After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 55

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Send the authorization

Upon hearing this, Julian sneered

If it wasn’t for his grandfather putting pressure on him for the CEO position, he would have signed it.

However, Natalie did not deny that she had been following him this time, so he didn’t feel angry as before.

He looked at her and wanted to warn her again. He opened his thin lips, but he didn’t say anything.

She loved him so much that she couldn’t accept leaving him… She wouldn’t change even if he had told her so

many times.

Julian finally glanced at her, without any emotional fluctuations in his dark eyes which appeared indifferent

and distant.

He said it only for the last time.

Julian took a step forward and left.

He didn’t meet Dr. Nancy today, but instead seeing Natalie… He decided to come again on Friday.

Natalie looked at his back in a daze. He didn’t answer her question! She asked him to sign the agreement.

She ran to catch up with the man, but the equipment in the laboratory suddenly rang, and the reagents boiled

out, as if they were about to explode.

It seemed that there was something wrong, so Natalie didn’t chase Julian but ran into the laboratory.

She hurriedly turned off the equipment.

Returning to the corridor again, no one was there, and he had left.

Being disrupted by Julian, Natalie looked at these drugs and sighed.

At the moment she opened the door and saw him, her mind went blank, and she subconsciously thought that

her identity was about to be exposed.

Unexpectedly, he thought that she was following him….

It seemed that his temperament had some advantages.

But how did he get in?!

Natalie eyes flickered slightly, and she immediately took out her phone and pressed Philip’s numbers.

She was greeted by a long beep, followed by a polite female voice saying, “Hello, the number you have dialed

is turned off, Please redial later.”

She was angry and threw her phone on the table.

At every critical moment, Philip’s phone would not get through! And this time, his phone was turned off.

Get Borth

Natalie let out a bitter smile and let it go.

He indeed got hurt in a relationship.

If she found that he disappeared for so long because of other reasons, she must teach him a lesson.

Then she turned to look at the steps and plans she had written.

Fine, let’s finish the reagent experiment planned for today first. Although there were some emotional

fluctuations, the experiment still needed to be completed.

She had had such a temperament since childhood.

She would not be controlled by the emotions.

Except for Henry.

He was the exception.

He was an exception in her life, and even a variate.

She calmed down and implemented the subsequent experimental steps one by one, making the reagent

experiment return to the right track.

A knock came from outside the door, and Natalie lifted her eyes and said, “Please come in.”

Ryan walked into the laboratory.

“Doctor, the package has already been sent out.”

Natalie was calm, and she nodded, “Thank you.”

Ryan walked to the table and found that the experiment was almost done. He looked up in surprise and said,

“Doctor, did you complete it so quickly by yourself?”

Although he was well aware of her strength, the impact he witnessed with his own eyes was clearly greater.

Although he didn’t know where the doctor disappeared three years ago, her pharmaceutical capabilities were

clearly more advanced after three years.

The doctor must have devoted herself to researching pharmaceuticals in these three years, otherwise how

could she had made so much progress.

Natalie smiled and said, “It is not completed and there are still some flaws. I will improve it tomorrow.”

Ryan scratched his head, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t help you at all today,” he said.

These experiments were all completed by the doctor herself, and he, as an assistant, did not make any


He felt a bit useless, and compared to the doctor, his pharmaceutical abilities were fay beyond.

How could he be an assistant to the doctor? He might even drag the doctor down.

After hearing this, Natalie pretended to be angry and said, “Who prepared these equipment for me? Who distributed these medicinal materials proportionally? Who drafted the authorization? Who sent it?”

Ryan helped her with so much, and she was very grateful to him.

She could see what Ryan was thinking.

“You can help me a lot. Can you help me finish the experiment?”

“I am a bit tired.”

Upon hearing this, Ryan hurriedly agreed, “Okay! You can go home and rest, I can finish it.”

A smile flickered around Natalie’s mouth, “Okay.”

Since Ryan was her assistant, she should teach him something.

She planned in her heart that she might be able to help him summarize her pharmaceutical experience and ideas over the years.

With his understanding, there would definitely be significant progress.

Julian left the laboratory.

The assistant trotted forward, just as he was about to speak, he saw the cold face of the CEO.

The face was much more gloomy than before.

He shut his mouth very wisely.

Now his every move might anger the CEO, and his job might lose at any time.

He silently stepped forward and opened the door for Julian, and then he cautiously started the engine and drove away.


Natalie arrived at the laboratory early.

Ryan hadn’t come yet. She came early today to prepare medicinal materials and equipment because she didn’t want him to do so much.

She had reminded the security guards to strictly defend and not allow anyone to enter.

She didn’t want to see Julian here again.

But if the authorization had already been sent, would he come again? And then her identity would not be exposed.

She opened the device and prepared to start the experiment. She took out a piece of paper and wrote down her thoughts in an orderly manner.

The field of medicine that the International Pharmaceutical Association Invited her to participate in this time. was different from the last time. It was a totally new field and it was still quite challenging for her.

She had preliminarily designed several plans, and today she would think about them first. Developing new drugs was a long process, and even genius researchers could not achieve it in one moment. The entire process was undoubtedly dull and tedious.

She understood that scientific research was definitely not a selfish pleasure. She never felt superior with her current research achievements, which was why she had been low-key in the pharmaceutical industry for so many years and refused to show her true appearance.

How many pharmaceutical researchers in New York became mercenary once they gained fame, and they focused their happiness solely on desire, vanity, power, and money…

She felt sad.

She distributed the pharmaceutical materials prepared by Ryan in proportion and then put them into the debugged equipment.

The first result came out quickly, and the effect was obviously not very good.

Natalie frowned.

She was lost in thought. She thought that perhaps adding a few dragon roots inside would have better


As she was thinking, Ryan knocked on the door and entered.

“Doctor, why you come so early?”

She subconsciously lifted eyes and said, “Will the authorization arrive today?”

“Ah, let me check it.” He opened his phone and checked the package. “It can’t arrive today.”

Natalie’s eyes darkened.



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