After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 57

After the Divorce CEO Realizes He’s the Stand-In Lover By Madison King Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Even If you helped the the Graham family, I wouldn’t look at you differently

Such a familiar voice, couldn’t it be…”

It can’t be Julian Graham, right?

Natalie Spears secretly thought bad, she put down the herbs in her hand and subconsciously turned around

to leave.

At the moment when she stepped out, she accidentally knocked down the medicinal bottle next to her, and

the medicinal materials inside scattered out.

Natalie Spears didn’t have time to pick it up, she couldn’t let Julian Graham see her.

But men are obviously faster.

Julian Graham saw the woman in front of him put down the medicinal herbs and walked forward after he

made a sound. He was in a hurry and took a step to grip her wrist, tightly clenching it as if the woman in

front of him would disappear in the next moment.

Natalie Spears’s footsteps paused.

“Are you Doctor Nancy…?” Julian Graham’s voice was not as cold as before, mixed with politeness.

But upon closer inspection, it still sounded polite and distant.

Natalie Spears’s slender wrist was tightly clenched in Julian Graham’s hand, completely unable to detach.

Last time, Julian Graham thought she was following him, and she barely managed to get by, but this time….

She was wearing a lab coat, how did she explain?

Natalie Spears calmed herself down.

“No.” Natalie Spears didn’t turn her head and her voice was calm.

Julian Graham narrowed his eyes, his pitch black eyes fixed tightly on the back of the woman in front of him,

“Aren’t you?”

Although it was a question, it carried a cold determination.

The aura of superiority surrounding the man was intimidating. Seeing that the person in front of him didn’t speak, Julian Graham didn’t even blink and looked at the person in front of him, “Can you turn around?”

Natalie Spears didn’t turn around, her body was a bit stiff.

What should she say when she turns around now? She was wearing a lab coat, and it was obvious that no

excuses could be made.

Did she call herself Doctor Nancy?

It was impossible.

“If not, then I have offended you. I apologize.” Julian Graham slowly spoke.

This back was exactly the same as the photo, absolutely no mistake.

Natalie Spears pursed her lips, her brain racing.

Based on Julian Graham’s personality and previous performance, if she claims to be Doctor Nancy, there was a high possibility that Julian Graham would not believe.

“You let go first. Natalie Spears’s voice was calm and could not hear any panic.

Julian Graham felt a bit offended by his actions and calmly released his hand that held Natalie Spears’s


“Sorry, I was a bit anxious just now. If I offend you, I hope you can forgive me.” His voice had a rare courtesy.

Natalie Spears didn’t say much, she hesitated in her heart.

If she didn’t turn around, Julian Graham would definitely not give up. With Julian Graham’s temperament, his patience would soon run out. Until then, she had no choice.

Even if she turned around and Julian Graha saw her, he was likely not to associate her with Doctor Nancy’s identity.

In that case, turning around calmly was clearly the best choice.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she thought about it and turned around.

Julian Graham saw the woman in front of him carefully, Natalie Spears?!

Surprise flashed in his cold expression, with an indescribable shock in his eyes. “You…”

Natalie Spears calmly looked at Julian Graham.

Julian Graham’s shocked expression was only momentarily concealed by a great deal of anger. He spoke coldly, “Natalie Spears, how dare you to do this again?”

The day before yesterday, he spoke so clearly that Natalie Spears dared to follow him today!

She didn’t listen to him!

As soon as the words were spoken, Julian Graham felt something was wrong. He scanned Natalie Spears from top to bottom and said, “Why are you wearing a lab coat?”

How could she be in the laboratory and wearing lab clothes?

Julian Graham’s eyes narrowed slightly. He felt that something was wrong. Was Natalie Spears also a researcher in this laboratory?

But her back was obviously the same as the photo. Was Natalie Spears Doctor Nancy?

As soon as this idea emerged, it was rejected by him. Natalie Spears was just an orphan, and she cannot be

a researcher in this laboratory, let alone Doctor Nancy!

Natalie Spears pursed her lips and spoke calmly, “I’m doing an experiment.”

When she was conducting an experiment, she was caught by Julian Graham. If she told any other lies, Julian Graham’s temperament would only make him more suspicious, and she could only be honest and frank.

She hasn’t picked up the scattered medicinal herbs on the ground yet.

Julian Graham’s eyes filled with disbelief, “Are you doing an experiment?”

After speaking, a sneer flashed through his eyes and he said lightly, “You’d better be honest.”

This time he couldn’t forgive her again!

Natalie Spears didn’t answer. She bent down and picked up the medicinal herbs on the ground, which were very rare and precious. It was a pity that they fell to the ground.

She quietly picked up the medicinal herbs one by one, and Julian Graham pursed his thin lips with a gloomy


After placing the medicinal herbs, Natalie Spears spoke softly, “As you can see, I am indeed conducting an

experiment. If you don’t believe it, it’s all right.”

Julian Graham was clearly angered by Natalie Spears’s tone, with a hint of anger in his voice. “Did I say I

wouldn’t let you follow me?”

“No matter how much you follow me, it’s useless. My heart belongs to Niki Linch! Doing so will only make me

hate you even more.”

Julian Graham originally did not want to say this, he wanted to give Natalie Spears some dignity, but her

performance obviously did not want these dignity, then he could only say the words so clear.

“I’m following you? Then how did I change into a lab uniform? Why did I go first in the laboratory?”

Julian Graham was stunned when he heard the words. He had just seen the woman in front of him turn her

head, but it was Natalie Spears. He was momentarily angry and didn’t react..

Was Natalie Spears conducting experiments here?

“Do you want to help Graham study drugs?” Julian Graham’s eyes were cold.

There was only one possibility.

Natalie Spears pursed her lips, and in order not to reveal her identity, she could only follow Julian Graham’s


“Hmm…” Natalie Spears had to admit.

Julian Graham sneered at the words in his eyes and then spoke impatiently, “Don’t make trouble for me.”

Natalie Spears may have been a bit out of control, really thinking that making drugs is so easy?

She thought she could make him look up to her just because she helped Graham Group?

However, Natalie Spears was an orphan and did not have much education. It was normal to not know the difficulty of pharmacy.

“What drug did you develop through experiments?”

“Have you studied biopharmaceuticals?”

“Do you know how to do an experiment?”

Julian Graham spoke out these questions coldly, with a tone of impatience.

Natalie Spears’s stay here would obviously only bring trouble to Doctor Nancy, and may even anger him.

It was just typical of good intentions doing bad things.

The more ignorant people were, the better they were at doing bad things with kindness, as Julian Graham

knew very well.

Upon hearing these questions, Natalie Spears clearly couldn’t answer, only remained silent.

Speaking the truth will only expose one’s identity, without any benefits.

Julian Graham gave Natalie Spears a cold look, frowned, and once again reached out to grab Natalie Spears’s wrist, pulling her out of the laboratory.

Doctor Nancy must not be allowed to see Natalie Spears staying in the laboratory, otherwise it would anger Doctor Nancy and make it impossible for Graham Group to obtain authorization.

Natalie Spears didn’t struggle this time.

“Don’t overestimate yourself. This won’t bring any help to Graham Group, and it may even put the company in

a bigger predicament.” Julian Graham’s voice didn’t reflect the anger just now.

After all, Natalie Spears was for the sake of the the Graham Group.

“Even if you bring help to Graham Group, I won’t look at you differently, do you understand?”


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