After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 52

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Would Henry be sad?

“Oh, by the way, this laboratory has just been built, and Doctor Nancy has not been to the laboratory a few times so far. But I bribe the people in the laboratory and they tell me that starting tomorrow, Nancy will go to the laboratory every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to carry out research and development work.”

Julian lowered his legs and sat up from the sofa, nodding to show understanding.

“Alright, that’s all I know. I’ve told it all to you,” Dylan said, taking another sip of tea. “Helping you find this news has exhausted me.”

Julian pulled a smile from the corner of his mouth and said, “I’ll treat you to dinner when I solve these


“Or you can bring up anything you want.”

Dylan sat on the sofa and said, “Don’t wait to solve these problems. Buy me a drink tonight.”

“We haven’t had a drink together for a long time. You’re either busy with work or not in the mood. We all miss you very much.”

Julian pursed his lips upon hearing the words and said, “I can’t tonight. I’ve left guests to come here and I have to go back.”

Grandpa Graham had just recovered from a serious illness, and he was still weak. As the host of the Graham family, he had to preside over this banquet.

With Natalie’s entangled nature, she was likely still waiting at the entrance. Although he didn’t like Natalie, his innate cultivation told him that he couldn’t let her stay alone.

Julian stood up and said, “After today, I will accompany you whenever you want to drink.”

“Were you at the banquet? I didn’t know that or I would have called you again tomorrow. I was too anxious to get these news just now.” Dylan looked regretful.

“Grandpa has just recovered, and hosting this banquet is equivalent to celebrate that.” Julian, as he let go of the heavy burden in his heart, even spoke more softly than usual.

Dylan sighed after hearing the words, “Then hurry up. I’ll go see him when I have time. Let’s talk about drinking another day, and I must order a few bottles of good wine then.”

Julian nodded with a smile.

He bid farewell to Dylan and returned to the banquet without stopping.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Graham’s house, and Julian got out of the car. His gaze swept over the door, but Natalie was no longer there.

He raised his eyebrows but didn’t pay much attention, thinking that Natalie was inside the house.

He walked in, picked up champagne and exchanged a few words with the influential somebodies in Los Angeles. His gaze swept across the room, but there was still no Natalie.

Julian’s eyes darkened a bit.

Natalie unexpectedly left? He suppressed his emotions and managed to keep his face unchanged.

Linda looked up and saw Julian appearing. She quickly stood up and walked towards the man, “Julian, where did you just go? I’ve been looking for you for a long time”

Julian lowered his eyes and said, “There are some urgent matters at the company. I rushed over to handle them, but they have been resolved now. You don’t need to worry,”

Linda sighed and said, “Otherwise, the position of CEO would be given to your uncle. In such a big company, you are the only one to support it, and there is no one to help you. You can’t go home several times a week

and it’s really tiring.”

“If only your brother and your father were alive, you wouldn’t be so tired.” Linda said, thinking of the past days for some reason, and tears couldn’t help but appear in her eyes.

“Don’t mention this.” Julian heard Linda’s words and spoke with a complex expression, a cold and sharp

voice, and even a slight stiffness in his body..

He deeply rejected hearing about his father and brother.

“Okay, let’s not mention it anymore.” Linda slowly restrained her emotions.

Linda remained silent for a moment, as if she suddenly remembered something. She looked around Julian.

and said, “Didn’t Natalie come back with you?”

Julian frowned at the words and said, “How did she come back with me? She didn’t come with me.”

Linda was surprised. When she looked up, neither Julian nor Natalie were there. She thought they had gone

out together and was so happy.

She considered and said, “Julian, did you argue with Natalie again?”

Julian furrowed even deeper, “We didn’t argue.”

Linda was even more puzzled. “Did Natalie leave without saying a word? I searched the entire banquet hall

before and didn’t see you, even looking for your grandpa’s room upstairs.”

But in her heart, Natalie was a very polite and cultured girl, and it was impossible for her to leave the banquet

without saying a word..

“It isn’t important.” Julian’s face remained expressionless, as if he didn’t care at all.

But only he knew his inner discomfort.

But where did this discomfort come from? He couldn’t find the source.

Linda looked at Julian’s indifferent expression and sighed in her heart. She didn’t know how to salvage the

relationship between him and Natalie.

The next morning, After Natalie finished washing up, she drove to the laboratory.

The International Pharmaceutical Association called her again to invite her to develop a new drug. This time, It was different from before, and it was a field she had never been exposed to before. She just heard about the nature of the drug and agreed without thinking.

It was her honor to be able to produce drugs to treat persistent illnesses.

After the International Pharmaceutical Association called, she immediately greeted the people in the laboratory and would come to the laboratory every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She also notified Ryan. When Ryan heard this news, he was so happy.

The car stopped at the entrance of the laboratory, and Natalie got out of the car and walked into the laboratory. Ryan had already put on his experimental clothes and waited inside.

“Doctor, you’re here.” Ryan’s tone added some excitement.

Natalie glanced at the furnishings around, and Ryan clearly had prepared all the materials, equipment, and record sheets needed for this development.

“Hey,” Natalie nodded and put her gloves on. She glanced at Ryan, who couldn’t suppress his smile.” Why are you so happy?”

“Just hearing about this drug, I feel excited! I haven’t been involved in developing such a challenging project for a long time.”

“It’s a project invited by the International Pharmaceutical Association. How many pharmaceutical students dream of that? I didn’t expect it to come true like this.”

Natalie smiled upon hearing the words and looked at Ryan seriously. “You will definitely participate in more projects in the future, you have this talent.”

Ryan had been by her side for so long, and she knew Ryan very well. With his inherent talent and love for pharmaceuticals, he would definitely shine in the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

Upon hearing this, Ryan awkwardly scratched his head.

He seemed to think of something, “But Doctor, did you authorize the New Bleomycin Drug you developed to the Graham family?”

Natalie looked up and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Previously, Julian, the boss of Graham Group, visited the company several times for authorization, but Mr. Johnson was not present.”

Before Mr. Johnson left, he told him that if there were any issues with the company, he would talk to Natalie and let Natalie make the decision. “Julian is known for his coldness, and he came to the company three or four times. This authorization seems very important to him.”

Natalie was a person who handled things cleanly. Since she wanted to divorce, she naturally returned to her calm and rational self.

Julian’s name now seemed to her like a stranger.


Henry hp sad?

However, the identity of the boss of Graham Group inevitably stirred up waves in her heart. What he did in this identity would involve Linda, and more importantly, Henry.

Natalie pursed her lips and said, “Did Julian come so many times?” She also listened outside the room that day, and this authorization indeed had a great impact on Graham Group.

Graham Group could be considered her hard work, and it was what Henry wanted to protect.

What would Henry feel if it went bankrupt? He must be sad,

Natalie suddenly felt at a loss.


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