After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 50

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 50

Chapter 50 A seemingly united couple

“I can’t thank you enough for coming to this banquet of the Graham family today.” Lord Graham stood on the lavish stage at the front and addressed all the guests.

Standing aside and listening quietly, Natalie was considering how to speak to Lord Graham later.

Julian stood beside her with a glass of champagne, looking indifferent and alienated.

The obvious look of indifference……

Looking at the two of them, Linda glanced at Natalie calmly and pulled Julian over,” Julian, I have something

to tell you.”

She originally planned to invite Nana to the party and take the opportunity to pull together the relationship between Julian and her, after all, Nana loved Julian so much, if not Nikki would not be so determined to


But now it seemed that he didn’t give Nana any chance.

Julian frowned, “go ahead.”

Linda pulled Julian aside, “These words cannot be said in front of so many people.”

The two of them avoided the crowd and came to a corner of the banquet hall.

“What do you want to say?”

After thinking for a while, Linda said, “I invited Nana here today.”

lan’s face twitched slightly, surprisingly, Natalie did not come of her own accord?

“Originally Nana was reluctant to come, I found an excuse to let her come.”

“I’m not blaming you. You really hurt Nana’s heart. Nana had tried her best and loved you so much in the past three years. Have you ever thought about Nana’s feelings by bringing Niki to her without saying a word?”

How could Natalie not be willing to come? She had pestered him several times before. How could she let go.

of this opportunity?

She was good at acting in front of his mother. No wonder his mother liked her so much. He didn’t even know

what she had said to make his mother so hostile to Niki.

“What excuse did you find to make her come here?” Julian asked coldly

Hearing this, Linda thought of the reason she persuaded Nana to come. “I persuaded Nana to speak to Lord in person about her divorce with you, after all, Grandpa has just recovered, and he may not be able to bear hearing about the divorce suddenly.”

Nana speaks softly and gently, and is very good at comforting people, if she says it to Lord in person, she will have a good idea of what to say to make him less angry.”

Julian listened expressionlessly.

“Who knew Rudy would just blurt it out and make Lord furious; I don’t know where he knew about it.”

“What did your grandfather say when he was angry? Linda asked.

Julian pursed his lips and said, “I promise grandpa that I won’t divorce.”

He didn’t want to hide it from his mother. Since he had promised, even if he did not say, grandfather will certainly also tell his mother.

Hearing this, Linda was overjoyed. “Really? That’s great… That’s so good.”

Then Julian will definitely not marry Niki, and Niki will not be able to step into the Graham family’s door, Nana will be very happy to hear this news.

Wait? Nana didn’t know the news yet. she’s most likely preparing how to talk to Lord…….

Julian, since you have decided not to divorce Nana, please tell her. She may be still thinking about how to

talk to Lord.”

She would talk to grandpa? How could she? It was just an excuse to come to the Graham family banquet.

But Julian didn’t say it out. He nodded, not wanting his mother to worry too much. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it

clear to Natalie.”

“Yes, that’s right, go on then.”

Julian suddenly realized something? Linda felt relieved and elated.

“No, Julian, you just stand here, I’ll call Nana over, and you can tell her yourself.” Linda was so excited that she couldn’t wait for Nana to hear the good news too.

She must be very happy.

Julian’s eyes were slightly lowered, and his face was so expressionless that it was impossible to tell what he was thinking, “Well, you can call her over.”

Natalie heard Linda say that Julian was waiting for her outside, her heart was shocked, Julian took the initiative to find her, there must be nothing good.

When she met Linda’s eager eyes, she had to go out.

The Graham House was built by a hill, and the view from the courtyard outside the door was mesmerizing. The night fell, and the stars were shining. The moon was as bright as water. The man in a suit stood alone in the moonlight, and the moonlight fell on his shoulder, making him more alienated.

Natalie walked up to the man and looked at the familiar face, “What is the matter?”

Looking at Natalie, Julian sneered, “I heard from my mother that you came to talk to grandpa about the


Natalie nodded lightly, “Yeah.”

“Then why haven’t you said anything by now?”

Natalie pursed her lips, “There was really something that took some time, and just when I wanted to talk, grandpa stood up and went downstairs.”

Julian’s eyes were even colder. “Are you sure you didn’t mean to be late to buy time? To find a reasonable excuse not wanting to talk to grandpa about the divorce?”

Natalie frowned, you think too much”

Julian looked like he obviously thought she didn’t want to get a divorce, and it was useless for her to say


“Wait here.”

Natalie walked to the car parked in the yard of the Graham family and took out the signed divorce agreement.

She handed the divorce agreement to Julian, “you won’t believe it no matter how much I say. I’ve already signed it. Sign it.”

Julian took the agreement with an unchanged face, he did not believe that Natalie would sign it so easily.

He opened the agreement and glanced at the name of Natalie. His eyes froze. Did she really sign it?

“I really want a divorce. Sign it quickly. If you sign it, I will have nothing to do with the Graham family anymore.” said Natalie in a calm tone.

Julian squinted.

He had promised his grandfather not to divorce Natalie, although it was only temporary.

But Natalie really signed it?! Did she instigate his grandpa to threaten him? Did she know that she wouldn’t divorce? Otherwise, how could she sign it so calmly?

Julian had mixed feelings.

“I don’t have a pen with me.” after thinking for a while, Julian said in a low voice. Apparently, he didn’t want to

sign it now.

Natalie looked complicated.

No pen? She didn’t want to put it off. She had to find a pen for him now.

“I have it in my car. I’ll get it for you.” said Natalie, raising her eyebrows. Then she was about to walk into the

car to get a pen.

Julian’s face tightened as he heard this and reached out to stop her, “Wait a minute.”

He looked into the Graham house, “Grandpa’s speech is over, I’ll sign it when the banquet is over.”

What??? Why not sign now, what was Julian waiting for, Natalie wondered.

When she was about to refuse, the man had already walked into the house.


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