After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 53

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Doctor Nancy Is Inside

Ryan saw that Natalie’s expression was somewhat uneasy. He lowered his eyelashes and said, “Doctor? What’s wrong with you?”

A faint hesitation flowed, as she pondered and clearly did not hear Ryan’s inquiry.

Julian was the boss of Graham Group. If authorization was given to him, Graham Group would definitely be

able to weather this crisis.

She was still familiar with Julian’s abilities. Graham Group’s survival of the crisis before was not only due to her help behind, but also due to Julian’s abilities.

If more time was given to Julian, the future development of Graham Group couldn’t be underestimated.

But if she didn’t help Julian this time, it meant it was difficult for Graham Group to survive this crisis.

Natalie silently supported Graham Group behind Julian for three years, knowing very well the market share of New Bleomycin Drug. If it wasn’t authorized, Graham Group would not have new drugs to supplement it, and the consequence was obvious.

Her silent efforts over the past three years would all come to naught, and the efforts she had made were


Natalie’s eyelashes were lightly trembling.

Ryan stood by and silently observed Natalie’s expression. Seeing that Natalie’s face had finally changed, he tentatively extended his hand and waved it in front of her.

Natalie regained consciousness from her thoughts and said, “Help me prepare an authorization.”

Ryan was not surprised to hear this. Just when he mentioned this, Natalie did not immediately refuse but remained silent for a long time. He knew that she was likely to delegate authorization to Julian.

“Okay,” Ryan agreed.

The doctor had her own reason for making decisions.

After Ryan finished answering, he picked up the reagent bottle and prepared to start the experiment.

After thinking for a while, Natalie added, “You can draft the authorization now and I’ll sign it.”

She didn’t want to procrastinate and just wanted to complete everything she needed to do as soon as possible, especially those related to the Graham family.

Upon hearing this, Ryan stopped. He blinked and said, “Now?”

His intuition told him that the relationship between Doctor and Julian was likely to be extraordinary.

From her recent performance to now, she asked him to immediately put down the experiment and draft the

authorization letter.

He unconsciously began to contemplate the relationship between Doctor and Julian. What kind of

Chapter 53 Toctor Nancy is inside


relationship would it be?

Ryan wondered, but suddenly reacted and forced himself to stop thinking.

It was the doctor’s private matter, and he shouldn’t speculate recklessly.

He used to never care about anything else except research and development, but now what was the matter?

Natalie did not feel a series of psychological changes in Ryan, and she nodded lightly and said, “Yes.”.

Ryan controlled himself, and his face unchanged, saying, “Okay.” He took a step and walked to the next room.

Ryan’s work efficiency was very high, and he quickly drafted the authorization letter and handed it to Natalie.

Natalie glanced roughly at the content and signed it, “Send it to Graham Group.”

“Won’t you deliver it directly?” Ryan looked up in surprise again.

“No,” Natalie said in a calm voice. “Don’t forget to send the anonymous package.”


Ryan felt even more puzzled and reminded, “If you choose to send an anonymous package, coupled with the special nature of the authorization letter, it may take several days to deliver.”

“It’s okay.” Natalie’s voice was calm.

Graham Group could be able to sustain itself for few days. She asked Ryan to draft it so quickly, and didn’t want to have too much involvement with Julian.

Ryan left the laboratory with the authorization letter.

At the same time, Julian’s car stopped beside this magnificent laboratory.

“Mr. Graham, here we are.”

Julian raised his eyes, squinting slightly. The laboratory was larger than he had imagined.

He got out of the car.

At the entrance of the laboratory stood several neatly dressed bodyguards, with guns exposed at the waist,

clearly guarded.

The assistant also got out of the car, and he followed behind Julian. When he looked up and saw so many guards in black with serious expressions, he trembled with fear.

What the hell was this place? The building in front of him was not only built on a wilderness ridge, but its surface was also pure gray, giving people a suppressed and mysterious feeling, which made him feel cold.

He trembled and instinctively wanted to ask Mr. Graham why they were here, but when he thought of his terrifying mood since the drug development failure, he decisively stifled this idea.

Compared to provoking Mr. Graham, this building was clearly nothing at all.

Dylan’s call came in a timely manner, and Julian answered the phone. This is a specially designed laboratory by Philip. It is located in such a remote place to prevent people from disturbing Doctor Nancy. You definitely


can’t declare your name and walk in boldly.”

“But I’ve already taken care of everything,” Dylan said with a faint sense of pride.

“You enter through the side door, and there are bodyguards I paid for over there. The security at the main

door is too strict to enter.”

“Okay.” Julian glanced at the small door on the side, then hung up the phone.

There was clearly only one bodyguard standing in front of the small door of the laboratory.

“Stay here,” Julian walked towards the small door.

The assistant responded softly and silently looked at his back.

Seeing someone approaching, the bodyguard subconsciously picked up the gun from his waist and turned his gaze to Julian with caution.

Julian’s face was calm, with no unnecessary expression on his face. He glanced faintly at the bodyguard in

front of him.

The bodyguard saw that the newcomer had no trace of fear, He was surprised and carefully glanced at the man in front of him. The man’s facial features were almost perfect, and his dark eyes were deep. He could

only feel an inexplicable chill.

He must be Julian, the boss of Graham Group.

He slowly lowered his gun and stood respectfully aside to make way.

A mysterious person had already promised him in advance that Julian would come today. Just open the door

for Julian and he would be paid a large amount of money.

The amount proposed by the mysterious person was very high, so high that he agreed without thinking.

Julian lifted his legs and walked in.

Ryan happened to leave the experimental building with the authorization letter, and he drove the car out of

the garage.

From the rearview mirror, he saw a strange car parked next to the experimental building.

Surprise appeared in his eyes and he paused.

Whose car was this?

Because the experimental building had just been built and Mr. Johnson was not in the company, there was currently no manpower available in the company’s laboratory, so there was no one else in this experimental building besides him and Natalie.

He also asked Natalie if she wanted to transfer a few assistants, and then asked Mr. Johnson to pay a high

price to recruit several well-known experts from New York. Thus the experiment would not be short of

manpower on weekdays, and her work would be more convenient.

But Natalie refused. She said she only wanted to conduct the experiment quietly and didn’t need so many people.

Why was there a luxury car parked next to the building now? What was its purpose? Would it pose any threat to Natalie?

Ryan’s gaze was cold.

He almost immediately stopped the car, wanting to get off and ask, but as soon as he stepped out halfway,

he stopped.

Was he too sensitive?

Since that person dared to park the car here, it was highly likely that there was a legitimate reason to come to the experimental building. He was really a bit too nervous.

Ryan withdrew his feet again.

He has never been like this before. But when it came to Natalie, he didn’t look like himself anymore.

Ryan lowered his eyes, and with a complex expression, he sat back in the car to start the engine, and drove


Julian smoothly entered the laboratory. The internal design of the laboratory was very complex, with various rooms and laboratories scattered on different floors. After roughly reviewing the floor distribution map, Julian quickly identified several of the laboratories.

He only needed to investigate one by one to find the laboratory where Doctor Nancy was located.

He walked into the elevator and walked towards the first laboratory, which was very well-equipped and completely incomparable to Graham Group’s.

After roughly scanning these devices, Julian turned his gaze to another laboratory.

Opening the door of the laboratory, there was still no one inside.

Julian looked at the several laboratories he had locked one by one, but when the doors opened, there was no one inside. His gaze sank and he strode to the last laboratory.

He stood at the entrance of the laboratory, where the lights were on. If he listened carefully, he could still hear the sound of the machines running inside. However, looking inside from the window on the door, he couldn’t see clearly if there was anyone inside.

Julian’s eyes flickered slightly, and Doctor Nancy must be inside. Obviously, there was no other choice but

this laboratory.

Julian’s slender fingers lightly knocked the door of the laboratory.


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