After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 51

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Doctor Nancy

Natalie looked at Julian’s departure with a complex expression, then shook her head and followed him into the banquet hall.

She really didn’t know what Julian was thinking. Even when the divorce agreement was delivered to him, he didn’t sign it immediately.

However, before she could enter the banquet hall, he suddenly stopped in front of her.

Natalie subconsciously looked up at Julian’s eyes, which were full of emotions.

Did he repent? Natalie felt inexplicable relief.

Julian’s shirt collar was slightly open, and he spoke lightly. “There’s no need to mention the divorce to my grandfather later. I’ve already told him.”

“Have you already made it clear?”

Julian let out a expressionless yes. He didn’t want Natalie to have too much contact with anyone in the Graham family anymore, nor did he want to leave too much memory for her.


Since Julian had already made it clear, she no longer needed to consider how to explain that to Grandpa


“After the banquet, please sign the divorce agreement as soon as possible,” Natalie reminded him gently.

From the day Niki returned, she made up her mind and to this day, it had been too long.

A hint of impatience flashed on Julian’s face, as she pretended to be eager for divorce even though she didn’t really want it. She was quite proficient in the technique of playing hard to get.

He let out a low hum in his throat.

They returned to the magnificent banquet hall one after another. Julian’s identity and appearance undoubtedly meant that he was the focus of the banquet. As soon as they entered, they were surrounded.

People in fancy clothes gathered around Julian to flatter him, while he skillfully replied with a glass of wine in

his hand.

The hall had a magnificent cloister, decorated with gold foil, showcasing the grandeur of the banquet, but

Natalie only found it boring.

Compared to Julian standing at the center of the crowd, she seemed to be left out.

She knew very well that the praise of the so-called perfect match she had just heard when coming down the

stairs was only for the sake of Grandpa Graham.

Everyone in Los Angeles knew that she was just a double, and many women wanted to be Julian’s wife and

see her abandoned by Julian.

But she didn’t care at all. It was just human nature.

Natalie lacked interest and looked at the smiling crowd in the luxurious hall. After all, Grandpa Graham had Just recovered from a serious illness and was still very weak. After chatting with a few acquaintances, he went upstairs, leaving only Linda sitting among a group of noblewomen laughing and chatting.

Natalie obviously didn’t want to walk over and chat with them, so she found a seat and sat down.

Julian was talking to someone when his assistant suddenly trotted through the crowd, panting and running

to him.

Julian’s face remained unchanged and he tilted his head slightly. “What’s the matter?”

The assistant calmed down for a moment and gasped for breath, “Mr. Seth is here to talk to you about

something important.”

Julian’s eyes sank, and he restrained his expression and politely gestured to the person opposite, “Excuse


“Where is he?” Julian walked out of the crowd with a slightly larger stride, and his assistant had to jog to

keep up.

“He didn’t say anything.” He forgot to ask in a moment of anxiety.

Julian glanced coldly at him and took out his phone as he walked to call Dylan.

Natalie only saw Julian’s hurried back as she sat in her seat.

‘Where is Julian going? He hasn’t signed yet! Why did you just leave like this?!”

She stood up and wanted to keep up with Julian, but before she arrived at the entrance, the car had already

driven away.

The assistant was driving and saw Natalie standing at the entrance in the rearview mirror. He slowed down

and spoke in a deliberate tone, “Mr. Graham, Miss Spears is still standing at the door. Maybe she has

something to tell you.”

Julian didn’t turn back when he heard this. His face was cold and he frowned, “Speed up.”

There was clearly only boredom in his eyes.

The assistant pursed his lips and finally glanced at Natalie before adding gas.

Mr. Graham clearly didn’t want to talk to Natalie, and he didn’t need to mention too much to make him angry. It seemed that he had to please Niki well in the future.

Natalie frowned as Julian’s car swept away. How important was it for Julian to leave without saying a word?

She even couldn’t figure out what the man was thinking. Anyway, the divorce agreement had already been given to Julian, so she didn’t need to worry any more.

Since she had already come out, she definitely didn’t want to go back, planning to go straight home.

She subconsciously opened her phone to tell Linda. The information had already been edited before she realized it and deleted the text.

At the moment when she handed over the divorce agreement to Julian, in her heart, they had already officially divorced, which meant that there was no further connection between them, and she didn’t need to tell Linda


Natalie put her phone back into her bag and calmly sat in the car, driving away.

Inside the villa, Julian sat on the sofa and Dylan handed him a glass of water.

“Has there been any news about Nancy?” Julian went straight to the point.

Dylan smiled and spoke with obvious pride, “Sure. Is there any news in Los Angeles that I can’t inquire


Upon hearing this, Julian narrowed his eyes and leaned back on the sofa, lazily crossing his legs. His elbow was placed on the leopard carved armrest, “Go ahead.”

“I have verified the information in the forum that day and also found the poster who posted that post. With multiple verification, Nancy is indeed Glory Group’s PhD.”

Julian nodded, gesturing for him to continue.

“These days, I unexpectedly found that Doctor Nancy was not only the doctor who developed that drug, but also the second largest shareholder of Glory Group.”

Dylan picked up his tea cup and took a sip of tea. “When I heard this news, I was shocked. I didn’t expect that she would still be the second largest shareholder of Glory Group! This means that if you want to obtain authorization for New Bleomycin Drug, you don’t need to go find Philip.”

“Just find this Doctor Nancy, who is both the major shareholder and the developer of this drug, much more

effective than finding Philip.”

Julian’s previously cold face inevitably developed other emotions upon hearing this news.

“Where is Doctor Nancy?” Julian raised his eyes and suddenly remembered this question.

Even if they knew that the drug was developed by her, if they didn’t know her location or any contact

information, the information would be of no use.

Dylan smiled and said, “Of course. Can I, as a lawyer, not consider these issues?”

He turned around and took out a stack of photos from the room. “Take a look. This is a specially built laboratory built by Philip. The address is very hidden, but I had a lot of trouble finding it.”

“Doctor Nancy is conducting experiments inside.”

Julian picked up the photos, which clearly showed the back of the woman who was exactly the same as the one in the post.

He handed Dylan an appreciative expression.

The news provided by Dylan today meant that the problems he had been facing these days could be solved Immediately. The pressure was finally loosened, and he was not as breathless as before.

Next, all he needed to do was find this Doctor Nancy.


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