After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 56

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Compared to Henry, money doesn’t matter

“What’s the matter, Doctor?”

Natalie tried to calm down and shook her head, “It’s okay.”

If the authorization did not arrive today, Julian might come again……

But how did he get the news?

Although Philip looked cynical, he actually had a cornmand of everything in his heart, and he just seemned so.

Natalie knew Philip very well.

Since he said he would not let others know the message, it was certain that no one would know that she was the authorized person of New Bleomycin Drug, nor would anyone know her position. She only signed Nancy

on the authorization, so Julian……?

Did he find the laboratory according to Dr. Nancy’s identity?

Natalie’s expression was complex. When did she expose Dr. Nancy’s information?

“But Doctor, why you send the authorization to Julian so easily without any fees…?” Ryan looked at her and asked her cautiously.

He wanted to ask this question that day, but for reasons of not prying into the doctor’s intentions, he didn’t


But there was a certain indescribable emotion in his heart that prompted him to ask today.

It was not excessive to charge several hundred million dollars based on the value of New Bleomycin Drug. Moreover, the authorization could completely solve the urgent problem of Graham Group. And if she even offered a higher price, Graham Group could only agree.

But the doctor didn’t mention a word about money from beginning to end and sent the authorization, which was a clear anomaly. So Ryan guessed that the relationship between the doctor and Julian was likely to be extraordinary, even closer than he thought.

What was the relationship?

Once he spoke, he couldn’t take his words back. Ryan could only wait for her answer, and he was a bit


Upon hearing this, Natalie stopped thinking. Ryan’s question made her realize that she had not asked Graham Group for authorization fees.

She just thought that the authorization could help Graham Group overcome the crisis and help Henry……. Her eyelashes trembled, and she didn’t think further. She just said yes in a low voice.

Compared to Henry, money didn’t matter anymore.

People had always unconsciously developed many habits like this. Since Henry’s death, she had always wanted to make up for it. She tried to do something for Graham Group as much as possible, and it seemed Chapter 56 Compared to Henry, money doesn’t matter


that she was used to help the Graham Group without any return….

Upon hearing the answer, Ryan pursed his lips. This simple word made his heart sink.

“Shall we start the experiment?” Natalie didn’t think about what had just happened. She said in a low volume.

She could see Ryan’s distraction.

“Hmm, okay.” Ryan nodded as he reluctantly suppressed this inexplicable emotion in his heart.

Ryan glanced at the experimental results that Natalie had just completed and changed the topic, “It seems to

be a success, but it seems that the effect is not very good.”

Natalie nodded, “The effect is very poor.”

But there might be unexpected effects after adding some dragon roots.

Ryan lowered his head again and looked at it, as if he suddenly realized something. “Doctor, why not try to add some dragon roots?”

Natalie was surprised. She knew that Ryan had talent in developing drugs, but she was still surprised. He was more talented than she thought.

“Yes, adding some dragon roots will have better effects.” She gave him an appreciative look, with a smile in her eyes.

Natalie looked beautiful when she smiled and Ryan kept staring at her.

He felt very strange and his heart beat randomly.

Ryan didn’t respond to her words. He just lowered his head and ran to get the dragon roots, as if he was fleeing in panic.

He brought the dragon roots from outside, and Natalie took them.

She thought for a moment and handed the initiative of the experiment to him. “Come here, and I’ll guide you.”

Upon hearing this, Ryan’s muscles tightened and he nervously took over the reagent bottle. “Okay,” he said.

About two hours later, the experiment was over, and he breathed a gentle sigh of relief. He relaxed his tightened shoulders and felt a sense of relief.

“Doctor, how do you think?” He looked up at her, with his eyes shining brightly.

Natalie watched his experiment by his side, and he finished it orderly and made some innovations in many aspects… Obviously, he did very well.

She was about to speak when Ryan’s phone rang.

“Sorry, I’ll take the call.” Seeing the caller on his phone, he frowned tightly and the light in his eyes and the smile all disappeared.

Natalie nodded.

He went out to answer the phone.

He had just done it perfectly and he didn’t need to make any improvements. She collected his experimental results and picked up a new experimental material.

Came Ryan’s voice.

“Doctor, I have something to deal with now.”

“I will come back later to put the equipment in order.”

She took a look and thought: What was so urgent?

She replied with a word “OK”.

She could understand that if it weren’t for something urgent, he wouldn’t let go of the experiment and leave..

She then glanced at the medicine on the table and thought that she still needed some Chinese medicine.

So she went to find the box of medicinal materials. But she couldn’t find them in the room. Did Ryan put them

in the nearby room?

She opened the door of the laboratory to get the medicinal materials.

Meanwhile, in the experimental building.

Julian walked in the corridor with a deep gaze.

He must find Dr. Nancy today. If he could not find Nancy for a day, it meant that Rudy would not stop.

Since Rudy left that day, he had repeatedly made trouble in front of grandpa, and he had been trying to pull Julian down from the position of CEO on the grounds of authorization.

Rudy didn’t care about anything. Obviously he was unable to get the position of CEO and he would not allow

Julian to stay in the position of CEO.

After all, he also said on that day that he had information about Dr. Nancy, and he must be responsible for

what he said.

Moreover, Graham Group could not wait too long.

Julian took a slow and steady step, with his eyes scanning every room.

He scanned every laboratory like the day before yesterday, but still no one appeared.

His eyes darkened and his face looked pale.

He took out his phone and said, “Is the news that Dr. Nancy comes to the laboratory every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday reliable?”

Dylan was sitting on the soft leather sofa, and he stood up after hearing his words and he said in a firm tone, “Absolutely reliable”.

Julian hung up the phone without saying a word.

Did the news that he would come to find Dr. Nancy leak out? His face turned dark with rage.


His suddenly paused, and he looked sharply ahead.

There was a familiar figure on the corridor, dressed in an experimental suit, with long hair draped over her shoulders. Just looking at her back gave him a sense of elegance.

It was no different from the photo.

It must be Dr. Nancy.

His heart trembled and he took a step forward, trying to catch up with the woman in the front.

But he was a bit far away from the woman, and the woman disappeared at the corner of the corridor.

He chased after, and he squinted his eyes and started to check the numerous rooms in front of him.

He quickly shifted his focus on the laboratory in the corner of corridor.

The woman was conducting an experiment and her back looked very elegant. The sunlight fell on her shoulder from the window, appearing very beautiful. She must be Dr. Nancy.

He calmed down and politely knocked the door of the laboratory.

Natalie was concentrating on processing the medicinal materials when she heard the knock. So she spoke slightly without raising her head. “Please come in

Julian pushed the door and entered.

“Are you Dr. Nancy?”

A familiar sound came to her ears, and she felt that something was wrong.

Why was this sound so familiar?!


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