda held her phone and was a little nervous as she hadn’t heard anything from Natalie for a long time.

“Yes… I’ve made up my mind… I’ll go there tomorrow and make it clear to Grandpa face to face. Please send me the specific time.” Natalie hesitated in her heart and said slowly after careful consideration for a while.

After thinking it over, she thought it was a good plan for her to come to attend this party.

However, she had to see Julian again.

Fortunately, Grandpa Graham would not invite Niki, or she would feel uncomfortable to see Niki again.

“Okay, I know you are kind-hearted, Nana. You have been loving the Graham family all these years, and you won’t refuse me.” Linda said in an excited tone.

Unlike Niki, who looked pure but only cared about money and didn’t care about the life or death of the Graham family at all.

“Send me the time of party. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.” Natalie controlled her tone and looked a little


“Okay, see you tomorrow, Nana.” said Linda in a soft voice. She didn’t mind the tone of Natalie, and her heart

was full of joy.

The next evening, the sun quietly set, leaving only the dark sky. The night wind blew over the golden building, and there was an intoxicated scene on balcony.

In the hall of the Graham family, people in gorgeous dresses were greeting each other in the soft light..

Sitting in the room, Grandpa Graham looked dignified. “Why hasn’t Julian come yet?”

He had already told him about today’s party, but he didn’t show up even if it was time! Most of the guests outside had come. He was really unruly.

“Julian is busy with his work. He might be late if he really has something to deal with. Father, you has just recovered. Don’t be angry. Take care of yourself.”

Mr. Graham snorted, “Busy with his work? Why did he arranged it well early? I’ve told him about today’s party a long time ago, but he is still late!”

“Obviously, he doesn’t take my words seriously at all. I guess he doesn’t care about me anymore!”

As he spoke, he stood up and glanced at the guests downstairs. He looked around carefully and frowned


“Why didn’t Natalie come?”

Since he was sick and lived upstairs, he hadn’t seen his granddaughter in law for a long time, and his

grandson had only come to see him for several times.

Since Natalie married into the Graham family, she had done everything well as the young Mrs. Graham. She

could meet his needs at any time, and she always took care of him.

But this time, she didn’t even come to look at him and cared about his illness.

He was very angry, but he was too embarrassed to say it out because of his dignity and prestige. Today, he specially invited all the rich and powerful clans in LA, and he also wanted to take this opportunity to remind his grandson and granddaughter in law.

Hearing that Mr. Graham asked about Natalie, Linda smiled awkwardly. “I guess she’s on the way. She’ll be

there soon.”

Before she could finish her words, the door was opened.

Rudy and Yvonne walked in. The two of them were well dressed. Obviously, they were specially dressed.

Mr. Graham thought it was Julian. He looked up and saw the two people in front of him.

“Father, we are here to see you.” Rudy sat down beside Grandpa Graham and smiled obsequiously.

“Dad, why do you lose so much weight? You must have suffered a lot these days.” said Yvonne, sitting beside Grandpa Graham. Her tone was full of pity.

Ignoring Rudy, Grandpa Graham looked at Yvonne and said, “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a trifle.”

Seeing that Grandpa Graham ignored him, Rudy sat aside awkwardly.

He glanced around the room and didn’t see Julian. He just came upstairs and didn’t find Julian either. Hasn’t he come yet?

“Dad, hasn’t Julian come yet?” Rudy asked.

“I don’t know what he is doing. He hasn’t come yet!”

Rudy thought of something and said slowly, “He must be busy with the company’s affairs. There are many and urgent things in the company recently, so it’s difficult for him to come in time.”

Hearing this, Grandpa Graham frowned, “What happened in the company? Why is Julian so busy?”

Rudy sighed, “Now there are rumors that the Graham company is going to go bankrupt…”

Hearing this, Mr. Graham became more anxious, “What the hell is going on? Make it clear!”

He had just been sick for a while. How could such a big thing happen in the company? Why didn’t Julian tell him that the company had gone bankrupt?

Seeing that Grandpa Graham was obviously angry, Rudy calmed down and cleared his throat. “It’s… not complicated. It’s just what happened recently.”

“Our company invested most of the money in the pharmacy, didn’t we? Something went wrong with Julian’s work and accidentally caused the clinical trials of the most invested medicine to go wrong. Now it will take two or three years to develop a new one.”

Hearing this, Mr. Graham was not angry at all. “How can the pharmacy not fail? Julian is still young. He won’t

make such a mistake when he is older.”

“How can it be said that the Graham family has gone bankrupt? These people just don’t want the Graham family to be good!” said Grandpa Graham, and he was a little excited.

Rudy sneered, “I thought the same at the beginning. I think it’s normal for Julian to make a small mistake. Losing several billion is just to accumulate experience.”

“But the failure of this pharmacy has something to do with New Bleomycin Drug.”

“What do you mean?”

“The New Bleomycin Drug has always been the main drug of our company. Dad, you know that this drug has always been authorized by the Glory group, but the license expires in a year. According the plan I gave to Julian, once the new drug of the Graham group is developed, it will replace the New Bleomycin Drug directly. However, the development of the new drug failed this time, it directly leads to a dead end.”

“A year later, the Graham group was forced to stop the production of our main medicine, New Bleomycin Drug, and the new drugs could not be produced. What do you think about the development of the Graham group in the future?”

Hearing this, Mr. Graham frowned and raised his voice, “Really? Why didn’t Julian tell me such a big thing?”

Rudy sneered, “How dare he tell you? If he tells you, he will be scolded by you!”

“I’ve said that Julian is too young to hold such a responsible position. You haven’t listen to me and give this position to him. Now, what should the Graham group do in the future?”

Rudy said worriedly, his face full of concern.

It didn’t know if he was worried about the development of the Graham group in the future or the loss of so

much money.

Hearing this, Grandpa Graham’s face turned ghastly pale, and his hands couldn’t help shaking. “This… This bastard…” he was too excited to say the rest of the words, choking in his mouth for a long time.

“Dad, take care of yourself! Calm down!” said Yvonne.

Then she turned to look at Rudy, pretending to be angry, “Dad has just recovered. Why do you mention it?”

“Julian’s position was given by my father. He must have his own reason, right?”



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