After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 48

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Julian decided not to divorce

Rudy thought to himself, ‘let’s see how you would do.”.

“Dad, I think it’s better for Julian to let out the position of CEO.”

*Julian’s in a lot of trouble, company and divorce. He can’t take the responsibility.” he stressed the word, divorce, deliberately.

The reason why his father gave the position to Julian was mainly because of Natalie. Now that they were going to divorce, he should let it out.

Although he didn’t understand why it’s Natalie, it didn’t affect him to do this shit.

With anger on his face, Lord Graham said, “then who should be given this position? Is there any other person except for Julian?”

Rudy was overjoyed and said, “I think I am quite experienced…”

“I used to run a medical company. Don’t you know that? Although it is not as good as the Graham Group, it is

also famous in LA,”

Lord Graham finally understood why he came here today. It turned out that he came for the position of CEO.

“What do you think?”

Julian sneered.

Lord Graham didn’t say anything. He looked at Julian and said, “can I have a word!”

He stood up and walked slowly to the door. A servant beside him opened the door for him.

Julian glanced at Rudy without any emotion, stood up and followed Lord Graham.

Holding Rudy’s hand, Yvonne asked in a low voice, “what does this mean? Just call him out?”

Rudy made it so clear just now. It was not supposed to be like this.

Rudy narrowed his eyes and looked at the backs of them, without answering.

He couldn’t figure out what Dad was thinking. He was such a good candidate. Why didn’t Dad answer?!

Dad must be comforting Julian, right? After all, he might not accept the fact that the position was taken away all of a sudden!

Thinking of this, Rudy was relieved. He leaned back on the chair and looked relaxed.

Then he just needed to wait quietly!

Lord Graham sat on the sofa with a dignified look, and Julian sat down beside him.

“You can’t divorce Natalie.” said Lord Graham with irresistible authority.

Julian frowned, “why?”

“There is no reason. You can’t do that.”

Julian was a bit angry. “Why that? What do you mean?”

Your uncle, Rudy, he is here for the position of CEO.”

“He doesn’t deserve it,” said Julian firmly.

“Of course. But if he gets ahold of it, you have to bear consequences of being questioned.”

Julian didn’t say anything.

Looking at Julian, Lord Graham continued, “as long as you don’t divorce with Natalie, we Graham will have an heir, and you will still be the CEO.”

Julian raised his head abruptly.

“You threatening me?” his eyes darkened.

“Just a choice. You can make it by yourself.” Lord Graham didn’t say anything more.

He looked at Julian quietly.

With a complicated look, Julian was lost.

Obviously. He knew him. He knew there is no room for negotiation as well.

Divorce her or not? His eyes narrowed.

It was impossible for him not to divorce her. But he could accept that not divorcing her for the moment.

He had got his own people over the years. He would have a voice right here as long as he could solve the New Bleomycin business.

He would no longer be forced by this ridiculous marriage…

Obviously, he could not go against his grandfather at the moment, otherwise he might lose all of it.

Looking at Lord Graham, Julian said in a low voice, “I promise you.”

Hearing this, Lord Graham nodded and said, “then keep your words.”

“Well, Let’s go.” Lord Graham stood up.

Julian stepped forward and held him.

The door was opened and they came in.

Rudy looked at them, “Dad, have you made up your mind?”

It’s impossible for you to get it, understood?” said Lord Graham impatiently.

Rudy got irritated in an instant. “What? How can Julian be better than me? You just hand company to this little.shit not even me?”

Standing outside the door, Natalie listened.

It seemed she should not be here. The conversation inside must be very intense. She was no longer a member of the Graham. Should she come in?

It seemed inappropriate to go in now

Lord Graham nodded, “since I didn’t offer you the position then, it’s impossible to offer it today too.” there was no room for negotiation.

Rudy was so angry that he rushed to Lord Graham.

Julian reminded him, “security is here.”

Rudy gritted his teeth and squeezed out, “The Graham Group will be destroyed by you one day.”

Standing straight in front of Rudy, Julian sneered, “will the Graham Group be destroyed by me? Let’s see.”

“Miss Spears…” Lily’s voice came from outside.

“Lily?” Natalie spoke out. Why would Lily go upstairs and see her at that point? She had to go in now.

“Miss Spears, why not come in? Lord Graham has been waiting for you for a long time.” Lily said warmly and was about to open the door.

“I’ll come in later…” seeing Lily was about to open the door, Natalie hurried forward to stop her.

She didn’t want to bother it. She didn’t care who was the CEO.

Lily was stopped, confused but saying nothing.

But the door was suddenly opened from inside. Before Natalie could do anything, her eyes were caught by


Julian looked at the woman in front of him, wearing a pure white dress today, with her long hair hanging down loosely. She looked elegant.

Julian sneered, imitating Niki?


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