After the Divorce, CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 5

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 5

Chapter 5 His unrequited love returned home 

Natalie greeted the board of directors in brief and then hung up the phone.

“How are my parents? We haven’t seen each other for three years, and I don’t know them…” Said Natalie, staring at Philip with emotion.

“They’re fine. You don’t need to worry about it. Why didn’t you miss Mr. Spears and Mrs. when you insisted on coming to such a humble family like the Graham family?” Philip joked with a playful smile.

“All right, stop it.” Said Natalie in a bad mood.

“Hurry up. I’m sleepy. I want to sleep.”

The good mood caused by leaving the Graham family was lost.

Philip’s tongue didn’t change at all….

After a while, the car drove into the luxuriously decorated villa in a slow speed.

In a fine mood, Natalie washed herself up. She planned to go to the shopping mall to buy some clothes. tomorrow. The old ones were left in the Graham family. Keep the old, she would get nothing new. Then she would go to see the new house.

At the same time, Julian received a call from Niki.

“Julian, I’m back.” The woman’s sweet voice came from the phone.

Hearing the voice he hadn’t heard for a long time, Julian was touched. “Send me your location and I’ll pick

you up.”

After hanging up the phone, Julian glanced at Lily. Lily immediately understood and said with respect, “Mr. Graham, don’t worry to pick up Miss Linch. I’ll take care of Lord Graham.”

“Why does Miss Linch come back all of a sudden? Since Miss Linch is back, what about Mrs. Graham?’ Lily

thought to herself as she answered.

Twenty minutes later.

The Rolls-Royce stopped at the gate of the airport. The light of the car was bright, and a row of bodyguards

stood on both sides. The man got out of the car.

Niki looked up and saw the man standing against the light. He was as handsome as before and looked cold.

Seeing the man walking towards her step by step, Niki smiled brightly, but her smile carried with a faint

sense of uneasiness and guilt if he look deeper. “Julian, you’re here. I miss you so much!”

Her leaving three years ago must have made the man angry. Niki didn’t know what the man’s attitude would

be when she came back this time.

Staring at the familiar woman in front of him, Julian’s face slightly changed. When he was about to say something, he was interrupted by the woman’s action.

Niki seemed to be unable to stand still. She shook her body and looked really weak. “Julian, I have al


Seeing the woman’s weak body, Julian stopped his questioning that was not spoken yet.

“Get in the car first.”

The bodyguard stepped forward in a hurry to open the door for Niki, and helped Niki get into the car.

Before Niki could sit still, she leaned forward to hold Julian in her arms. Her voice was trembling. “Julian, I thought I would never see you again.”

*Julian, Niki has been thinking about you all these years when I was abroad.” Niki held the man tighter, as if she was afraid that the man would push her away.

“Julian, don’t worry. Niki won’t leave this time. I left without saying goodbye before because my mother was seriously ill and no one took care of her. Now my mother has left…” Niki lowered her head, tears rolling in her


Hearing Niki’s tearful explanation, Julian felt sorry for her, but he didn’t have the mood to say anything more. He put his strong arms around the woman’s back and patted it to comfort her.

Seeing that the petite woman in his arms was still sobbing, Julian wiped her tears in a gentle manner and said, “Niki, it’s okay. You still have me. From now on, the Graham family is your home.”

Julian then handed a gift box to the woman. The box was fine packaged. Niki found it heavy as she took it.

Niki opened the box with great care. There was a necklace in it. The blue diamond pendant was about the size of a fingernail, and there were all kinds of bright small diamonds around it, its brightness dazzled her


Niki’s breath paused. It was a necklace that couldn’t be bought without tens of millions of dollars. Her palms

were sweating.

It seemed that the news was right. Not only did Julian got the inheritance right of the Graham family, but he also brought the Graham family’s company back to life smoothly. Now the Graham family’s company seemed to be developing better than before.

The pure smile on Niki’s face became more brilliant.

“It’s a gift for you to come back. Niki, welcome home.” Julian looked at the happy woman gently.

“Thank you, Julian!” Seeing the gentle expression on his face, Niki felt relieved. She held the man’s strong

arms and said, “Julian, let’s go home.”

The car stopped in front of the apartment of Graham family’s company.

“Grandpa is not in good health recently, so Lily can’t take care of both of you alone. You can stay here for a while. When grandpa gets better, I will take you to the villa.” Julian held Niki’s hand and comforted her.

Niki got off the car with the help of Julian. She seemed to be a little unstable, as if a gust of wind could blow her down.

“Well, don’t worry, Julian. Niki can take care of myself.” Niki held his hand tightly with tenderness in her eyes, which would make people feel sorry for her.

“You must have been busy taking care of your mother these years when you were abroad. You didn’t have a good rest, and your old trouble was even worse.”

Julian took out a blanket from the car and covered it on Niki. “Have a good rest here. I’ve been busy with my work recently. I don’t have time for you, so I choose some capable ser vants from the Graham’s old house to take care of you.”

Staring at the blanket with a strange smell of perfume on her body, Niki thought for a while, but she didn’t show it on her face. She just smiled gently and lovingly. “Julian, you can do your own business. Niki is not a

child anymore…”

Julian hugged the woman with some tenderness.

After Julian left, Niki sat on the edge of the bed, took off the blanket and threw it on the ground with disgust.

in a hurry.

It must be that woman’s blanket. She felt uncomfortable when she smelled the annoying perfume!

Then she held Gina’s hand and showed a sweet smile.

“Gina, can I have a look at Miss Spears’ photo?”


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